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Is there a risk of becoming dependent on Zenbev™ to fall asleep?
No. Almost all sleep drugs are associated with either dependence (the need to continue with the medication or the experience of “rebound” insomnia when it is discontinued) or tolerance (requiring an increased dosage to maintain the same effect) because these drugs override the brain’s natural sleep chemistry. Zenbev does not cause dependence or tolerance because it works with the brain’s natural sleep chemistry. It is the brain that decides how much is required and when. As a result the normal brain chemistry is maintained.

What is it in Zenbev that makes it work?
Zenbev is a natural source of tryptophan, the amino acid found in milk and turkey. Once in the brain, tryptophan becomes serotonin and, in turn, melatonin. This conversion to melatonin from tryptophan is light-sensitive. That is to say, tryptophan only becomes melatonin if it is dark; otherwise it remains as serotonin, a chemical that helps you to relax but does not make you fall asleep. Therefore, if taken during the day, Zenbev helps alleviate anxiety, depression and other stress-related clinical states. If taken at night, Zenbev is a powerful ally against insomnia. Zenbev is specially formulated with all-natural ingredients that have several advantages over synthetic derivatives such as prescription tryptophan or over-the-counter (OTC) 5-HTP or melatonin. These drug equivalents can produce much more serotonin or melatonin than the brain needs. When there is an over-production, side effects such as daytime sleepiness can occur.

Isn’t tryptophan banned by the FDA, and can it be taken safely?
Tryptophan is an essential amino acid, meaning that the body cannot produce it and must ingest it through a food source. Our bodies require tryptophan as the precursor to serotonin, a hormone that regulates sleep, mood and appetite. 15-years ago, pharmaceutical-grade tryptophan was banned by the FDA due to the contamination of a batch synthetically sourced from genetically modifying a bacterium. This process was discontinued and synthetic tryptophan has remained available by prescription in Canada. Zenbev, however, is comprised of a natural source of tryptophan derived from organic pumpkin seeds, and formulated to be easily assimilated by the body. According to Health Canada, amino acids present in a protein configuration are not considered to be drugs; and therefore would not be considered to be subject to special measures as per the DIN (Drug Identification Number) Enforcement Directive and the Therapeutic Products Compliance Guide.

Is Zenbev a drug?
No. It is an all natural food made from organic pumpkin seeds, dextrose and rice starch.

How much tryptophan is in a serving of Zenbev?
The amount of tryptophan ingested depends on the amount of Zenbev required. We recommend starting at 1-tablespoon and increasing the dosage as necessary. Most clients report that 1-2 tablespoons is sufficient. One should be aware that at more then 4-tablespoons, the dosage of tryptophan can be greater than 250 mg. This should be more than adequate for most clients since the inventive formulation of Zenbev allows the body to utilize the protein source of tryptophan very efficiently,

What are high glycemic index foods?
Recent fad diets have claimed that eating too many carbohydrates can lead to high insulin levels, resulting in health issues such as obesity and diabetes. Foods that score higher than 70 on the glycemic index (ie. potatoes, parsnips and donuts) are high GI foods, the reference food being pure glucose or white sugar at 100. High GI foods provide bursts of energy that may be followed quickly by blood sugar reductions and hunger. If taken in moderation, some high GI foods can be beneficial and should not be avoided altogether. However, overly processed foods containing excess sugar should be limited. We can make an effort to become aware of the glycemic reaction that certain foods cause and therefore make better-balanced food choices.

Zenbev’s special formula includes a small amount of organic dextrose, a high GI food that serves the specific function of binding to all the amino acids in the protein chain except for tryptophan and shunting them away. Tryptophan is then allowed efficient access across the blood brain barrier (BBB), thus contributing to Zenbev’s effectiveness. Diabetics should be cautious when taking Zenbev and refer to the nutritional panel on the label.

Does Zenbev have side effects?
It takes about thirty minutes for circulating melatonin to become inactive after the sun rises or lights are turned on. During that time there may be drowsiness which subsides and does not interfere with daytime functioning.

