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The Relax Sauna

Practitioner testimonials

Everyone Would Love the Sauna, Especially Prior to Massage - SO relaxing!

Lee was in the sauna for about 12 minutes and says it was a very relaxing experience from the inside out and she felt much more flexible.  “I could honestly go to sleep.”  She had felt some tension in the back of her neck and now she can move it around better.  “I didn't expect for it to work so quickly in such a short amount of time.”

She had been in a lot of far infrared wooden saunas before and said it would have taken a lot more time to achieve the results she experienced in 12 minutes in the Relax sauna.  There was no preheating at all and within the first few minutes she instantly felt relaxed. 

Her friend, Sebastian, had recommended she try the sauna and said it was amazing, a great experience.  All of their team members who tried it said they also felt equally relaxed,  Sebastian’s feet had been hurting and after using the sauna they didn't hurt.  The following morning his feet were still fine and he felt so refreshed. He could move and he was not as stiff as he had been prior to using the sauna.

She works at Inner Peace Organic Spa and offers services in massage, facials and waxing.  She feels everyone would love the sauna, prior to the massage service in particular, but also anybody who would come just to relax.

Her parents had bought a far infrared sauna, so she was familiar with them, but she didn't experience any of the results that she felt in the first few minutes after using the Relax far infrared sauna.  “It was a wonderful experience.”


Acupuncturist uses and rates the Relax Sauna

Tunisia, an acupuncturist, tried out the sauna at the Acupuncturist Convention.  After about 5 minutes in the sauna she said it was fabulous, more so than the wooden saunas she had used before.  She had had some congestion on her right side and could now move her head easily from side to side.  Her vision was now clear and the pain was greatly reduced.







Holistic Medicine Coach is Impressed with the Relax Sauna Energy


Thomas had been in the sauna for about 12 minutes and described it as a clean, refreshing feeling.  “It's like a delicious warmth feeling and it just feels  revitalizing.  It feels like my body is more awake and clear is what it feels like.”

Thomas is a holistic coach.  When he got in he had expected to feel a little relaxed. He did not expect to feel so clean and energized by it.  He recommends trying it out for yourself!

Massages are Better with the Use of a Relax Sauna Before Hand.

Brenata, owner of Braology, The Science of the Perfect Feet, says that after three minutes in the sauna, that her body feels much lighter and she no longer feels tension. She has sensitivity in her body from doing massage and she felt pain. The pain was gone after using the sauna.  She had stiffness in her neck and she does not have neck stiffness anymore either.

She also feels that the heat removed the pain in her knee.  She feels like the light had entered her knee so the tension is gone.  She said that the pain in her knee had been at about a level 7 and now she doesn't feel it at all.  “I love it.”  “I highly recommend it to everyone, especially for winter.”  “No pain will be left in your body!”



Practitioner Uses Relax Sauna on Client with GREAT Results

Nancy is a Chiropractor who does body work and energy work. Her client, a 76 year-old man recovering from car accident, used the Relax sauna for 10 minutes In her office.  For about 18 months his neck injury had been preventing him from moving his neck more than about 20˚ in either direction.  After the 10 minute sauna session she was able to do a spinal adjustment with a light traction movement once and he was able to turn his head with a 65% range of motion to the right and 35% to 40% to the left!  In her home, she has had her sauna for about a week now so she can do more than about 10 minutes at a time like she does when she is at work and is so looking forward to her upcoming “zen” experiences!



NASA doctor recommends the RELAX SAUNA (best quality infrared sauna!)

Dr. Rodger D. Billaca, MD has a functional integrative practice, Tri-Life Health, in Fort Collins, Colorado. He got his Relax sauna two years ago at the Best Answer to Cancer Show in Dallas, Texas.  He says they has been very happy with it.   He is very committed to dealing with issues of environmental toxicity and thinks it is a huge issue with the health of our nation.  He is a doctor who thinks every house in the country ought to have a far infrared sauna in it.  He finds that the Relax sauna is very easy to use, one of the best ones out there, very effective, very cost effective and it has become very popular in his practice and with his patients.  He says that even though it is a portable sauna it is still a total body experience, warm and relaxing.  He also uses his at home most mornings after exercise for about 20 to 30 minutes.  He thinks it is fantastic. 

He had been using and selling other far infrared wooden and portable saunas before but now feels that the Relax sauna is of a much higher quality and is a much more effective infrared experience.  So many of his patients have issues such as fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities, mitochondria toxicity and are unable to sweat.  He councils them to hang in there, keep following the protocols - hydration, electrolytes, exercise, and the sauna.  He tells them that when they start sweating in the sauna that there will be a breakthrough that happens and sure enough there is,  A profession golfer, exposed to chemicals out on the course all the time and who had multiple rashes, lupus and chronic fatigue, was so excited when she finally started sweating.  When patients finally start sweating, their phase angle comes up on their mitochondrial function, they feel better.  Stuff starts happening and they see some major breakthroughs with people.  The sweating comes faster with the Relax sauna than with others.  He finds that after he exercises it takes less than 10 minutes to start to sweat whereas with other sauna it had always taken him 20 minutes or more so it is more time efficient.

He had been Chief Medical Officer for the NASA  Space Program before opening his practice.  He now has an eight month waiting list for patients to see him.


Massage Therapist and Relax Sauna owner uses it for fitness and health

Roxanne was freezing and after warming up in the sauna she loved it so much she purchased one.  Now that she finds that it relieves her tightness and aches so well, she goes to the gym more often.  She uses it when she gets home to warm up and again in the mornings.  As a massage therapist, she finds that the sauna relieves the soreness she feels after work and feels more flexible and limber after work and after working out at the gym.  She especially likes that she doesn't feel the stuffiness she used to feel in other saunas since she can keep her head out when using the Relax sauna. and can watch TV or read a book. 

She recommended that her gym provide these to their clients for some extra income.  She uses hers even in the summer for the purification,  She notices that people at the gym often have breakouts on their skin and that now that she is using the sauna she does not have breakouts.  Obviously she showers but feels the sauna is making the difference.  She loves it.  She has been wanting to use it in her practice but loves having it at home too much.  She never used to sweat much but now is drenched in 15 minutes and loves the purification.



Psychologist Uses Sauna for Pain, Anxiety, Depression and Stress



Relax Sauna Doctor Review


Buying Four Relax Saunas for her Practice - Lots of Reasons!





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