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Last Updated: 1/10/2015
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What is Prevagen?
Prevagen is a novel dietary supplement designed to fight aging. Prevagen is the first and only all-natural supplement from jellyfish and is designed to replenish age-fighting proteins lost over time. Scientific studies show a reduction in cellular death of up to 50% when treated with Prevagen compared to non-Prevagen treated cells. Prevagen is the only supplement to address aging through the restoration of calcium-binding proteins.

A gift from the sea...

Prevagen was first discovered in one of the simplest organisms on the earth, the jellyfish.
The Aequorea Victoria jellyfish is found primarily in the Pacific Ocean. This particular jellyfish is loaded with calcium-binding proteins called aequorin. Aequorin is very similar to the age-fighting proteins humans lose as we age.
Prevagen helps keep cells alive longer by protecting your body from an age-related decline in valuable calcium- binding proteins. You can fight aging with Prevagen.

In aging models the technology of Prevagen works even better than in young, healthy subjects. Older cells are more susceptible to damage and need the protecting effect of Prevagen even more. Our labs have demonstrated that Prevagen has potent cell protecting activity through its ability to bind calcium.

Prevagen Protects!
Calcium-binding proteins are found naturally throughout our body and are important in keeping cells healthy and alive. As we grow older these protective, age-fighting proteins begin to deplete. Prevagen contains an all natural calcium-binding protein..

Rare jellyfish protein reduces brain cell death*…
Results of a landmark scientific study of the effects of a jellyfish protein on brain cells have been recently released. Our lab at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee showed a reduction in brain cell death of 50% when given a protein found in a rare jellyfish. This protein call Prevagen was first touted to become the next breakthrough pharmaceutical. However, because it is from a natural source, the jellyfish, it is able to be released as a dietary supplement in limited supplies and start helping people now!

With Prevagen you can
• Feel younger
• Have more energy
• Replenish age-fighting proteins
• Increase concentration
• Reduce cellular death by up to 50%

Intelligent Design
Jellyfish are simple and so is the science behind Prevagen™. If you strip down all of the higher functions of thought from the human brain, you really end up with a very simple nervous simple as the jellyfish. This is the reason that Quincy Bioscience chose to investigate jellyfish, to see how their design could help us fight aging.

All over the world people are starting to learn about the anti-aging power of Prevagen. There is no other supplement that contains this type of technology. Our research has been presented at national science seminars in addition to being widely reported by the international news media including Business Week.

Prevagen has already touched and changed many lives since it has hit the shelves across the nation. This amazing protein has benefited many people and we challenge you to try it and experience the age-fighting benefits of the simple jellyfish protein, aequorin.

The Evidence

Calcium-binding proteins.
99% of the body's calcium is contained within our bones and the other 1% is in our blood and nervous system. The management of this 1% is very critical for cell health. Any dysregulation or mismanagement can result in an unhealthy cell or even lead to cell death. The healthy human body is able to manage calcium within the cell using age-fighting calcium-binding proteins. Calcium-binding proteins fight age by protecting the cell from an unhealthy amount of intracellular calcium. As you grow older the body loses the ability to make age-fighting calcium-binding proteins at the rate it did when you were young. This leads to potential cell death

Potential health benefits of jellyfish.
Jellyfish, one of the simplest organisms on Earth have no brain, heart or lungs and are made of 95% water. Jellyfish are essentially a floating nervous system. One thing jellyfish are very good at is managing calcium within their bodies. In addition, jellyfish utilize calcium when stinging their prey and use it in their defense mechanisms. You may ask yourself, what does a jellyfish have to do with human health? The answer is, jellyfish are loaded with protective, age-fighting calcium-binding proteins that are very similar to the calcium-binding proteins humans lose as we age. In other words, jellyfish manage their health with protective calcium-binding proteins. Can we manage our health in a similar way jellyfish manage their health? Can we replenish the age-fighting proteins we lose as we age with those from a jellyfish? Is there a supplement that can assist in the fight against aging?

Yes! Jellyfish for your health.
Prevagen™ is a patent-pending dietary supplement designed to fight aging. Prevagen is the only dietary supplement to use the age-fighting proteins contained within the jellyfish. Prevagen replenishes the calcium-binding proteins you lose in the aging process. Prevagen is one of the few supplements on the market that has science and research behind it. Our laboratories are located at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and in the University Research Park in Madison, Wisconsin. In scientific studies Prevagen reduces cell death by up to 50%. You can Fight Aging!!

Q) What is Prevagen?
A) Prevagen® is a new brain health supplement and functions unlike other brain or memory supplements. Prevagen ®’s active ingredient is a new use for a well-known calcium-binding protein called “aequorin” which is found in a certain species of jellyfish.

