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2 oz pack $28.95
 (one month supply!)

The Only Organic Noni Fruit Products!
A non fermented raw food!

Original organic Noni Fruit Leather has been crafted for internal and
external use of all types. It is the ultimate first-aid kit,
as it can be used as a bandage, paste, cream, lotion or antibiotic rinse,
 and, placed in the mouth or eaten, can help toothaches and gum problems,
sore throats and colds, internal parasites and stomach disorders,
as well as treat a wide variety of chronic diseases.
Noni products are not fermented, giving them a sweeter taste
 than those that have been, and are dried at about 115
degrees F.

Hawaiian healing sensation - Noni
Noni Tree  (Morinda citrifolia) has been a principal medicine in Polynesian culture for 2.000 years. 
Traditionally, noni was taken for coughs, colds, pain, liver disease, malaria, hypertension and intestinal worms. Topically, it was used for sprains, swelling, bruises and wounds.  Today, testimonials abound for many
diverse conditions, such as diabetes, cancer, allergies, arthritis, candida, chronic fatigue and digestive disorders,
 to name a few.
Research indicates that noni contains numerous compounds that have analgesic, anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating actions.  Recent studies suggest that noni has great potential for improving the skin when used topically.  Specifically, the fruit extract, stimulates synthesis of collagen and glycosamioglycans (key structural components) in human skin cells, suggesting it could be very effective for preventing wrinkles.


McDaniel worked in Air Force Base, and had physically demanding work.  He retired with job-related spine pain-so much so that even ordinary things he used to do around his home, like watering the garden and performing typical maintenance repair, were painful.  The painkillers his doctor prescribed had side effects,
but he wasn't really big on alternative medicine for exploring other pain-reliving solutions.  However,
he did want to go to Hawaii upon retirement where he happened to find his wonderful pain relief. 
Now home from Hawaii, McDaniel won't go a day without eating a two-by-two-inch square of the noni leather, which provides him with immediate pain relief.  He says: "Without noni, most days, I wouldn't be able
to get out of bed.  Plus, there are no side effects".


1) Noni Fruit Leather has the ability to transform into many forms, making Noni Fruit Leather
an ideal first aid kit; it can be used both internally and externally on many problems,
often with immediate relief.

Many therapeutic products are limited by their forms to one area of use.

Noni Fruit Leather can be used as a paste, cream, lotion, rinse or eyewash,
with the addition of varying quantities of water, and can be chewed as, swallowed pill-size, or,
with the addition of water and blending, drank for internal ailments.

2) There is no need to refrigerate Noni Fruit Leather

3) There is no need to encapsulate powders, which usually require adulterants for processing,
 in order to take in a pill-like form.

4) There are no inedible, dangerous or questionable ingredients in Noni Fruit Leather.
All of our noni is organically grown on the remote island of Kauai, Hawaii.

5) There are no glass or plastic bottles required; the convenient form makes
 it possible to carry Noni Fruit Leather in pocket, purse, or pack.

6) There is no need of pasteurization, and very low temperatures are used in processing
 so the maximum enzyme activity is preserved.

7) Noni Fruit Leather makes a long-lasting antiseptic and antibiotic bandage without
 any other adhesive or covering, in most applications.

8) It is easy and painless to remove Noni Fruit Leather from external applications, using only warm water.

9) Unlike almost all other noni products, Noni Fruit Leather is not allowed to ferment,
enabling a better taste and odor

10) Noni Fruit Leather is completely biodegradable, including the cellophane package.

11) There is no need for the bulk and weight of shipping water, which represents over 80% of the expense in shipping liquid forms.

How to use Noni Fruit Leather

For Internal Use:
  Noni Fruit Leather is most often eaten as is. It is possibly most effective
 on and empty stomach, eaten first thing in the morning, but may be eaten at any time of day as needed.
A recommended dose may be anywhere from a two-inch square to one ounce daily,
 depending whether is is being used for a dietary supplement for maintenance or a larger special need.

You can either:
- chew up pieces (the most common practice), with or without an accompanying liquid,
 such as water, juice or tea.  - roll up pieces into a suitable size for swallowing
- put pieces in a cup of hot water or tea, stir well after a moment, and drink; add sweetener if desired
- put pieces into a blender with juice or water and possibly a banana or other favorite
"smoothie" fruit, let the pieces soak for a moment in the liquid, then blend and drink (YUM!)

For External Use: (use only Noni Fruit Leather on open wounds)
Depending on the specific need, Noni Fruit Leather can make a multiple of external healing aids:
- an excellent biodegradable bandage or wound covering can be made
by cutting a piece to the size or the area to be covered, moistening until tacky,
applying to the area, smoothing down the edges to form a seal, and allowing to dry
- Pieces may be put into bowl with a small amount of water, let sit for a moment,
and then mixed into a paste or plaster for covering difficult areas
- more water can be mixed in to form a cream, salve or lotion, for penetration
through the skin into bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and organs
-  a similar mixture may be mixed into the scalp and hair for a rejuvenating shampoo
- a tincture may be made by combining Noni Fruit Leather with vinegar for a powerful local antiseptic.
All external applications can be removed painlessly by using warm water.
Noni Lotions !


NON02 - 4 oz


Now it is easier than ever to use Noni as an external health aid.
Try it on any skin ailments such as infections, bruises, swelling, pain,
 parasites, fungi, burns and sunburn, scars and sun damage, and ailments
 below the skin such as stiffness of joints, sprains, and fractured bones.

Lavender Noni Lotion is a pre-made mixture of Noni Fruit Leather,
Lavender and Grapefruit Seed Extract in water base, ready to use externally.

NON03 - 4 oz


The next evolution of Noni Lotions is a brand new product:
IcyHeat Lavender Noni Lotion.
There have already been remarkable results with its use on sprains,
cramps, muscle aches, joint movement, ligament repair, and it is great for pain relief.
It is already in use by High School, College, SemiPro, and Professional Athletic teams.
If used before athletic workouts, it prevents muscle fatigue and cramps.
Contains about 92% Noni Fruit Leather, 7% pure Menthol and Camphor and
1% of the finest organic Lavender and grapefruit seed extract in a water base.
Not for use on the face or sensitive skin areas, as it can sting.

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