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Here are 3 brochures that we can send you.


We get 500 of these printed at a time, and pay 15 cents each for these folded 11x17 brochures, and have 3 different brochures available:


The Relax Far Infrared Sauna (green) brochure

The Relax Far Infrared Energy (gray) brochure


The Far Infrared Medical Facts and Research Data (tan) brochure


We are more than happy to send you 20 of each of these brochures for free.  (once or twice)
We can send you 100 of each  (300 brochures) for $45.00.
Or you can print these yourself, by downloading these PDF Files.
You can print them 1 or more  at a time on your printer, and then you can have them in color.
If you would like, we have the original files, NOT in PDF File, that we can put your specific information (name, address, phone number, email, website, etc.) on the 4th page of the brochure, and then email you a 4-page pdf  (with your name and info on it) file that you can take to the printer, and they can print 500 of them (hopefully at a good price).  This way you will not have to stamp your name or label on each brochure.

We also have available a 22-30 page ringed laminated booklet with Relax Sauna information for you to leave in your waiting room, or to show people when giving a presentation on the benefits of the Relax Sauna.  (We are in the process of updating  and refining this, and will alert you when we have updates & refinements available.)   You can see the older version of this on the following url webpage, which we are updating.  We can send you 1 free upon request.  Additional "Ringed binders" would be $20. each .



We are also working on a 4 color glossy brochure where you can also stamp your name.

 This should be available to you in the next few weeks.  

 Please update us on your interest in receiving this and other promotional materials.


We also have 3 Relax Sauna posters (approx 21x32") available to you at $15. each.