Zenbev contains organic dextrose. Diabetics taking Zenbev should be aware that 2 tablespoons contains the same amount of carbohydrate as one slice of dry toast.

Finally, patients taking drugs that already cause drowsiness, such as antidepressants (pharmaceutical grade or natural such a St. John’s Wort) or lithium, should avoid Zenbev.

Will It Knock Me Out?
No. Zenbev does not override the brain’s own natural sleep chemistry; it allows the brain to produce as much or as little melatonin as it needs. As noted above, melatonin takes approximately ½ hour to leave the body after first light, so there may be a hold-over sleepiness of about that amount of time.

How does Zenbev compare to other drugs for treating insomnia?
Zenbev is the only sleep aid that works within the brain’s own natural sleep chemistry. It allows the body to produce melatonin but does not override the natural sleep chemistry as melatonin itself might. It also enhances the 5-stages of sleep whereas other sleep aids including prescription drugs and OTC antihistamines actually suppress deep sleep (stages 3&4) as well as REM (dream) sleep.

Can I use Zenbev every day or night?
Yes, but it may not be necessary since there is a positive effect for a few days after one stops Zenbev. The best rule of thumb is that it takes a few doses before its optimal benefit is seen and it continues to work for a few days/ nights after it was last taken. One way of optimizing this benefit is to take Zenbev for 5-7 days/ nights and then stop it for 2-3 days/ nights. If you prefer to take it every day, however, there is no difficulty with that approach.

Does it need to be refrigerated?
No. Zenbev should be stored in a dry cool space. Zenbev is made from ingredients that are stable, with an expected shelf-life of several years.

How long will a jar last?
One jar should last about 30-days, assuming a dosage of two-tablespoons per day. It may last longer if taken on an intermittent schedule or at a lower dosage. It will not last 30-days if taken at a higher dosage on a daily schedule.

What if it doesn’t work?
We will gladly refund the purchase price with proof of receipt to any customer who is not 100% satisfied. Also, Dr. Hudson is available to discuss other options that might be helpful. He may be reached at

Can Zenbev help all sleep or anxiety problems?
No. Zenbev is effective for the vast majority of people suffering from insomnia and/or those who feel stressed but will not work for a small number of people who may suffer from disorders such as sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome. Again, Dr. Hudson can help clarify the differences between insomnia and serious sleep disorders. You may contact him at

Zenbev is highly effective for stress-related problems such as anxiety and depression if resulting from a lack of serotonin. Zenbev is specially formulated to deliver tryptophan, which is the precursor for serotonin, in a way that can be easily assimilated by the body. Those with long-term cases of depression should also consult a medical professional.

Who should avoid taking Zenbev?
Those who plan to drive or operate heavy machinery at night should not take Zenbev before doing so. If you are pregnant or nursing a child, you should consult your physician. Those taking antidepressants, including St. John’s Wort and/or lithium should not take Zenbev.
If you are diabetic as mentioned earlier, please consult the nutritional panel and your doctor.

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"I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and also Restless Leg Syndrome. A sleep test showed that only 2% of my sleep is "deep sleep," whereas the norm is about 50%. In addition, I used to suffer from terrible insomnia where I would often still be awake when the sun was rising, and I would have bad nightmares, usually waking after only an hour or two of sleep. These sleep problems made it impossible for me to function normally, as I would always be exhausted and have severe headaches. I tried various sleeping drugs but they all caused me to be in a drugged stupor during the day. My sleep problems reached the crisis stage for me when I became a single father about a year ago, and now had to get my daughter ready for school every day at 6:30 am and then take care of her when she got home in the afternoon. Luckily I became aware of Zenbev around this time because it worked like a miracle for me. It took some experimenting to find exactly the right dosage (slightly less than one scoop works for me,) but now I am able to fall asleep almost instantly every night, and I get a good 8 hours of sleep. The quality of my life has improved dramatically and I am able to take good care of my daughter. She has never once been late for school! I would never have believed this was possible a year ago. Thanks Zenbev!"