Prevagen® binds to calcium in cells and helps reduce damage to cells that occur in aging due to our body’s decline in production of calcium-binding proteins.* Calcium serves a vital function of cellular communication but excess calcium can disrupt the balance and damage cells. Prevagen® helps to restore balance.*

Q) What are the most commonly reported benefits of Prevagen?
A) Research conducted by Prevagen® ’s scientists at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee demonstrated the main effect of “aequorin” (the active ingredient in Prevagen®) is brain cell protection through regulation of calcium in the cell.

The most common reported benefits are:
Overall improved mental clarity*
Clearer decision-making*
Better memory*
Greater ability to focus*

Q) How long will it take to feel results?
A) Many have reported benefits within the first week but results will vary. Daily use
for 30-60 days is a reasonable length of time to experience results.

Q) Do you have research supporting Prevagen?
A) Yes. Quincy Bioscience has research laboratories at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In our foundational trials, aequorin demonstrated over 50% brain cell protection versus the control group. Additional studies are underway.

Q) "I haven't heard of 'apoaequorin' before"?
A) Researchers who study calcium sure have! Aequorin was discovered in the early sixties as researchers wondered why a certain species of jellyfish glowed in the Puget Sound (Washington state). They discovered that when the protein aequorin, contained in the jellyfish, bound to calcium, a light was emitted. Today, because of aequorin’s long-history and safety, it is the preferred research tool as a calcium indicator. Don’t worry though, glowing is not a side-effect with Prevagen!

Q) How long until Prevagen starts to work?
A) Prevagen should start replacing depletions in calcium binding proteins immediately. Results should be seen within the first few weeks of usage.

Q) What is the role of jellyfish in Prevagen?
A) The active ingredient in Prevagen® is “aequorin” which is a “calcium-binding protein” contained in a specific species of jellyfish which also use aequorin to regulate calcium. The DNA of these proteins is remarkably similar to the calcium-binding proteins our bodies produce.

Q) What if I'm allergic to fish? Does Prevagen contain any allergens?
A) Prevagen® is non-allergenic. The active ingredient “aequorin” is a protein from a jellyfish which is non-allergenic and interestingly, a jellyfish is not truly a fish. People with fish allergies need not worry. Also, Prevagen® is made with a vegetarian capsule and non-allergenic inactive ingredients.

Q) Are jellyfish harmed in the making of Prevagen?
A) No. The protein from the jellyfish is now grown in a safe and controlled manufacturing process.

Q) Should I continue to take my vitamin and mineral supplements with Prevagen?
A) Absolutely. Prevagen® is not meant to replace this type of supplementation. However, Prevagen® works in a manner unlike any other supplements to help protect brain cells. Prevagen® works in a complimentary way to vitamin and mineral supplementation.

- The following are testimonials from real Prevagen users -

"While playing 10 years in the National Football League I went to great lengths to take care of my body and make sure I could always give it my all each and every Sunday. That type of care helped me win a Super Bowl and create some lasting memories. I am very excited to now be working with Prevagen to help take care of my body and mind."
Santana Dotson - Retired professional football player, World Champion

-In regards to Prevagen, I can tell you that I have noticed a greater intensity to some of my dreams. More importantly for me though is that I have noticed a definite impact on my headache frequency and intensity, which is a major benefit. That alone makes it a great product in my experience.

-Ever since I started taking Prevagen, my cognitive abilities are improving such as reading and working Suduko puzzles.

-I just started using the product about 3 months ago and it seems to work nicely with aches, pains, stress, & clarity of mind...Thank you for this product.

-What I love most about Prevagen thus far is that my short-term memory has improved noticeably. Instead of calling my account people to ask them to remind me what we said in a meeting, they’ve started calling me—and I can easily remember dates and details without looking at my notes. For the first time in a long time, I feel sharp as a tack—like I did fifteen years ago! I’ve also noticed improvements in my quality of sleep and have much less leg and joint pain. Amazing stuff, really! Please everyone know that I said, “Thanks. I needed Prevagen!”

-My thoughts are connecting quickly and my sentences come to me when speaking. I just re-stocked myself and certainly feel that I am deriving some benefit for taking Prevagen. After only 2 days, I honestly feel that my brain is clicking on a couple extra cylinders already.

-I am post menopause and am still having a hard time with cognitive details. I saw Dr Bond's show about Prevagen and decided to try it. I felt the fog lift within days. I used to act out a word with my husband because I couldn't think of the word, now I don't have to. I am "chemically sensitive" so there isn't a lot out there I can take. I am very much enjoying Prevagen.

-I have been a customer for a few months now. My wife has been taking this and it is truly a wonderful substance better sleep, better memory, and a very uplifted attitude towards life as well.

-Can really notice the difference in my brain clarity since I have been out of the product for a few weeks.

-After taking Prevagen for about four months I am happy to tell you that I am reading as if I were much younger. My concentration is better and my eyes aren't getting tired.

