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Relax Sauna
Lyme testimonials

Relax Sauna Lyme Disease Testimonial from March, 2010

"I bought the Relax Lie Down Sauna by recommendation of a physician.  I have suffered for 5 years from lyme disease and heavy metal toxicity.   No matter what support I gave my body my health never improved.  Little did I know that sweating was the key to open the door to better health.  My body was so overburdened by toxins and heavy metals that I have not broke a sweat since becoming ill.  I ordered the Relax Sauna one day  and it arrived the very next day.  I was like a child on christmas morning!  I had it ready to go in 5 minutes, I kid you not.   It took a couple of days for my body to begin sweating and after that, only two weeks later I am feeling and seeing things happen that I find amazing in such  a short time.  I sleep, my mind and body is for the first time in a constant relaxed state.  The lyme disease had left my nervous system in overdrive and I cannot believe how calm and relaxed I am now.  I never had cellulite, ever, until my body became overburdened with toxins.  It just seemed to come out of nowhere.  Since using the Relax Sauna it is simply disappearing, like melting away!!!   It is all quite amazing  in such a short time!  This by far is the most precious & the smartest investment I have ever made.  I thank you with my whole heart Phillip for such an amazing piece of the puzzle to get my health & life back.  I am so excited for what lies ahead!  Sincerely, K.G. - Ohio"

Research on the use of Far Infrared Saunas to treat Lyme Disease.

by By Rahim B. Habib BSc, ND – Naturopathic Doctor 

Conventional saunas operate at much higher temperatures, which are restrictive to many people (180-220 degrees Fahrenheit), especially those with respiratory or cardiovascular health concerns.  Conventional saunas heat the air, which then heats the skin superficially.  However, far-infrared emitting saunas heat the body directly, allowing more penetration, at a much lower and comfortable temperature (110-130 degrees Fahrenheit).  Far-infrared energy is also emitted by the sun (though is not to be confused with potentially harmful ultraviolet energy), and is the same energy that hospitals use to warm premature infants.

Many people benefit from the use of the far infrared sauna, but in particular, those who suffer with Lyme Disease.  These patients often suffer with muscle and joint pains, cold body temperature, being susceptible to co-infections due to poor immune function, and toxic burdens since their liver and kidney function may be more compromised.  When incorporating the use of a far-infrared sauna, people who suffer from Lyme Disease can improve their body’s ability to function, remove toxic chemicals, and support their immune system.   It is an excellent adjunctive treatment among other treatments for those with Lyme Disease.

Relax Sauna is the First Thing that Helped Casey with Lyme Disease and Toxicity

Casey has had Lyme disease and mold toxicity for several years and has has been trying to recover and get healthy.  He had not sweat in over a year.  He tried the Relax sauna for 20 minutes and broke a sweat for the first time.  The next day when he tried it he was just drenched.  He felt that the difference after 2 days of trying it was just amazing.  At expos in the past he had Heart Rate Variability tests done about 6 times.  He had been trying things for over a year and said that the first time he recorded any change or had any success register on the test was after he used the Relax sauna. 
He said that 2 days before he had felt low energy and now he feels great.  He said it feels soothing and that he now feels more alive.

Doctor Recommends Relax Sauna for Lyme Disease

Dr. Mark Woodall from Cascade Integrative Medicine bought a Relax sauna for his wife who has Lyme disease about three years ago.  She had Lyme disease for about four years and her Lyme literate doctor recommended the sauna it about halfway through her treatment. It was a significant part of her treatment and got her through about 95% of her recovery through today and still uses it to this day.

After she did 30 to 45 minutes sessions five times a week she improved from about 75% of where she was at the time to where she is today.  Now she does probably 30 minutes three or four times a week. They are super grateful and he recommends it to all his patients.

It's great having it in the home.  He uses it himself for vitality, bloodflow and circulation.

Lyme Disease is Helped with Far Infrared Sauna Treatments

Renee purchased her sauna about a year ago after she was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  She had done a lot of research and found out that far infrared saunas would help with detoxing some of the byproducts of the treatment of lyme disease.  When she was really sick, she used it once or twice a day, now she uses it occasionally.  It was a godsend when she was really sick because it made her feel so much better.  It took away her aches and pains.  It got all of the toxins lodged in the sweat out of her body.  Then she showered to get the sweat off of her body.  She said it helped her sleep better. She doesn’t know how she would have survived her initial Lyme treatment without her far infrared sauna.  “ I love it.  I highly recommend it to anybody.”

