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Last Updated: 4/5/11
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Let your neck feel at ease
with Doctor Riter's REAL-EASE...

Doctor Riter's REAL-EASE is an effective cervical neck support. It is so unique that it is patented. It is completely drug-free and is the simplest, least expensive way to deeply relax your tired, sore neck and shoulders.

What does it do?
Imagine having a skilled massage therapist gently and firmly hold your head, while you completely surrender the weight of your head into their healing hands. This is just what the REAL-EASE can accomplish for you. It allows for deep and profound muscle relaxation.

How does it work?
The scientifically and orthopedically designed device gently cradles your neck along the base of the skull. The structure of the device allows you to deeply relax the weight of your head into the firm, soft inner surface while gently holding your head up. This allows the many tight muscles of the neck and shoulders to relax.

Wherever you can lean back or lie down, REAL-EASE
will make it more relaxing...

**For watching T.V. or lying in bed
**On the carpet
**On the plane
**At the beach
**At the office
**For meditation
**In a lounge chair
**Before and after massage therapy

A note from Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98 

Why do so many people suffer from neck, head and shoulder discomfort?

The musculature of the neck and shoulders is responsible for holding our head erect. In addition, essential sensory mechanism of our life, i.e., eyes, ears, nose are all located in the head. When our necks are tight or jaws clenched, we set up a pattern of chronic spasms and tightness in all the muscles of the neck and shoulders. The dimensions of stress on these muscles are extraordinary. In addition, adequate blood flow into the head requires a relaxed musculature. Therefore, our need to provide deep relaxation for the neck is of utmost importance. If there was a simple, inexpensive, drug-free, non-toxic way to deeply relax your sore and tired neck, wouldn't you want to give it a try?


"Dr. Riter's REAL-EASE is simple, elegant, and effective. I find it useful in both the prevention and treatment of neck pain, headaches, and spasms"

Daniel J. Bressler, M.D.

"I use REAL-EASE daily because I get instant results. First thing in the morning and last thing at night, the slight cervical traction releases any kinks I might have acquired. I fall easily into a deep state of restfulness that refreshes me before my next activity or prepares me before my next activity or prepares me for sleep. I even take REAL-EASE  with me when I travel. It's such a simple but useful self-care tool."

Mirka Knaster, MA, LMT

"As a Massage Therapist, I ordered one of the REAL-EASE  neck support to try on my clients and myself. I had several of my clients lie on it for 10 to 15 minutes before I worked on them and their muscles spasms were already released almost 50%. The muscles were relaxed and much easier to work. The relief they experienced was wonderful and they were very impressed with the results.  The REAL-EASE  has been very effective in relieving my pain as well; in fact, I ordered a second one so I could have one at home and one at my office. I would definitely recommend it for anyone with a sore neck.  Thank You!"

Jackie Topping, President Cottonwood
                                                              School of Massage Therapy

"I am a Physical Therapist and have been using the REAL-EASE... I recommend it to my patients who have cervical problems and headaches. My co-workers love that I keep one on hand for us. I have my patients use the REAL-EASE while doing back bends on the therapy balls. It provides a comfortable support for those with limited range of motion. The advertising is true. Ten to fifteen minutes is all it takes to feel an improvement. Thanks for caring a truly great product."

Rita McDonagh-Noble, PT, LMT

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Real-Ease Neck & Shoulder Relaxer