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Get Started With The Aromatherapy Kit
Everything you need to the world of fragrant delights!

ARL50 - $39.95
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Pure Aromatherapy Starter Kit

This 8 piece starter kit has all you need to start enjoying the wonders of aromatherapy.

If you never tried aromatherapy because you thought it was too confusing, well here's your chance...everything you need to start is right in this box

Electric Oil Diffusers

AUA993 - $66.95
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Aura Cacia© Professional
Essential Oils Diffuser

Aura Cacia pure botanical essence Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser for essential oils
- Purify and revitalize stale air in minutes!
- Enrich, balance and rejuvenate with an effortless aromatherapy treatment.
- Excellent for home or office
- Quiet and easy to use essential oil sample enclosed

Instructions and information for over 80 essential oils

REL16 - $89.95
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HUBMAR Ultrasonic
Aromatherapy Nebulizer

Ultrasonic tabletop nebulizer, perfect for essential oils and fragrances.

• Easy to use, safe and silent. Add water and your favorite essential oil or blends.
• Several time & dispersion levels pre-programmed.
• Essential oils are not altered and more benefits of each oil is derived.
• Relaxing and mood enhancing blue LED color light.
• Digitally controlled with auto shut-off when the water level too low.

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Aromaland SpaScenter
Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser

Enhance and beautify your life with the joys of genuine Aromatherapy! Effective as well as aesthetic, this aromatherapy diffuser is a great way to enjoy the benefits of Essential Oils. Use it as a healing tool, room freshener, deodorizer or incense alternative. Easy to use and affordable, they make great gifts. If you don't have one yet this is the perfect time to get one of the best models available from Aromaland!
Feature Highlights:
Don't forget extra refill packs!


10 pack - $4.95

Buy Now
  • Immediate Diffusion - Pull out the oil drawer and apply 10-20 drops to the pad provided. Turn on your SpaScenter to activate the air circulation and instantaneously enjoy the benefits of true aromatherapy.
  • Efficient Performance - Cold evaporation is the most sensible way to diffuse Essential Oils, since it dispenses your Essential Oils in their pure, genuine form. This diffuser is the perfect choice for continuous, unsupervised operation in your office, your bedroom or around your children.
  • Adjustable Output - SpaScenter lets you adjust the diffusion strength by a turn of the button.
  • Easy Maintenance: The SpaScenter will be your favorite electric aromatherapy diffuser once you enjoy the ease of operation. Its excellent design makes handling easy and fun.
  • Comes ready-to-go with the SpaScenter Aromatherapy Diffuser, adapter, 5 Refill Pads and 3 Aromaland Essential Oil Blends (Relaxing, Energizing Mint and Poho).

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 Aromaland Aroma Scenter
Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser

A fan releases the scent of Essential Oils quietly, effectively and safely. Low and high settings let you adjust the speed of the fan. It operates economically and comes with a long-lasting cartridge, easy to follow instructions and helpful hints on creating a pleasant aroma climate.

AUA135  1/2 oz - $10.75 
Buy Now
Aura Cacia Atomizer
Directions: Combine
  • 2 teaspoons high proof vodka,
  • 1/8 teaspoon distilled water and
  • 1 teaspoon essential oil or essential oil blend.
Place ingredients in Aura Cacia's convenient Aromatherapy Atomizer. Shake well.
Age blend for 3 days-then spritz and enjoy!

Buy Now
Aura Cacia Car Scenter
Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser

Enhance and beautify your life with the joys of genuine Aromatherapy! Effective as well as aesthetic, this aromatherapy diffuser is a great way to enjoy the benefits of Essential Oils. Use it as a healing tool, room freshener, deodorizer or incense alternative. Easy to use and affordable, they make great gifts. If you don't have one yet this is the perfect time to get one of the best models available from Aromaland!
Feature Highlights:
  • Use the Aura Cacia Car Scenter to enjoy natural aromas while driving and to deodorize and refresh your car.
  • Perfect for smokers and for those who want to fragrance their cars naturally without the use of chemicals found in most car diffusers today.

