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Royal Tropics Papaya - Green Papaya
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Royal Tropics 100 % Natural Green Papaya Health Products - No Additives

Papaya (Carica Papaya) is a delicious fruit grown in the tropical parts of the world such as Hawaii, South Pacific, South America,
and South East Asia. Papaya is a climacteric fruit, which will ripen after being picked from the tree at the mature green stage.
The green papaya is known to have an abundance of latex, which contains two enzymes: papain and chymopapain, which are proteolytic enzymes. As proteolytic enzymes, they help digestion in the human digestive system. It most common form of use is the assistance
in digestion, dieting/weight loss and fasting. Papaya is also rich in protein, fiber and potassium. Recent scientific study has also
shown that in order to fight diseases such as degenerative pathological and cardio-vascular, it is important to have a diet
containing vegetables rich in antioxidants. Payaya is a strong natural antioxidant.

What is Papain ?

  Papain is the milky juice of the green papaya fruit. The enzyme papain is only found in papaya.
Papain used internally is very effective in the treatment of indigestion, since it transforms proteids into peptones
and albumoses by its proteolytic power, it has also been found to be helpful in gastric and intestinal indigestion.

As the green papaya ripens the enzyme dissipates, so to get the highest level of enzyme activity the green papaya is processed
while still green.

Royal Tropics has been processing green papaya powder in Hawaii, since 1982 and now has a new production plant in Thailand.
Royal Tropics has developed the method to retain the highest level of enzymatic activity naturally. Royal Tropics has extensive experience in
processing and sourcing raw materials from around the globe, supplying you the customer with the very best in natural health products.

In most papaya digestive aids papain is added into the formula, but with the Royal Tropics green papaya powder the papain
is retained in the papaya by using a special low temperature drying method. The brand name for
Royal Tropics product is MGP-GOLD.
Royal Tropics product has less then 7% moisture, and the papain measurements are: Papain 280 to 450 MUC* per gram  * Milk Clotting Unit.

Analysis of dehydrated green papaya shows that it contains about 8% protein which are mainly the enzymes, about 70% carbohydrates
( pectin and fruit sugar ), and 5% crude fiber.  In 100 gram of dried green papaya, there are 1,950 mg of potassium, which is useful
in the human system to balance the sodium, nearly 2,000 I.U. of provitamin A, helps maintain human night vision, and about 445 mg
of magnesium, a useful trace element for the human system.

Royal Tropics takes great care to make sure that the consumer gets the best green papaya health products.

Royal Tropics Green Papaya has the highest levels of enzyme activity

Papaya products are all derived from green papaya, which is why Royal Tropics produce some of the most beneficial health products on the market ! All Papaya is green when picked, but as the green papaya ripens, the beneficial papaya enzyme dissipates. So at the Royal Tropics farm in Thailand, we freshly pick the fruit from the papaya tree and the green papaya is processed before it ripens;
thus allowing Royal Tropics to get the highest levels of papaya enzyme activity and offer you some of the best
green papaya products on the market ! The highly effective Papain enzyme is only found in Papaya and is in its most active form
in green papaya. So you can be confident Royal Tropics maximizes the health benefits in order to provide you with the very best
possible products.

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