Kirby Allen, Brampton, ON

"Dear Biosential Team,

I am writing this to you just to tell you how great your product Zenbev is.

I suffer from sleep interruption insomnia –when I have no problem with falling asleep but would repeatedly wake up throughout the night. It got to the point when I would get up in the morning and cry from being so tired.

One day I went to my local health food store and the lady recommended Zenbev. Same evening I took 2 scoops of that unique formula and slept throughout the night.

I’m a little embarrassed to tell you that same night I snored so hard that my husband couldn’t sleep with me and went to another bedroom. (He told me that the next morning).

Since then I’ve been taking Zenbev every night and getting up rested even though I still wake up during the night but not as often.

All I can say: ZENBEV IS AN AWESOME PRODUCT. Thank you so much for Zenbev."

Janina Dys, Toronto, ON

"Over the past several years, I had been unable to consistently get a “good night’s rest”. I would wake several times during the course of the night and each time fitfully fall asleep only to wake again.

My teaching profession requires that I be alert, rested, and patient from the time I start my day until the bell rings to signify the end of another school day. Managing a class of 30+ adolescent boys daily is not a task to be handled on a couple of hours sleep.

Since taking Zenbev on a regular basis, I am, again, in control of my sleeping habits and wake each day feeling rested ready to manage raging hormones (not mine) and inquisitive minds.

I have also found Zenbev most helpful in combating jet-lag when traveling; particularly after flights of more than 12 hours. What, previously, would take a week of time adjusting is now over in a few days. I cannot give enough praise for the product. Zenbev has made a very significant improvement to my quality of life.

Thank you again,"

Dominique R., Toronto, ON

"In my early 40’s I began to have trouble falling asleep. Probably caused by a combination of work and stress, and the fact that by nature I tend to worry about things and often over-think on issues. It went on for months and was becoming quite a problem for me. My problem is I will fall asleep for a short while when I first go to bed and then suddenly wake up, with that feeling that I would not be able to fall back to sleep. Some nights I would get only 2 hours of sleep. I was getting extremely frustrated. My job as general manager is pretty hectic most days, and knew that I could not function properly on such little sleep. In the past I was generally not bothered with anxiety, but found that I was experiencing anxiety more often at work, which I felt was mostly due to lack of sleep, just being mentally exhausted. I was getting concerned about my health and well being and about being able to properly do my job. I tried some herbal remedies from my local health food store and they helped a bit but the problem persisted. I am one who prefers to take natural remedies where ever possible and will only see a doctor for medication as a last resort. Feeling desperate, I finally seen my doctor and asked for some sleeping mediation. I tried a couple different medications and yes they did put me to sleep which I was grateful for, however, I did not like the day-time side effects which included; dry mouth, feeling of dizziness and off balance, mid afternoon drowsiness, and at times mild depression. I just wasn’t feeling right on the sleeping medication, and tried to go without it when ever possible. During one sleepless night I was reading an Alive magazine which I pick up from our local health food store and I came across the ad on the ZenBev product. I was willing to try anything, especially a natural product. I placed my first order and began using the product. For me it has been a ‘god-send’. It has worked just like the pamphlet says. I have been able to get my sleep pattern under control for the most part. When I’m under a lot of stress there are still some nights when I have trouble falling asleep. At those times, I’ll get up and drink another scoop of Zenbev which usually does the trick.

I am extremely happy with the product. Obviously, getting a good nights’ sleep is pretty high on most people’s list and for most of us is essential to survival. I am extremely grateful for the people who developed this product. I wish that your company does extremely well as I would not want to see ZenBev disappear from the market. Also the service has been excellent. The ordering and delivery process works very well. Thank you again for this great ZenBev product, and excellent service."

Rick Schemenauer, Saskatoon, Sask.