Content Description: Contains diffuser unit and 5 refill pads.
Directions: Place 4-6 drops of any 100% pure Aura Cacia essential oil or blend onto the car diffuser pad. Slide the pad into the diffuser and plug into the lighter outlet. Provides aroma-therapeutic benefits for the mind, body and spirit for up to 3 hours. Remove the Aromatherapy Car Diffuser when not in use. For best results, use a new car diffuser pad when switching oils.
Suggested Uses: Use Aura Cacia's Aromatherapy Car Diffuser to transform your driving routine into a rejuvenating experience.
Safety Notes: Warning: Avoid direct contact with saturated car diffuser pads to prevent possible skin irritation. Do not allow saturated car diffuser pads to come into contact with car interior.
Product Notes: Our car diffuser plugs into your car's lighter outlet and uses low levels of heat to volatilize the essential oils.

ARL51-Blue - $14.95
ARL52-Burgundy - $14.95
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ARL53 - Cream - $9.95

ARL55 - Blue - $9.95

ARL54 - Red - $9.95

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ARL58 - $19.95

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AUA961 - $23.95

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- $16.95
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OLB16 -

OLB60 -
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OLB15 - $16.95

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- $16.95
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OLB25 - $10.95
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OLB101 - $6.95
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OLB09 - $6.95
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OLB162 - $10.95
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ARL24 - $19.95
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ARL37 - $19.95
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OLB152 - $16.95
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OLB151 - $16.95
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OLB19 - $19.95
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OLB20 - $19.95
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OLB68 - $15.95
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OLB46 - $19.95
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Essential Oils
Natures Alchemy Essential Oils
Buy Now
These 100% natural essential oils are meticulously extracted from plants by cold pressing or steam distillation using the same techniques developed by the medieval Persian physician Avicenna. All Nature's Alchemy high-quality botanical oils are scientifically tested for purity and contain no chemical solvents, added alcohol or other extenders. We feature high quality pure oils at competitive prices. Nature's Alchemy Oils are all aromatherapy grade. Please note that we cannot recommend use of any oils internally. Follow the guidance of your alternative health care practitioner in utilizing these fragrances.

Perfect for aromatherapy, baths, room fragrance, personal fragrance, potpourri, massage oil fragrance or anywhere you would like to have a wonderful fragrance.

Nature's Alchemy Product Line is available in 1/2 oz. size amber glass bottles. Several fragrances are also available in 2 oz. economy size. The fragrances are listed in alphabetical order by common name for your convenience.


1 gallon  

This unscented body creme offers carefully  selected plant base ingredients.  It spreads easily and absorbs fast providing nourishment
in abundance.  It soothes dry sensitive skin and adds plenty of moisture to keep the skin supple, healthy and youthful. 
An unique formulation of Soy, Jojoba, Coconut and Palm extracts hat restores skin natural balance for radiant health.

Feature Highlights:

  • AromaFree® (Unscented) for those who want to customize with their own scent or are scent sensitive. 
  • 100% Natural.
  • Moisturizing & soothing.
  • Helps keep skin looking healthy, providing it with the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Ingredients: Purified Water (Aqua), Glycerine, Stearic Acid, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Cetyl Palmitate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Calendula (Calendula Officinalis) Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit,  Polysorbate 60, Glyceryl  Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

Nature's Alchemy Carrier Oils
Buy Now

Nature's Alchemy carrier oils are the perfect complement to our 100% pure natural essential oils. No synthetic fragrances, colors or binders are used. These oils represent the best choices for creating perfect massage or bath oil blends, as well as for creating emollient lotions for your skin.

All natural, cruelty free-no animal testing, softens skin, no artificial ingredients.

We supply our carrier oils in a wide range of consistencies to meet every need. They are all available in a standard 4 oz. size. Grapeseed and Sweet Almond Oil are supplied in 16 oz. size as well. We can provide price quotes on bulk quantities on request.

•AVOCADO OIL - NAL402 - 4 oz
•GRAPESEED OIL - NAL403 - 4 oz
•GRAPESEED OIL - NAL404 - 16 oz
•HEMP SEED OIL - NAL405 - 4 oz
•JOJOBA OIL - NAL406 - 4 oz
•SESAME OIL - NAL408 - 4 oz
•SWEET ALMOND OIL - NAL412 - 16 oz

Aura Cacia Essential Oils Buy Now
100% Essential Oils

Made from the aromatic essences of plants, they have a remarkable ability to affect a person's well-being. Explore the many essential oils offered by Aura Cacia, that can help you achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.
Allspice Berry - Pimenta dioica
The soft, warm aroma of allspice is comforting, lifting the spirit and inspiring confidence.

Amyris - Amyris balsamifera
Amyris oil has a balsamic scent similar to that of sandalwood-inspiring emotional strength and centering awareness.

