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Last Updated: 5/25/11
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rolleiver - ivory
The Rolleiver: for tired, aching feet.
MAS817 - Ivory Original Rolleiver
MAS818 - Brown Thinner Rolleiver 

For the money, this is one of the best overall foot massagers you can buy.

The Rolleiver is made of hard plastic that feels good on the foot.
Very soothing action instantly relaxes the foot.
If you do the right foot first, your left foot is definitely going feel left out !

Rolleiver - $11.95 - 2 for $10.95 each / 12 for $9.95 each

History of the Rolleiver Foot Massager !

In 1980, I met Denson Conn & Buddy Cahn at a Recreational Vehicle Show in Columbus.
(I jokingly call them the "Con Brothers" since that meeting launched me
into my career as a seller of massage tools...)

They were selling and promoting Denson's new invention: the Foot Doctor (a Foot Massager).

It was made out of 20 wooden balls, and was about 4" x 6". 
It worked better than any of the other foot massagers I had seen
(a grand total of one at that time).
I bought 24 at that time
(my massage therapist friend with me liked it too,
and encouraged me to buy them to resell them).

I sold 14 of them immediately, to my herbal vitamin customers.
I called up Denson and Buddy to order more... they "talked" me into getting 100!
(I am a sucker for good prices)
This launched my Wholesale Business.
Being able to get distributor prices, I was able to start selling massage tools to stores.
The rest, as they say, is history...

Trying to promote your own invention is not the easiest thing to do.
The Foot Doctor came out a few years later with 20 wooden spindles instead of 20 wooden balls.  Later on they added the Mini-Doctor,
which was 12 plastic spindles that looked almost exactly like the Rolleiver.

Eventually, the Foot Doctor company folded.
It was a valiant effort to keep the company
abreast as long as they did.

Introducing the Rolleiver !

Out of the ashes of the Foot Doctor... came the Rolleiver!
The plastic spindles actually are more effective than the Mini-Doctor.
In my opinion, the current version of the Rolleiver is the most effective Massager
you will find on the market today for the average person.

Now, that is not to say that I do not like or do not use the other foot massagers we also carry. Rather, it is to say, that this is the one I recommend to 90% of the folks looking for
a good Foot Massager that is convenient to use and convenient to carry,
and also very effective in getting the job done.
The secret to using the Rolleiver:
By isolating the toes, the balls of the feet, the sides of the feet,
and then the right part of the heal, the central part of the heal,
and then the left part of the heal, you can get a really great massage.
And now another secret...
Then by turning the Rolleiver sideways, you can roll your arch instead
of forward &  backwards, sideways and back from sideways,
and by doing so, you give your arch a great massage.

The Perfect Gift...
The Rolleiver is a great gift... make your friends happy !
They fit wonderfully in coat pockets, purses, and brief cases.

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MAS817 Rolleiver - Original Ivory

$13.95 ea
$12.95 ea
Rolleiver - Thin Brown

$14.95 $13.95 ea $12.95 ea