"Dear Zenbev:

I am please to tell you that I have recently been using the wonderful product Zenbev. I attended a Fibromyalgia meeting that was held in the Region of Peel Building in Brampton in November and was pleased to have the opportunity to listen to Dr.Craig Hudson I felt well informed and was definitely interested in using this natural product and was delighted to take home a bottle that night through a draw we had. I was pleased to get the book “Feel Great Day and Night” written by Dr. Craig Hudson and Susan Hudson in December.

With being severely affected with Fibromyalgia symptoms, along with depression and Osteoarthriitis in my knees and soreness in my hips. I had surgery the previous year on both knees giving me little improvement, and along with that finding it hard to heal and dealing with Fibromyalgia Flares. My general overall daily pain level is excruciating at times and constant at best. I find it difficult to take strong pain medication, so I take a maximum amount of Tylenol X strength and Wellbutrin along with atacand for high blood pressure. During the past few months I have been saddened to now find that I must use a cane to get out of bed to start my day.

I started Zenbev that evening with l/2 scoop in warm water about half hour before bedtime. On my first try I was pleased to notice a nice sleepy sensation 10-15 minutes of taking Zenbev. I noticed the next day I did feel I may have rested better. Intrigued I felt this natural product would have a good effect, so over the next few days I built up to a full scoop into the same amount of water as I didn’t want to have the need to wake during night and I am pleased to say I have not encountered the need to get up for a bathroom break during the night what so ever.

Well to my sincere delight in writing to you, I wish to express that I feel and look more rested and refreshed when I wake up, only to realize the strange new sensation to me of feeling I have certainly slept more deeply and awakened with a clear sensation of less pain, along with achieving body repair through a much better nights sleep.
During my day I have been glad to recognize that very early on with the use of Zenbev that I have awakened a zest for life that I had forgotten about; with this I find myself enjoying the little things of life like reading, feeling motivated to enjoy hobbies, games and even giggling while enjoying TV programs and movies with my family of 3 adult children. As a result of me now using Zenbev my family too have embraced the changes and enjoy the fact that Mom is having some nice results. Zenbev has given all of us space to have lighter hearts. It is such a welcome change to have the improved ability to be part of family activities, as this truly is what I hold so dear to my heart.

Thank you so much for this wonderful product along with the improved sleep, body repair and rested sensation to start my day more happy, relaxed and also allowing me to get out of bed in the morning with less pain, better flexibility and gladly for the past several weeks starting my morning without using a cane to begin my day, as my mobility has been allowed to achieve this most welcomed improved change with the use of the natural healing capabilities that Zenbev offers."


Sharon Andrews, Toronto, Ontario

"To the makers of Zenbev

First of all I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I was diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome in 1989, Fibromyalgia in 1990. Osteo arthritis in 1991. Chronic Fatigue came about 8 years after that. At that time I was still working 3 jobs doing more or less o.k. even though my sleep pattern was not as good as it used to be. Slowly over the years it began to get worse as were the pains and tiredness of PPS and Fibromyalgia. By about 2000 I left work on disability and quit all my part time accounting jobs as I was in too much pain and too tired. The pain, mostly at night, was along my right hip than the pain started spreading to my left hip. Then it went along my whole side from hip to toe. So when I finally did fall asleep it was tossing and turning. When the pain got too bad on the right side I switched to the left, when that woke me up I switched back to the right side. I have used 5 HTP, Melatonin, chamomile tea and prescription sleep medication. I don't use the sleep medication anymore as it made me feel like a zombie the next day and I did not feel refreshed from my sleep. All the other herbal products work up to a certain point, maybe if I am lucky 2 days, then I have to give it a break, because it won't work anymore and also does not give me the real sleep I need.