Anise - Pimpinella anisum
Anise seed provides a sweet, licorice-like aroma that aids digestion and inspires exhilaration, euphoria and elation.

Atlas Cedarwood - Cedrus atlantica
Deep, woody and rich, the aroma of Atlas cedar yields benefits similar to those of sandalwood - inspiring emotional strength and centering awareness.

Balsam, Peru - Myroxylon balsamum var. pereirae
A soothing addition to skin creams and cleansers, this oil has a rich, vanilla-like scent.

Basil, Sweet - Ocimum basilicum
Spicy and herbaceous, basil provides an emotional lift and mental inspiration.

Bay - Pimenta racemosa
Bay has a spicy, sweet aroma that invigorates, opens the senses and enlivens the spirit.

Bergamot - Citrus bergamia
The fresh, fruity scent of this uncommon citrus fruit makes a refreshing room spray.

Bergamot BF (Bergaptene-Free) - Citrus bergamia
The fresh, fruity scent of bergamot is a key ingredient in classic colognes.

Camphor, White - Cinnamomum camphora
The penetrating, medicinal aroma of camphor is associated with chest rubs and balms for muscles and joints.

Cardamom Seed - Elettaria cardamomum
Both masculine and feminine perfumes are enhanced by this warm, spicy aroma.

Carrot Seed - Daucus carota
A superb skin-nourishing essential oil, carrot seed helps balance both oily and dry complexions, heals damaged skin, and helps aged skin.

Cassia (Cinnamon) Bark - Cinnamomum aromaticum
Though it provides a comforting aroma, cassia bark essential oil is highly irritating and should not come in contact with the skin.

Cedarwood, Texas - Juniperus mexicana
Distilled from the oil-rich heartwood, Texas cedarwood helps focus thoughts and stabilize the emotions.

Chamomile, Roman - Chamaemelum nobile
The sweet, apple-like aroma of Roman chamomile soothes skin flare-ups and body soreness.

Chamomile, Wild - Ormenis multicaulis
The fresh, herbaceous aroma of Wild Chamomile helps balance the changes that take place during menopause.

Cinnamon Leaf - Cinnamomum verum
Energizing, focusing and revitalizing, cinnamon leaf enhances active reasoning when diffused into the air.

Citronella - Cymbopogon nardus
With its powerful lemon-like aroma, citronella is a familiar component of bug-repelling sprays.

Clary Sage - Salvia sclarea
Clary sage, a key ingredient in many skin care formulas, has a sweet, soothing aroma with intriguing musk and wine-like nuances.

Clove Bud - Syzygium aromaticum
The sweet, spicy aroma of clove is familiar and comforting, and evokes a calm energy that can motivate action.

Coriander Seed - Coriandrum sativum
Similar to bergamot, but with a woody nuance, coriander’s scent adds a sweet freshness to soaps and perfumes.

Cypress - Cupressus sempervirens
Cypress oil has a skin-tightening, pore-reducing effect.

Eucalyptus, Globulus - Eucalyptus globulus
Distilled from the leaves of the tree, eucalyptus oil has a fresh, penetrating scent and is a common ingredient in salves and cold-care products.

Eucalyptus, Radiata - Eucalyptus radiata
Distilled from the leaves of the tree, eucalyptus oil has a fresh, penetrating scent and is a common ingredient in salves and cold-care products.

Fennel Seed - Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce
The aroma of fennel seed essential oil is sweet and warm with a spicy, anise-like quality.

Fir Needle, Balsam - Abies balsamea
Evoking images of mountainside fir forests and holiday festivities, balsam fir opens breathing, invigorates and lifts the spirit.

Fir Needle, Silver - Abies alba
Foresty, clean and sweet, the aroma of silver fir essential oil opens and refreshes the senses.

Frankincense - Boswellia sacra
Used extensively in incense and fine perfumery for thousands of years, frankincense is characterized by a sweet, balsamic aroma.

Geranium - Pelargonium graveolens
Geranium, with a rose-like aroma and minty undertones, provides balancing properties to both dry and oily complexions.

Geranium (Bourbon) - Pelargonium graveolens
The rich, rose-like scent and remarkable staying power of Geranium are valued in perfumery.

Ginger - Zingiber officinale
The earthy aroma of ginger adds warmth when blended with sensual oils such as patchouli and jasmine. Add ginger to skin care oils to warm and invigorate muscles.

