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New Literature on the Relax Sauna
provided by Momentum98 in Columbus, Ohio

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Talk By Phil Wilson at the San Francisco New Living Expo - 7 pm, Friday, April 29


We have about 25 new testimonial videos on you tube.
Go to this sight to also see interviews on Video and on the radio.
New Literature on the Relax Sauna.

"Try The Relax Sauna for 5 minutes - Free at Booth" literature:

Heavy Metal Urine Test Report - literature:

Diabetic Ulcer - 1 side flyer on the effects of the Sky Eye FIR 800-watt Lamp

7 weekly pictures of the changes in a diabetic ulcer getting 20 minutes of Relax FIR Energy a day

If you want, we can send you this literature.  Or you can simply print it.

We hope you are continuing to enjoy the many health benefits of your Far-Infrared Relax Sauna and are sharing these experiences with family, friends, clients, or patients.

The last year has been a lot of fun for us here at Momentum98 as we’ve been out demo-ing the Relax Sauna at dozens of Wellness Expos and Alternative Medical and/or professional shows.

We have also been receiving so many wonderful testimonials from many of  our customers whom we have met at these expos, in our health food store, from those who have ordered from us from our website, or who have been referred to us from another pleased customer.

You can see some of these testimonials on our websites:

As a result of increased costs to manufacture this great healing tool, we were recently informed of a price increase from the makers in Taiwan.   We are  writing to let you know of this recent update and that we will continue to offer the current pricing to our Relax Sauna Resellers  through Saturday,  April 30th.

We have received literally thousands of oral testimonies on the benefits people have experienced from being in the Relax Sauna.  I have been lax into pinning many of these individuals down into putting their testimonies in writing. 

So...   As someone who loves the Relax sauna so very much that you have even elected to sell the sauna to your clients and/or customers, we would VERY MUCH APPRECIATE IT if you could email us a written testimonial this week, or at your earliest convenience.   Thanks so much. 

Here is our 24 page booklet on the Relax Sauna:

We are so amazed at the incredible stories we hear each day about the benefits derived by using the Relax Sauna, that we are literally driven to let as many people know that there are solutions to combat radioactivity and toxins that we are exposed to daily in living in this world. 

Dr. Doris Rapp has written an excellent book, "Our Toxic World:  A wake Up Call." (2004) , and in this book, highly recommends Far Infrared Saunas as one such method of "How to Keep yourself and Loved Ones out of Harm's Way."   We have met Doris at a number of shows throughout the years, and she has told many people about the Relax Sauna.

Sharyn Wynters, ND, who along with Dr. Burton Goldberg, has written a book called "Survive! - A family guide to Thriving in a Toxic World."   Sharyn has also told many people about the Relax Sauna.

As you probably already have noticed, Far Infrared Ray Light has been getting so much good press lately.  And we have been working very hard, and are very happy to report that  the Relax Sauna is now becoming extremely popular among Far Infrared Ray Sauna enthusiasts.  I was told recently by a man who has been promoting wooden FIR saunas for a long time, that  "The Relax Sauns is the best one there is." 

We have sold the Relax Sauna to many as an upgrade to the wooden FIR Sauna that they have had for years, and which cost as much as 3 or 4 times the cost of the relax sauna.

We want to continue to educate you on the latest research and Some of you may have noticed the newer black model of the Relax Sauna that is currently unavailable. This “elitist” or "Prestige/Celebrity"  model is available as an alternative to the silver unit for those that may prefer black.   (It looks nicer in the living room, for example, we are told.)

Its tent is about 2-3 times thicker than the silver quilted tent.   Aside from a different aesthetic quality and possibly a more durable tent, the black version is believed to have just a tad more reflecting quality than the silver Relax Sauna in relation to its healing qualities, detoxification support, etc. For pictures and additional information related to any of the Relax Saunas, please see:

Recently, on March 26, 2011, Patrick Timpone,  of One Radio Network, interviewed Phillip Wilson.  The transciption of this one hour radio show can be accessed by clicking here. 

We also have a number of other very unique products that you might be interested in getting from us.

The Relax FIR 200 watt Table Lamp
The Relax FIR Lovely Panda (150 watts)
The Acu-Masseur (neck, shoulder & all-body massager)
Quantum Age Stir-wands
Olive Gold 03 - Ozonated super-oxygen Olive Oil
Color Therapy Glasses
Natural Vision Glasses
MA Rollers & dozens of other massage tools.
Miscellaneous other products.

For information on  these other products, check the navigation at the top of this page.

Thanks so much,

Phillip Wilson
President - Momentum98 - phone 614 262 7087 or 800 533 4372
National Sales - Relax Sauna Company
3509 N. High St.
Columbus, Ohio 43214 
cell 626 200 8454

Happy Relax Sauna Users
                    at Holistic Medical Conference in Minneapolis

Happy Relax Sauna Users at a holistic medical conference in Minneapolis


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