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Last Updated: 7/25/15
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Raw Food Snacks

Bija Omega Truffles
bija omega truffle - dark chocolate
Unavailable - Click here to go to our Wildbar page.
Dark Chocolate Covered - 70% Cocoa
Contains Udo's Oil - 3-6-9 Blend
2 g of Omega-3 per serving (4 servings per package) - Pictured above is a 4-pak
contains 4 - 1" x 1.75" x .5" truffles per package as show above.

It takes time to build up eating 2 or 3 or 4 at a time.
These Truffles are loaded with Omega 3's, and is a great way to get this nutrient into your body.
$4.45 per 4-pack - buy a box of 12 4-paks, and for $3.95 each or $47.40 per box.

Bija Omega Truffles are a rich blend of Omega-3 & -6 fatty acidss and premium organic ingredients from around the world such as Peruvian chocolate and cocoa butter, and Madagascar vanilla beans.  Infused with the ideal 2:1 ratio of essential fatty acids, each exquisite pice nourishes both body and spirit.

We sell a lot of these in our brick and mortar store -
There was a hesitancy about the price.
 But once people tried it, They got good results!
And then, they do not hesitate to buy it regularly.

The President's experiences:
Now, the question is:  What is good results ?????
  phil says:   Balances me, puts my head in that right space where I feel creative.
I guess I need to ask others why they buy so many of these.
The people who work here (less than 6) sure do eat a lot of these !
Sometimes, I can only have 1 ... A 2nd one used to give me a stomach ache, but now,
I generally do NOT have that problem, and can eat 2 or 3 or even 4 in a day.
And to think, I went 32 years without touching a drop of chocolate.
Those were in the days of milk chocolate, loaded with refined sugar & milk...
And now,  Raw Chocolate is being touted as one of the greatest health foods !
Go figure, eh ?

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