Grapefruit - Citrus x paradisi
Grapefruit has a tangy, citrus scent that is especially appreciated by children.

Hyssop - Hyssopus officinalis
A purifying oil, hyssop provides a sweet, herbal scent that blends well with clove, lavender, rosemary, sage and citrus oils.

Jasmine - Jasminum officinale
A common ingredient in perfumes, the exotic floral aroma of jasmine is potent and radiant.

Juniper Berry - Juniperus communis
With a fruity, woody aroma, juniper berry invigorates and encourages the release of toxins when used in massage oils.

Juniper Berry & Branch - Juniperus communis
This oil has a slightly more woody and pine needle-like aroma than juniper berry oil.

Lavandin - Lavandula x intermedia
A natural cross-pollination of true lavender and spike lavender, lavandin is gently purifying.

Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia
Calming, relaxing, refreshing, toning and cleansing - lavender is the most popular oil in aromatherapy.

Lavender, Spike - Lavandula latifolia
The powerful, lavender-tinged scent of spike lavender blends well with other oils in purifying room sprays, insect repellents and body care products.

Lemon - Citrus x limon
Expressed from the peel of the fresh fruit, lemon oil is a sweetly scented, purifying oil.

Lemon Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus citriodora
This oil contains citronellal, which adds a lemon-like tone to the familiar penetrating aroma of eucalyptus.

Lemongrass - Cymbopogon flexuosus
Lemongrass is an effective cleansing and astringent ingredient in skin care preparations.

Lime - Citrus x aurantifolia
Expressed from fresh lime peel, lime essential oil shares many of the same aromatherapy qualities as lemon.

Marjoram, Sweet - Origanum majorana
Sweet marjoram oil offers many of the same benefits as lavender without the sweet floral aroma.

Marjoram, Wild - Thymus mastichina
Wild marjoram has a warm, spicy, herbaceous aroma. Use with skin care oils for an invigorating massage oil.

Myrrh - Commiphora myrrha
The spicy, earthy aroma of myrrh has been used as incense for almost 4,000 years.

Myrtle - Myrtus communis
Myrtle has a sweet, penetrating scent and is excellent for chest massage during the cold and flu season.

Neroli - Citrus x aurantium
Neroli soothes agitated nervous states and is especially effective for relief from despair and grief.

Nutmeg - Myristica fragrans
Nutmeg is a warming, activating oil, that helps to soothe soreness in overworked muscles.

Orange, Mandarin - Citrus reticulata
With its neroli-like, floral nuance, Mandarin calms the spirit and balances emotions.

Orange, Sweet - Citrus sinensis
Sweet orange’s gentle, clarifying nature cheers the heart and brightens the mood.

Oregano - Origanum vulgare
Oregano is a highly active oil that can be a strong skin irritant—its use should be limited to purifying diffusions.

Palmarosa - Cymbopogon martinii
Palmarosa has a lemon-like scent with floral nuances and is used in cleansing, astringent skin care products.

Patchouli - Pogostemon cablin
Patchouli’s rich, earthy aroma provides an olfactory bridge between floral and herbaceous oils.

Peppermint - Mentha x piperita
Peppermint oil has a very potent fresh, minty aroma that produces a cooling and refreshing sensation.

Pine - Pinus sylvestris
The woody, typically evergreen aroma of pine oil is invigorating.

Rose Absolute - Rosa centifolia
With a rich and long-lasting floral aroma, rose absolute produces a stabilizing atmosphere during times of stress, anxiety and grief.

Rose Otto - Rose damascena
Rose otto has a powerful effect on the emotions and the spirit, bringing harmony and peace while dispelling fear and tension.

Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosemary has a fresh, herbaceous scent and purifying properties.

Rosewood - Aniba rosaeodora
Rosewood tones the skin, stabilizes emotions and centers awareness.

Sage, Dalmation - Salvia officinalis
Use one or two drops of this potent essential oil in combination with lavandin for a purifying diffusion.

Sandalwood - Santalum spicatum
Sandalwood is a valuable perfume fixative with a powerful earthy, woody scent. The oil is sacred in many traditions, renowned for inspiring insight and spiritual elevation.

Spearmint - Mentha spicata
This sweet, minty oil offers a softer, more gentle energy than its botanical cousin peppermint.

Tangerine - Citrus reticulata
The fresh, fruity scent of tangerine is a delightful addition to children’s aromatherapy blends.

