nukkles - nukkles - knuckles - nukkles - it works no matter how you spell it !
Last Updated: 4/5/11
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You've got to feel it to believe it!

Nukkles are a one-of-a-kind, hand-held
massage product...

that puts the "power of massage in the palms of your hands." 
With its patented flex-technology, Nukkles contour to the body,
allowing anyone to provide a deeply satisfying massage experience.
You can use Nukkles directly over clothing or on bare skin.
Fingers fit right into finger grooves, making it very easy to move around the body

Nukkles (1 pair)

To use them, hold them in the PALM of the hands.
Then, do a circular/spiral motion up...  
Give Professional-Quality Massages with Ease!
Nukkles is a one-of-kind hand held massage product that makes it easy for anyone to provide a deeply satisfying massage.
Use Nukkles directly over  clothing or on bare skin. Either way, just one touch and you'll be hooked!

Where to use Nukkles?
The Nukkles can be used on the back or on the calves.

        The Nukkles can also be used on the feet, head, legs, everywhere ! 


  1.  Place Nukkles in the palms of your hands. Do not put fingers in the domes.
  2. Start at base of back and work upwards to shoulders.

  1. Apply pressure with palms and move in direction of arrows.
  2. When using Nukkles for acupressure or reflexology place fingers in domes.  Use constant pressure of your palms or small rotation on strategic pressure points to help relieve tension and headaches, soothe sore muscles and stimulate circulation.


Instant Relieve from Common Aches and Pains

Tired, achy muscles?  Try a Nukkles massage - a satisfying way to relieve the everyday aches and pains of a stressful lifestyle.
Soothe sore muscles.


Ease headache tension.


Improve circulation.


Couple massage.


Relieve low back pain.



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Nukkles (1 pair)