-I have nothing but good things to say about Prevagen. I gave it to my parents (both in their 70’s) at Thanksgiving and at Christmas they both said that they are sleeping better than they have in years, my Dad says he feels "sharper" than ever.

-After just taking 1 capsule I noticed that my movements have sped up, my energy level and alertness have improved. I have been taking this for just under one week now and intend to continue taking it.

-Been taking this for anti-aging, but noticed an unintended benefit. It lifts mood and increases energy. I suspect it allows more abundant production of neurotransmitters, as it binds to hindering calcium ions.

-I took my first dose of Prevagen at around 10 a.m. About 4:30 I noticed the fog that seems to linger in my head lifted. I feel a lot clearer and a lot more up-beat. This is despite the fact that I have had very little sleep for the last three days.

-My friend Ricci has been giving Prevagen to her son for over a month now.She is seeing profound results and is going to send out en email to all her contacts. To me this is thrilling and potentially HUGE.*…She reported that one of her customers, who is a female in her early 50's, has been battling 'brain fog' for 20 years. This customer would be so affected from smells that she would be unable to write coherently. This store owner gave her 1 capsule of Prevagen and by the next day the customer reported that it was the best she has ever felt! Powerful!!

Male, mid 50's
"I think Prevagen is phenomenal! I have no more mental cobwebs or mental delay. I am studying for my pilots license and I have seen a difference in my pre-flight checks, I am more confident. While studying for the federal regulation written exam, I feel I am actually comprehending the rules & etiquette easier now with Prevagen then I did when studying 2 months ago. My wife has commented that when I come home from work I am "really with her" instead of still focusing on "work things". Thank you Prevagen!"

-I just got off the phone with my daughter, who has given me great news. She has been taking Prevagen for about two weeks and is definitely seeing a difference. She has more energy and feels sharper each day! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this.

-I'm much more clear-headed, less tired and "foggy" feeling.

Just finished my first bottle of Prevagen, and noticed a big difference in memory thought process.

-Male, in mid 50’s
Well how can I say this I have been taking prevagen now for about three weeks and at first I was skeptical not really believing all the hoopla. I work third shift and that does put some wear and tear on a body. I have been in a slump always tired, no energy, living in a fog, and just feeling that I wasn’t getting enough sleep, and never able to remember a lot of things. Since I have been taking Prevagen things seem to be changing; Sleep has been sounder and I use to not remember dreaming now I do. I use to wake up and vegetate the day away and zone in front of the TV. Not any more now the pep in my step is back and I find myself wanting to complete the Honey To Do List we all have. And let’s not forget (no pun intended) my mind seems to be running at a different level it is more crisp, clear and energized. I truly believe that it is due to Prevagen that this change in my life is happening.

-I just received the product 2 days ago. The product is starting to work already there was a big healing reaction this morning which I found interesting. I am noticing more clarity of thought and sharpness of brain pattern. I will keep you advised as things progress. I’m quite excited that this might be the thing I’ve been looking for for 22 years. I will keep in touch with you and tell you how things go.

-Male, in his mid 70's
Having used Prevagen for about a month ,what I feel these days is that I have plenty of energy and can work and concentrate for long hours, It will be interesting to see what happens as some time goes by.
Kindest regards,

-Male, in his 80's:
I bought this product for my father, 81 years old, on the recommendation of a friend who is a doctor. He called me last week to tell me he finished the crossword puzzle in the newspaper for the first time in years. He was thrilled! He's been able to come pretty close to finishing the crossword every day now for the past week or so.

My wife and I started taking it about two weeks ago. One odd thing I noticed is that I dream very vividly and actually remember a lot of what I dream. I didn't think much of it and didn't say anything to my wife because I knew she would think I was nuts. This morning she came downstairs and said "you wouldn't believe my dream last night" and then proceeded to tell me in great detail (more than I wanted to know actually) about her dream.

-Male, in his 40's
In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that I took 2 Prevagen on the way home yesterday and two earlier today. I have to say that I am definitely feeling focused. I have A LOT on my plate right now that requires constant jumping back and forth from project to project. I am feeling very focused and am steadily plowing through my to do's with very little wasted energy or wandering focus. I'll keep you updated as my time using Prevagen increases.

-Female, late 40's
I have to say my first two weeks taking Prevagen has been outstanding. I have been extremely energetic and alert. I had been having a lot of stress head aches which have all but subsided. I will definitely be reordering and will also be ordering some for my husband to try. Can you include extra brochures and ordering information with my next order so I can hand out the brochures? I‘ve told several people about Prevagen and plan to continue.

-Male, 60
I have been using Prevagen for almost two months and am very happy to report that I feel better overall mentally, seem to think clearer and am better able to handle stress. This product is the real thing and I highly recommend it.

*This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. Patent Pending.

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