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Testimonials on the Relax Sauna.

testimonial # 1)  Heavy  Metals  toxicity no longer there - Hands and Feet Feel Warmer ...

“I got a handful of information from Phil at Momentum98 regarding the “Relax Sauna” at a local Body, Mind, and Spirit Expo.  I spent the evening reading all the testimonials and facts regarding the unit.  I was highly impressed!  My personal challenges included Heavy Metal Toxicity, Diabetes, and circulatory issues.  I had gained the nickname “Toxic Man” from one of my healers after many decades of chemical exposure from being in the automotive industry.   After reading the material, the “Relax Sauna” seemed to be the answer I was looking for and with many other benefits to boot!”

“I’ve been using it now on a regular basis for over a year.  My heavy metal levels have been dropping and my last test for mercury came out in a normal range.  Using the Sauna has helped speeding up the wound healing process and improved my circulation as I’ve noticed my hands and feet are warmer in the wintertime.  Plus, getting into the Sauna during the winter months, it just feels so good, like a day at the beach!  What I most enjoy about the “Relax Sauna” is the convenience of having it in the house as opposed to traveling to the local club and I know how clean I keep my sauna!   The “Relax Sauna” has been the BEST investment I’ve made for my health and I look forward to many years of faithful service from it as I improve my health!  I highly recommend it to everyone who is faced with any health challenge!”

Keep it aglow !    -  Trey Crease, Pennsylvania

A note from Phil Wilson
President  of Momentum98 

    phil in 1967 as a youth

See how young the Sauna has made me !
well... ok.   this is a picture of me 40 years ago.
But I do not look bad, now.
People tell me how pretty my skin is.
I use the relax sauna regularly, and I absolutely love the feeling
of being in the relax sauna for 20 minutes !

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