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Hello !
We will be demonstrating the Relax Far Infrared Sauna at the Psychotronics Convention, In Louisville, Kentucky this weekend, July 16-18 (Friday 1 pm until Sunday 5 pm).  Dr. Norman Shealy will be the Keynote Speaker on Friday,
and Dannion Brinkley will be speaking on Sunday. Many other very interesting speakers talking on some very uplifting topis will be there.

Dr. Norman Shealy was the keynote speaker at this expo in Columbus, Ohio about 7 years ago, and he raves about magnesium oil, as one of the best ways to assimilate magnesium.  see our website on magnesium oil

5-10 minute sittings in this healing light Sauna can be incredible.   Please come by our  booth.  We will also be
demonstrating a new product, Zen Frames.   see website for more information on zen frames

This is the 35th Annual convention, and we have been attending the show for about 10 years.  Those who come to the show are always very receptive to whatever products we demonstrate.  If you are in the area, definitely drop by.
It is a great conference.

Dannion Brinkley was struck by lighting while answering the phone, about 30-40 years ago, and had a near-death experience, which took him a while to understand.  Talking to Dr. Raymond Moody, who also worked with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross certainly helped him a lot.   5-10 years later, he wrote his book, Saved by The Light, and they even made a made for TV movie of the book.  I always enjoy seeing him at shows, and always love his talks.  He is a bit eccentric, like me, and that is probably a good thing.   He was also born the day before my 2nd birthday, I am pretty sure I have the year correct.

The hours of the exhibit hall are Friday1-7  pm.  and the evening program beings at 7:30 pm.
The public is invited for all 3 days.

We will also be  demonstrating the Acu-Masseurs, and the Quantum Age stirwands, Olive Gold 03, & zen frames as well as encouraging people to try the Relax Sauna.

We will also be showing the Acu-masseur all body shiastsu massager which is a do it yourself massager for the neck, shoulders,   the scapula, and every part of the body:   see

The Quantum Age Stirwand is an incredible product, as is the olive Gold:    Try them at the show.
We will also have massage tools, many of them for you to look at,  Squalane, Equinox Botanical Golden salve, and a few of our other favorite products.  
 see:  olive gold
see:  quantum age stirwands

We will also be demonstrating the piezo stimulators, and the Light Shakers.  see light shaker information on our website

We will also be introducing Zen Frames, a technology that has flashing lights and head phones, and puts you into theta and delta.  See it at the show.  
see website for more information on zen frames

Thanks.    /   I look forward to seeing you .

Phillip Wilson

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