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Water Ionizers Benefits in Health

Jupiter water ionizers do an excellent job of helping to filter out what is not good in your tap water. Until recently the most popular way of removing contaminants has been by using reverse osmosis. This certainly gives a clean water but what is often not realized is that this clean water is totally denatured, highly acidic and missing all the beneficial and essential alkalizing minerals that were originally in the source water. Ionized Water which is much more hydrating than conventional water and, secondly, it is extremely detoxifying. Ionized Water has a different molecular cluster size.

Jupiter water ionizers are a great investment towards your family's health. They truly are. Unfortunately they are not the easiest piece of equipment to buy. There are so many choices and each one guarantee that their product is the best.
The water ionizers with the best reputation for providing quality water are made by Jupiter Science.

 Now it is possible to have both clean AND healthy water that not only tastes great, but also is easy to absorb, is rich in the essential alkalizing minerals and is available on demand at your kitchen sink for all your family s drinking and cooking needs.

Our extensive range of alkaline water ionizers are very easy to install and use. Each comes with its own manual and installation DVD that shows you how to begin enjoying alkaline water in about 15 minutes, plus how to get the best use out of your water ionizer for many years to come. And each water ionizer comes with a limited lifetime warranty plus a 60 day no-questions-asked money back satisfaction guarantee!

We live in the day and age when even our drinking water is so dangerous. There are so many chemicals that make their way into our drinking water in ways that we are not aware of. Just because it passes through water treatment plant doesn t mean there are some contaminants not making it through. Yes, there are federal, state, and local laws that regulate the levels of chemicals that are allowed in public water systems. However, there are exceptions. That is why it is important to look into an alkaline water ionizer.

Alkaline water is an ideal counter to our excessive acidic lifestyle. Stress, fast foods, environmental toxins and a lack of healthy exercise all help create an over acidic body condition that leads us away from wellness and that feeling of being alive and energetic at any age.

Alkaline water has gained in popularity over the past 5 years because of this need to balance our bodies.

Alkaline water benefits our body because it can neutralize the pH inside our body that is acidic.
 Alkaline water is water that has pH above the neutral value. Since our normal neutral pH is 7, the alkaline condition is achieved when the water has pH over 7.

The optimum pH in our body is pH 6.9 to 7.2, therefore when our body is acidic, alkaline water benefits us by reacting with substances causing acidic to produce a more neutral pH. Neutral pH is aimed to maintain a condition that is not suitable for diseases. Water that is alkaline, better more is alkaline ionized, water will flush acid waste away from our body.

The benefits of drinking Ionized Alkaline Water are amazing because it:

- Alkalizes our Body
- Hydrates our Body
- Neutralizes Free Radicals
- Cleans the Colon and Eliminates the Root of Sickness

Alkaline Water Helps Loosing Weight.
Medical Doctors suggest that consumption of water about two liters daily is very important for staying healthy. However our complicated lives tend to keep us from drinking anywhere near the amount of water we need.
Most people consume soda and coffee instead of drinking water. The result is the vast majority of people — 75% of Americans — are going through life dehydrated.
Even mild dehydration can cause a variety of ailments, making it the hidden culprit behind many of today’s common health problems. Mild dehydration makes you feel sluggish, often causes the urge to eat, causes poor memory, and even contributes to

Colon Cancer.
But simply drinking tap or bottled water isn’t the entire answer. Our bodies have become increasingly acidic over the years. This dangerous

pH imbalance causes a vast number of illnesses that almost all of us struggle with.  Drinking alkaline water quickly puts your system back into balance, relieving everything from digestive problems to high blood pressure to rapid aging. And food tastes a LOT better when it’s cooked in.

This latest addition to the Jupiter Science family comes with all the features that one would look for in an above counter water ionizer.
Easy to use touch screen technology plus performance and durability that we guarantee will not be beaten in any other brand ionizer. Period.

Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer



  • Full Limited Lifetime Warranty backed by IonLife (water ionization specialists for almost 10 years).
  • 5 platinum titanium electrode plates using advanced polymer patented technology.
  • Best financing options available if needed.
  • Automatic cleaning for 10 seconds every 20 liters.
  • Comes complete with all you need to easily install and get the most out of your Jupiter Venus ionizer - including an IonLife DVD, pH test kit and manual.
  • Extra 24 pH levels available if using very hard or very soft water (voltage regulator).
  • Additional manual flow control knob on front for exact flow control.
  • 9 pH Selections (4 alkaline, 4 acidic, and 1 filtered).
  • Stylish Touch screen buttons.
  • Filter change automatic alert feature - with snap in/out filter.
  • Easy installation of unit on counter, direct through counter to water line or over sink.
  • Fully automated system using a MICOM 4 meg ram semiconductor. Goes to sleep automatically when not in use.
  • Auto shut off if hot water is accidently run through.
  • 100% satisfaction policy with 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Fully automatic self diagnostic system. 

The Jupiter Venus replaces the Jupiter Microlite and although similar in weight, size and shape, it has been modernized and improved in many areas at no extra cost. This makes the Jupiter Venus the most contemporary ionizer on the market and by far the best value ionizer available.