Tea Tree - Melaleuca alternifolia
Possessing an intense, medicinal aroma, tea tree can be used to cleanse and purify the skin.

Thyme, Red - Thymus vulgaris
High in thymol, the essential oil of the common garden thyme is a must for diffusion during cold and flu season.

Thyme, White - Thymus vulgaris
White thyme is the result of a re-distillation of red thyme essential oil.

Vetiver - Vetiveria zizanioides
The rich, earthy scent of Vetiver anchors the spirit and stabilizes emotions. Wintergreen - Gaultheria procumbens
with its sweet, mint-like aroma, wintergreen is a common component of dental products.

Ylang Ylang Extra - Cananga odorata
“Extra” grade (the highest quality) Ylang Ylang has an intense floral aroma that is prized in perfumes.

Ylang Ylang III
- Cananga odorata
This 'flower of flowers' has a heady, sensual aroma that elevates the spirit and consoles the heart.

Aura Cacia Precious Essentials:
These are pure essential oils blended with Jojoba Seed Oil to create a ready-to-use oil that can be applied directly to the skin.

Chamomile, German - Jojoba Oil and G.Chamomile Oil.
Apply to the body for a calming, relaxing massage. Massage drop onto dry, irritated skin to rejuvenate.

Chamomile, Roman
- Jojoba Oil and R.Chamomile Oil.
Work into sore, tired muscles. Comfort your whole being with an all-over massage.

Frankincense - Jojoba Oil and Frankincense Oil.
Massage a drop on the forehead and temples to enhance meditation or prayer. Dab onto dry, dull skin to create a lustrous glow.

Jasmine Absolute
- Jojoba Oil and Jasmine Absolute.
Suggested Uses: Apply to pulse points as a sensual attractant. After cleansing, dab onto dry skin as a fragrant, moisturizing toner.

- Jojoba Oil and Myrrh Oil.
Use as a massage oil to ease emotional turmoil and buoy the spirit. Dab onto dry skin to moisturize.

Neroli -
Jojoba Oil and Neroli Oil.
Massage tension points to alleviate distress, dispel negativity and stabilize emotions. Apply as a nourishing skin serum.

Rose Absolute -
Jojoba Oil and Rose Absolute.
Dab onto pulse points to build confidence and emotional strength. Apply to mature skin for nourishment and revitalization.

Rose Otto -
Jojoba Oil and Rose Oil.
Use as a massage oil to stabilize the emotions. Dab onto dry skin to nourish and improve the complexion.

Sandalwood -
Jojoba Oil and Sandalwood) Oil.
Anoint the forehead to center thoughts and inspire confidence and inner strength. Apply to skin after cleansing as a moisturizing toner.

Vanilla Absolute -
Jojoba Oil and Vanilla (CO2 Extract).
Use as a natural perfume to calm and comfort the mind and spirit. Dab onto dry skin to soothe and nourish.

Aura Cacia Blends:
Safety Info: Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Dilute properly; skin irritant. Avoid use in the sun.

Blended with lemon, peppermint, rosemary and sweet orange. Refreshes the body, energizes the mind and revitalizes the spirit.


Blended with bergamot BF, amyris, ginger and ylang ylang III. Perfumes the body, inspires thoughts and uplifts the spirit.

Heart Song
Blended with lavender, rosewood, geranium and rose absolute. Soothes the body, calms the mind and sensualizes the spirit.

Blended with lemon, bergamot BF, balsam fir needle, sweet basil and rosemary. Refreshes the body, revitalizes the mind and inspires the spirit.

Lavender Harvest
Blended with lavender, lavandin and spike lavender. Tones the body, balances the mind and soothes the spirit.

Blended with cedarwood, myrtle, patchouli and sandalwood. Tones the skin, stabilizes thoughts and anchors the spirit.

Blended with patchouli, sage, peppermint and tea tree. Refreshes the body, energizes the mind and purifies the spirit.

Blended with sweet orange, tangerine, lemon, bergamot BF, lavender, Roman chamomile, ylang ylang III and sandalwood. Calms the body, refreshes the mind and cheers the spirit.

Soothing Heat
Blended with balsam fir needle, lemon, eucalyptus, juniper berry and myrtle. Warms the body, clarifies thoughts and harmonizes the spirit.

Blended with lavender, balsam fir needle, patchouli, palmarosa, geranium and Roman chamomile. Relaxes the body, quiets the mind and soothes the spirits.

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Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Atomizer
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