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Last Updated: 10/25/14
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An introduction to our Booth at the LYME Convention - on October 9-12, 2014

Relax Far Infrared Energy Sauna - Booth 18

The Relax Far Infrared Sauna is the only Portable FIR Sauna using Medical Device Technology. Its sister product, the Sky Eye Radiator is a medical device.  The Relax Sauna is used frequently for 5-10 minute therapeutic sessions with clothes on.   It takes 30 SECONDS to heat up, and can give a  profuse sweat (clothes off)  in only 15-20 minutes. (not 60)  We have been marketing the Relax Sauna for 12 years in the US.  Thousands of Doctors & Health Professionals recommend the Relax Sauna to their patients and clients for hundreds of health conditions.   Lyme disease persons report excellent results:   I bought the Relax Lie Down Sauna by recommendation of a physician.  I have suffered for 5 years from lyme disease and heavy metal toxicity.  No matter what support I gave my body my health never improved.   ...  In only two weeks (after getting the Relax Sauna) , I am feeling and seeing things happen that I find amazing in such a short time.  I sleep, my mind and body is for the first time in a constant relaxed state.  ...  This by far is the most precious & the smartest investment I have ever made. Thank you for such an amazing piece of the puzzle to get my health & life back.

The Relax Sauna technology is far more advanced than most Infrared Saunas, since we use 40 semi-conductor chips to generate 95-99% Far Infrared Energy.  This is unheard of in the Infrared Sauna industry, as energy generated by most sauna companies range from 15 to 60% FIR.  The Relax Sauna, hence, is able to produce results more effectively and more quickly.  We have demonstrated the Relax Sauna at over 300 conferences.  Most are surprised they feel so good so quickly, and tell us that this is by far the best FIR sauna experience they have ever had.

We invite you to experience the Relax Sauna at our booth for only 5 minutes, and trust you may be surprised  AND Very Pleased to find incredible relief.  The Relax Sauna has won numerous International Awards for its technology.    -    Phillip Wilson  - 626/ 200-8454

Relax Saunas of Momentum - 3509 N. High St. - Columbus, Oh 43214