When she did her research online the Relax sauna got the best reviews.  The chair is  comfortable and sturdy for overweight people, it is easy to get in and out of, it’s portable and  it’s compact.  It gave her her life back, she sys.   She also recommends it for general health and well being.  Her husband has no particular health problems but uses it just because it makes him feel good.  Her brother was in the store and was purchasing one during the interview.

Relax Sauna Helps with Sleeping Issues

Nancy has had her sauna for about 3 months.  She had been debating about whether to get a wooden sauna or the Relax sauna and decided on the Relax sauna because it heats up faster and takes up less  space. She does it every evening since it is very relaxing and she sleeps so much better.  Her husband has sleep issues and, now that he is using the sauna, he also sleeps well.  Her daughter has Lyme disease and is beginning to notice some improvement since she, too, is now able to sleep.  Nancy notices that with this sauna she releases an oily sweat that she had not experienced with other saunas.  She follows her session with a cold, then warm shower.  She feels better when she does it every day.  She gets a lot of shoulder pain from so much typing and it goes away when she uses it.

Relax Sauna is recommended for Lyme disease - ILADS 2015

Mindy is a practitioner who recommended the Relax far infrared sauna to two of her Lyme disease patients.  She feels very strongly that far infrared technology has tremendous capability to help people.  These two patients of hers were close to the end of their treatment but were  kind of stuck where they were and the use of the Relax sauna made a huge difference in their level of energy and pain and their general capability.  “They love it.”  
She said her one patient has just gone crazy with it because nothing was helping her past a certain point.  She uses it about 20 to 30 minutes a day and cannot believe the difference.  She has had it about a year.  She has three children and the pain and fatigue she had been experiencing was taking a toll on her and now it is not.  

Autism Expert says Relax Sauna is By Far the Best Choice 

Karen did a 30 minutes sweat in the Relax sauna last night. Karen has used far infrared saunas in the past.  She also done whole packages for cedar sauna use at the local yoga studio near where she lives so that she could use it a few times a week.  She felt that the wooden sauna there was effective for what she needed at the time but not nearly as effective as the Relax sauna is.

Now today, after last nights Relax Sauna use, she says it was much more effective in terms of her energy and her gut feeling more balanced as the bloating is now gone.  “I have tons of energy.  I feel this one it Is stronger and much more effective.”  She clarified that she means stronger in a gentle way not in a harsh way.

She loves that it is portable and that you can take anywhere at all and that it can fit into any space or easily be stored when not in use.

“It is actually a really great product. I would highly recommend it.”

They are at the Autism Conference, her name is Karen Thomas and her website is NaturallyHealingAutism.com where there is a lot of information for parents.  She also has a book called Natural Healing Autism which is a step-by-step guide to the complete process to help a child to heal from the symptoms of autism that is based on what she used to help her own son heal from his symptoms.  She has a radio show at AutismOne.org - which is  released on her website as well. She can be reached at Facebook/naturally healing autism.

She has been recommending Relax saunas for a long time because they are great for detoxing, for use with Lyme disease and various other problems because of the sauna’s effectiveness in detox.  She sleeps with a far infrared comforter because it works with the bodies own natural heat processes so that the body’s own innate healing processes can work with it

She says that, of all the far infrared sauna that she has seen, the Relax Sauna is by far the best choice.

Compare The Relax Sauna with a Wooden Infrared Sauna

Vicky had a wooden sauna and felt it was effective with her Lyme disease, but said the Relax sauna was much quicker and more effective.  She saw instant results, overnight, with her family’s bronchitis and colds.  They used the sauna the day before, twice for 10 minutes, and the next morning was the first day that they had been clear of  all the congestion.  She had been so tired the day before and that night even her kids noticed that she was running around, completely energized.  The next day she used it for 15 minutes and was completely energized again when she went out to dinner that night.