User Controls:

Jupiter has been able to keep the footprint of the Venus to about the size of a toaster by improving the efficiency of the ionizations chamber without having to increase the size or voltage. With the Jupiter Venus you also get the latest in touch screen technology in a sleek Westernized design.
The new design control panel is membrane sealed making it very easy to clean and a change of setting just requires a gentle touch of a finger.

a - Shows the different alkaline or acid levels
b - Indicator of remaining filter life. When last bar turns red it is time to order a new filter
c - Alkaline Water Indicator - lights up when alkaline water is selected
d - Acid Water Indicator - lights up when acid water is selected. A tune will always play when acid is selected or when Venus is in clean mode
e - Filtered Water Indicator - lights up when filtered water is selected (filtered is clean but neither more acidic or alkaline)
f - Press this button for filtered water to come out the flexible drinking water hose
g - Press this button for acidic water to come out the flexible drinking water hose
h - Press this button for alkaline water to come out the flexible drinking water hose
i - Turns the sounds on and off. Volume level can also be adjusted
j - Lights up when units is self cleaning - auto clean for 10 seconds every 20 liters
k - When this lights up unit needs to be serviced


Electrolysis Chamber (or Ionization Plates/ Cells)

The chamber is the heart of all water ionizers. The cells in the chamber of the Jupiter Venus are manufactured in Japan to the same high standards of all Jupiter ionizers. Jupiter Science has been manufacturing water ionizers since 1982 and is the company of choice for "ionization ability".
This high level of efficiency based on years of research mean that your Jupiter Venus can operate very efficiently on only one clean cycle of 10 seconds per every 20 liters.
Voltage Regulator
This is a special feature unique to the latest Jupiter Science ionizers. When the input water is either very soft or very hard then this will affect the ability of all water ionizers to give a good range of acidic and alkaline water. Now when there is a very small amount of minerals present you can manually increase the voltage or if there are too many minerals present then you can decrease the voltage. This is done electronically by using the touch buttons and is a very simple process.
Flow Control Knob
This special feature has been, until now, only available on much more expensive ionizers. This enables you to easily control the flow of water into your ionizer which in turn affects the strength of the alkaline water and -ORP. The slower the water flow the more time the water has to be altered by the ionization process. However, that been said, you will find that in almost all cases there will not often be a reason why you would need to slow the flow down due to the exceptional strength of the Venus`s ionization chamber. The control knob will prove very useful in helping to fine tune your preferred pH level so that you get the exact same pH level every time you use your Jupiter Venus.
Biostone Filter
The Jupiter Venus comes with the same .1M Biostone filter available in other top Jupiter models. This is the finest .1M filter available in the USA for water ionization and will prove to be very effective at removing many water contaminants. Allows for a generous 1000 gallons of water treatment at a non-inflated price.
You can also upgrade to a .01M Ultra Biostone filer, which is the finest domestic filter available.

Replacing your filter is done in seconds and is literally a "Snap".

Rejuvenator Water Ionizers

The Rejuvenator Series of Water Ionizers is made to our specifications by our manufacturer in Taiwan. They have been manufacturing water ionizers for over 25 years and have obtained patents from the USA, Germany, Japan, Mainland China and Taiwan, as well as winning awards all over the world. Their water ionizers are the best selling ionizers available in Taiwan and are also sold throughout the east Asian countries. Everyone knows that Taiwan is very competitive in the hi-tech areas of computers and industrial production. These water ionizers are extremely popular because of their affordable price and extremely high quality, durability and reliability. Read more about these ionizers below.

The revolutionary Rejuvenator Water Ionizer offers a new amazing infrared 0.1 micron filter system for maximum purity, energization and filtration ability. You can also attach your Rejuvenator to a main pressure inlet and control water flow from the Rejuvenator instead of from the tap. Rejuvenator Water Ionizers provide a high pH and low negative ORP. Both the pH level and ORP level are displayed on the LCD screen, depending on the model. Rejuvenator Ionizers have the advantage of an Automatic Cleaning Alert (every 12 hours) to remove any mineral build-up on the electrodes. This alert ensures the cleaning process can be monitored. The ionizer enters a 30 second cleaning cycle the next time it is operated.

Oasis Rejuvenator Water Ionizer


The Oasis Rejuvenator Water Ionizer provides a high pH and low negative ORP. The pH level is displayed on the LCD screen. All Rejuvenator Water Ionizers have the advantage of an Automatic Cleaning Alert (every 12 hours) to remove any mineral build-up on the electrodes. This alert ensures the cleaning process can be monitored. The ionizer enters a 30 second cleaning cycle the next time it is operated.

Advantages: Adjustable pH monitor; pH selection of 4 levels; can be used with any water source; CE certification;
automatic cleaning alert every 12 hours;
4 Platinum Titanium Electrodes for 624 cm2;
replaceable one micron sediment filter which removes: chlorine, lead, trihalomethanes, benzene, particulates and other harmful elements from tap water;
automatic Indicator Alert when filter requires replacement;
ultra 0.01 micron filter available;
easy installation of unit next to or over sink;
wall-mounted option; comes with everything to install unit;
fully automated system using IC board.

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