By accident I heard about Zenbev. The lady who told me about also has Fibromyalgia and said she had the best sleep she had had in a long time with Zenbev. Of course I was willing to try. I bought a jar and started using it right away at half the dosage. It worked. Not to get me to sleep quicker, but I had a more restorative sleep. I felt pretty good in the morning. Then I talked to Len from Zenbev and he told me to use the full dosage for about 2 weeks to start with, which I did. It made a huge difference. I fell asleep pretty quick and after about 5 days the pain in my hips started to diminish. That was an extra bonus!! Then I ran out of Zenbev and I thought that it was probably a fluke that I slept better and that the pain was a lot less during the night. So I stopped taking it and reverted back to my regular herbal product. Within 2 days the pain came back and got worse and my sleep was again non restorative. I fell almost asleep at the computer and have felt the need to go back to bed after I have been up for an hour because I am so tired.

Needless to say I am back on Zenbev.

Thank you."

Marianne Rallon, Brampton, Ont.

"First of all, I want to thank you for the quality of service that you have offered to me over the past several months, it has been over and above the norm for customer service.

I have had severe sleep problems for the past two and a half years. I was awake every twenty minutes for almost a year. I am the type of person not to put a lot of medical drugs into my system and declined the use of sleeping pills.

I have tried a lot of other alternative products with little to no effect. When I was at my wits end and was about to give up and be hospitalized for sleep difficulties I was told about the product Zenbev from a wonderful practioner who works at The Big Carrot in Toronto. I took it thinking that like all the others it would not do anything. Much to my DELIGHT, I began to gradually improve with my sleep. After about nine or ten months of taking Zenbev, I am now sleeping right through until about six in the morning from going to bed at ten p.m.

I can't say enough good things about this product. Thank you for a quality of sleep and to my life, that I have not known in years. I feel over all more rested and calmer both during the day and in the evening.

This product Zenbev is the only product that I have tried that works with no side effects.

Thanks again, from a very satisfied customer!!"

Sherry Ensing, Bradford, ON

"As a department manager for a large international firm I need to ensure that I can operate optimally every day. Over the last year I have been awakening a couple of times a night and thereafter having trouble falling asleep. As one might expect this was wearing me down and my job was not becoming any more unforgiving. I was seriously considering sleep medication, however now there is no need.

Since taking Zenbev regularly I sleep through the night and wake up more refreshed and ready to juggle the demands of my job. Consequently I find myself happier in my personal life as well.

Too good to be true ... but it's true!

Lastly, I feel much better about taking something that I find gentle on my body and contains all natural ingredients. "
Ed Piotrowski , Toronto, ON

"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate your product, Zenbev. For approximately 5 years I had been having difficulty sleeping. While I had no trouble falling asleep I would wake up around 4:00 in the morning and would not be able to get back to sleep. This would happen about five days a week. I did not take anything for this as I did not want to take anything unless it was all natural. Since I discovered your product my sleep has improved immensely. While I still awaken at approximately 4:00 I return to sleep immediately 80% of the time, or within one half hour the other 20% of the time.

I have been taking the product for 5 months and have I have been able to get back to sleep virtually every night. This certainly has improved my quality of life greatly. My colleagues at work have even commented that I look better and asked me what has changed. The only difference is that I’m finally getting my sleep."

Duane McAfee, Saint John, NB

“Just a note to the people at ZenBev with a huge thank you for your wonderful product.

Seven years ago I had a brain tumour, it was sitting directly on my brainstem and the outlook was very bleak. After a 12 hour surgery I came away from this event with several minor health issues, however, thank God, with my life.

The surgery seriously affected my nervous system resulting in severe anxiety attacks. I was put on tranquilizers to control the attacks. It got so bad I was afraid to leave the house without my meds. I was also in the last couple of years becoming somewhat agoraphobic.

Approximately two months ago I was in my local health food store when I overheard a conversation regarding Zenbev and how it can help with anxiety. At the time I was taking 3 to 4 tranquilizers per day. I knew they were addictive and I tried desperately to get off them many times. I always failed.

In desperation I bought the ZenBev. What did I have to lose? Within two days I started feeling calmer than I had in years. By the end of the first week I was down to 1 tranquilizer per day. By the second week I was taking 1/2 per day. By the fourth week I was totally off the meds.

I have not had one anxiety attack since I started on the Zenbev. I am no longer constantly fearful and I have control of my life back. Words cannot express how grateful I am to your product and also to the help and advice from your staff.