Lyme disease relief from the Relax Sauna - Far Infrared Therapy -


Infrared Light and Far Infrared Saunas

from Lymehub.com 

The sun is a primary source of visual spectrum of light. These rays are made up of a series of frequencies (wavelengths) that are present in the physical environment. The frequencies are different forms of energy that appear as colors, and as invisible wavelengths. Infrared light frequencies are just above the visible spectrum where colors reside. These frequencies are made up of waves that are shorter and faster than visible light waves. These frequencies carry more energy than those contained in visible light. The energies have been found to have healing effects on the biological processes that take place in the body.
far infrared wavelength light


There are many practical applications for infrared light. Infrared light is sometimes used to help treat wounds and heal scars. Because this light penetrates so deeply into the skin, it is sometimes used in the treatment of arthritis pain. Some use infrared light to try to loosen stiff muscles and joints.

People who are afflicted with Lyme disease are starting to understand how their traditional treatment regimens can be enhanced by using infrared saunas. People with Lyme disease suffer from a wide range of symptoms, including headaches, muscle weakness and extreme muscle and joint pain, among other things. Traditional Lyme disease treatment protocols using IV or oral antibiotics and anti-protozoa medications are not fully effective. This failure leads some Lyme disease patients to seek relief through alternative treatments, including infrared sauna sessions. Due to the warmth of an infrared sauna, it has a soothing effect on joint and muscle pain.  Infrared sauna treatments can provide an effective supplement to traditional Lyme disease treatment. Further, Lyme disease patients who were previously unable to engage in everyday activities such as taking a walk reported improvement after regular infrared sauna sessions. These reports indicate that at least for some Lyme disease patients, infrared saunas are able to help alleviate some of the troublesome symptoms of this condition, including muscle spasms, constant chills, an overwhelming feeling of fatigue and the sensation of being in a mental fog.

Infrared Light Explained:

Infrared light therapy provides many of the health benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation. The infrared heat is not ultraviolet radiation. The Infrared energy travels 2-3" deep into the body and increases blood circulation and nourishes damaged tissue. The energy that we feel from the sun gets transported to the earth by means of electromagnetic radiation. These rays can be divided into several wavelengths. Wavelengths are measured in nanometers (nm). A nanometer is one millionth part of a centimeter or about 0.000000394 inch.

Each wavelength transports a certain amount of energy. The higher the frequency of the wave, the shorter its wavelength and the more energy it can transport.

Higher frequency = shorter wavelength = more energy.

Only part of the sunrays make it all the way to the earth. Some of it gets absorbed by our atmosphere. The radiation that does reach the face of the earth is called global radiation. It ranges from Ultraviolet light over visible light and then all the way over to infrared light (IR), which is used in infrared light therapy. (see sketch above)

The global radiation is divided like so;

  • UVB from 295 to 315 nm 0.1%
  • UVA from 315 to 400 nm 4.9%
  • Violet from 380 to 436 nm
  • Blue from 436 to 495 nm
  • Green from 495 to 566 nm
  • Yellow from 566 to 589 nm
  • Orange from 589 to 627 nm
  • Red from 627 to 780 nm totals at 39% visible light
  • IR A from 760 to 1,400 nm 37 %
  • IR B from 1,400 to 3,000 nm 16 %
  • IR C from 3,000 to 10,000 nm 3%

We are particularly interested in the infrared rays (IR). As you can see, they are divided in three types :

  • IR-A : short wave infrared
  • IR-B : medium wave infrared
  • IR-C : long wave infrared .

The short wave infrared will heat up our body faster. But, they have a major drawback : they almost totally bypass the receptors in our body. The consequence of this is that our central nerve system doesn't receive any "high temperature warning". This is bad.

At present, several discussions are going on between governments, NORM commissions and infrared sauna manufacturers. Short wave infrared light therapy will probably only be possible under doctor's supervision soon. A lot of people don't like the ultra-rapid heating of short wave infrared.

That is why it is recommended to use long wave infrared in your sauna cabin. Of course, a combination of both is also possible. You can place IR-C emitters at your backside and IR-A rays in the corners in the front, as they have to travel a longer distance to your body.

Every kind of heat that we can feel from a distance is transported by infrared rays. Whether it is the heat from a stove, a light bulb, or even the body heat from another human being.

Our bodies emit infrared radiation in a wavelength range from 300 to 5,000 nm and our hand palms emit radiation from 800 to 1,400 nm. Infrared light therapy is very old. Healing by laying on of hands is practiced in China for 3,000 years and is based upon this emission of IR rays. Indian yogis mainly perform laying on of hands in cases of sore eyes.

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