Total Shaving Solution, Caribbean Bay Rum
Last Updated: 4/6/11
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Total Shaving Solution: His & Hers
Caribbean Bay Rum

small oil group
SHA11 - 0.33 oz
SHA06 - 1.25 oz

SHA02 - 0.33 oz
SHA05 - 1.25 oz

SHA12 - 0.33 oz
SHA01 - 1.25 oz

* Prevents Nicks, Cuts, Razor Burn, Razor Rash, Razor Bumps And Other Shaving Irritation
* Softens, Moisturizes, Conditions, Cleanses And Protects Your Skin While Shaving
* Effectively Eliminates The Need For Aftershaves And Moisturizers
* Super Concentrated - A Little Bit Goes A Long Way So It's Extremely Inexpensive To Use
* CONTAINS NO Dyes, Salts, Soaps, Alcohols, Chemicals Or Preservatives - And NEVER Tested On Anim

You have just discovered The Total Shaving Solution, the original shaving oil, a truly remarkable product that is GUARANTEED to give you the closest, smoothest, most comfortable shaving experience that you've ever had or your money back.
Regardless of your gender or ethnic background, The Total Shaving Solution is guaranteed to substantially reduce and often even eliminate the shaving irritation, nicks and cuts, razor burn, and razor bumps that most of us have experienced from time to time.

If you've ever wished for an all-in-one shaving product then The Total Shaving Solution is exactly what you need. You can use it as a shaving lubricant, a pre-electric conditioner and an aftershave, and it will leave your skin soft and supple, won't clog your pores and will never, ever sting. And it comes in a small bottle that travels easily and lasts a long, long time - only 3 to 5 drops does it all!

If you want to get the best possible shave you should shave in the shower or tub, and The Total Shaving Solution is absolutely ideal for shower and tub shaving.

Whether you're shaving your face, legs, underarms or anywhere else on your body, you owe it to yourself to try The Total Shaving Solution and treat your sensitive skin to the soothing relief it deserves. As someone who uses TSS to shave his head as well as his face every day,
I can confidently tell you that no other product will allow you to shave as close while also leaving your skin soft, supple, and looking and feeling great. It truly is The Total Shaving Solution!

Easy To Use - No Matter How You Shave
Thoroughly wet area to be shaved, apply three to five drops to palm, rub hands together, massage into skin.
Apply more water and shave. Rinse razor often and keep area wet. If an area dries, apply more water - not more product!
Ideal for shower and tub shaving.

Pre-electric, depilatory or waxing - apply one to three drops in dry palms, rub hands together, massage into shaving area, wait thirty seconds then proceed.

Ladies - use on legs, underarms, even sensitive bikini area, and enjoy softer and smoother skin.

Conditioning and Moisturizing Benefits
After shaving there's no need to rinse, just towel dry - you want to leave The Total Shaving Solution on your skin as a moisturizer/conditioner. For additional benefits, apply two or three drops into palm and massage into your skin.
Even on days when you don't shave, use it during or after your shower to ensure that your skin won't become dry and irritated.

After continued use, you will notice that your skin will take on a suppleness that you may not experience with other products. The Total Shaving Solution will not dry the skin as it contains no alcohols or salts nor does it contain any mineral oils or lanolin to clog pores. Try it anywhere on your body that feels dry or where you would like softer skin.


Rich, luxurious Bay Rum made from organic cane ethanol at a cooperative in Dominica.
It's amazingly versatile, appealing to both men and women as a bath splash, after shave, skin cleanser, and more.

Bay Rum is a 100% natural, traditional body care product of the Caribbean Islands. Bay oil has antibacterial, medicinal, and aromatherapy properties that allow for this product to have many uses from wounds to basic body care. Double distilled Bay Rum is a naturally pure skin care product with no artificial dyes, fragrances, or synthetic enhancers of any kind.

Distilled with Noble Bay Leaf extract and Key Lime Oils.
No artificial dyes, fragrances, or synthetic enhancers.
Available in Original, Spice, and Key Lime.

BCR22 - 8 oz
BDC01 - 4 oz
BDC16 - 1 oz

This is our original formula. A masterful blend of the purest alcohol and the leaf oil extract from the Noble Bay Laurel
(Laurus nobilis).

BDC02 - 8 oz
BDC06 - 4 oz

Island Spice blend is a combination of the purest alcohol, leaf oil extract from the Noble Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis),
all spice, key lime extract, and special mixture of Caribbean island spices.

BDC08 - 8 oz
BDC04 - 4 oz
BDC05 - 1 oz

The Key Lime formula is a masterful blend of the purest alcohol and the leaf oil extract from the Noble Bay Laurel
(Laurus nobilis) and key lime extract.

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SHA11 His Total Shaving Solution
0.33 oz
SHA06 His Total Shaving Solution
1.25 oz

Her Total Shaving Solution

0.33 oz

Her Total Shaving Solution

1.25 oz
SHA12 Unisex Total Shaving Solution
0.33 oz
SHA01 Unisex Total Shaving Solution
1.25 oz
BCR22 Original Caribbean Bay Rum
8 oz
BDC01 Original Caribbean Bay Rum
4 oz
BDC16 Original Caribbean Bay Rum    unavailable
1 oz
BDC02 Island Spice Caribbean Bay Rum
8 oz
BDC06 Island Spice Caribbean Bay Rum
4 oz
BDC07 Island Spice Caribbean Bay Rum     unavailable 2 oz $8.95

BDC08 Key Lime Caribbean Bay Rum
8 oz
BDC04 Key Lime Caribbean Bay Rum
4 oz
BDC05 Key Lime Caribbean Bay Rum
1 oz