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Last Updated: 11/19/14
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Pure Aussie Sea Minerals

Nature's Electrolyte

Pure Aussie Sean Minerals Trace Mineral Supplement

One of the most nutrient-dense liquid Trace Mineral Supplements available on the market!

Minerals and trace elements are essential to the nutrient world. Unlike any other nutrient group, minerals generate vitality for all living organisms. They are necessary for a vibrant and healthy body and initiate the biological chain reaction in the formation of all other nutrients. Pure Aussie Sea Minerals is packed with Magnesium and other essential minerals. In every serving you get 1500mg of ionic minerals!

We recommend taking sea mineral supplements in conjunction with Far Infrared Therapy. This is because when we sweat we can also lose vital minerals in our bodies. Pure Aussi is a Trace Mineral Supplement developed to address the mineral deficiency in our normal diet.  Pure Aussi provides the body with natural electrolytes—packed full of Magnesium and other essential minerals—that leave you feeling energized and rejuvenated after sweating.

Mineral Deficiency 

Magnesium is the world's most overlooked nutrient. Over 80% of Americans fail to get the adequate amount of Magnesium. Less than one in 20 get the amount that progressive nutritionists suggest. Magnesium deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, insomnia, cardiovascular problems, migraines, muscle cramps (especially cramps in the legs at night), constipation, poor mental function, lack of energy, high blood sugar levels, and countless other problems..

Pure Aussi Sea Minerals come naturally packed with ionized Magnesium. Every teaspoon contains over 365mg of this bio-essential element. The best part is that it comes in an ionized state making it more bio-available than in food, or any other compound found in tablet form.

Nature's Electrolyte

Pure Aussie Sea Minerals are nature’s "original" Electrolyte solution. Ocean water contains every naturally occurring element in an exacting range and concentration. It is for this very reason that more than 80% of all life on earth resides within its depth. This also explains why your body's fluids are chemically almost identical to Ocean/Seawater.

Solar Concentrated

Pure Aussie Sea Minerals are harvested from pure Australian Ocean water through a solar concentration process.  This method is important because it reduces high levels of sodium and leaves an ionic mineral solution that contains the very same Full Spectrum of major and trace minerals as our living Oceans. They are the very same elements found in your body’s fluids!

Minerals and Trace Elements – Essential Nutrients for the Body 

Minerals and trace elements play an active role in every biological function of the human body.

Minerals are the building materials for healthy teeth, bones, tissue and organs.
Minerals are required for blood formation, hormonal production and maintaining cell integrity by regulating fluid balance and aiding in the delivery of nutrients to the cells. 
Minerals are essential for nerve and muscle contraction.
Electrolytes maintain electric current on a cellular level and enable every cell in the human body to remain in constant contact. 
Minerals keep our body’s bioelectric circuit boards wired every second of every day.
Suggested Uses

Excellent Electrolyte

Simply add to morning smoothies or post workout shakes. For the active person, make your own sugar free electrolyte solution.

Energize Your Drinking Water

Add 10 - 15 drops per quart (liter) of water to turn plain water into healthy, alkalizing, mineral-rich water.

Low Sodium Mineral Rich Cooking

Use as a safe and mineral-rich addition in cooking. Add 10 – 15 drops to salad dressings and meals for full flavor low sodium and mineral-rich alternative to salt. 


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Pure Aussie Sea Mineral Supplent Liquid

2 oz
Pure Aussie Sea Mineral Supplent Liquid
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