I am now on a maintenance dose of two tablespoons of Zenbev once per day. This routine seems to keep everything balanced.

Again, I thank you."

Heidi K., Durham, ON

“I was curious to find out how Zenbev would deal with my difficulty of waking during the night, tossing and turning, and worrying about all I had to deal with in the coming days. What I have found is that, while I sometimes still wake in the middle of the night, I no longer feel anxious and worried about being awake - instead I feel a sense of relaxation and comfort. When I wake during the night I know it is for a much shorter period of time, that I will go right back to sleep, and I don’t even think about all the problems that previously would have kept me awake."

Kerry D., Toronto, ON

“Zenbev was introduced to me by a friend a few months ago. I had been taking 100 g of Trazadone every night for the past 4 years to help with my sleep. I even went to a sleep clinic. The trazadone did help me sleep but it also made me feel very tired and a little depressed the following day. When I started taking the Zenbev I noticed quite a change. Yes, I was still getting up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom, but I was able to get back to sleep. Also, during the day I noticed I had my old energy back, I felt great, the sky was somewhat bluer. Zenbev is great product. I have told and also bought several jars to give to my friends."

Patrick M., Toronto, ON

“Zenbev, what an awesome product! It takes the edge off at night allowing sleep to come easy and awaken feeling fully rested and at the top of your game. Use as needed. It's amazing!"

Karen M., Scarborough, ON

“I had been experiencing months of ongoing sleepless nights. I was falling
asleep often during meetings at work, while driving, and everywhere
possible. Due to this chronic sleep deprivation I was feeling constantly
tired and my ability to function was becoming compromised. I was always
exhausted. One day, when commenting on my predicament to one of my co-workers she told me about how she has learned about Zenbev being a natural product that was designed to assist people with sleep problems. The same day I went to the natural health food store and got a container.

It was unbelievable! A heaping teaspoon of Zenbev before bed time was enough for me to get a restful night of sleep. After the first night I thought, maybe it was just a coincidence. After the second and third night I became convinced it was not a coincidence. I continued this way until I finished one container. The best thing I can say that this formula seems to have helped me
restore my sleep cycle without becoming dependent on the product because
after discontinuing it, I am still able to get a restful night of sleep.

The other wonderful aspect of taking Zenbev is that the following morning, I
felt alert, rested, energized and totally refreshed. My mood was also much
Thank you!"

Natalie C., Toronto, ON

“Thank you so much for the Zenbev, your patience, and all the helpful information which turned the problem around! My best Christmas gift this year is being able to sleep again.”

Karen M., Toronto, ON

"I have been taking ZenBev for insomnia and anxiety over the past year and have found that it has really helped me. I suffer from chronic insomnia and experience difficulty falling as well as remaining asleep. When I take ZenBev, it provides a simple and relaxing end of the day that helps me fall asleep and stay that way without and hangover effects the next morning.

I also suffer from anxiety and cannot take benzodiazepines during the day since it leaves me feeling sedated and unable to function in my demanding job as a highschool teacher. Instead, ZenBev takes away my daytime anxiety and replaces it with a sense of relaxation and calmness without any sedation. I feel comfortable, in control and I like that I achieve that effect with a natural product."

Aaron B., Stratford, ON

"In following Dr. Hudson’s advice and taking the prescribed amount of Zenbev, I am happy to return to a pattern of being able to function normally throughout the day as the result of a restful night of natural sleep. Thank you for your good advice."

Larry C., Welland, ON

"When my busy season hits at work I get very wound up and find it difficult to operate at my best. Zenbev has helped me relax and take it all in stride. It’s the real me, only a much calmer version."

Bill T., Burlington, ON

"As a 47 year old female, I have had problems with waking up frequently, often with some night sweats. Since taking Zenbev regularly, I have found that I am waking up less throughout the night, and if I do, get back to sleep after a short time. Overall, I feel more rested in the morning."

Nancy R., Stratford, ON

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