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Click here to go to an additional information Page on Piezo Stimulators:
Including FAQ and testimonials

* Generates a low electronic pulse.
* Used by Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, and Health Professionals.
* Safe to use - no side effects & no pain!
* Needs no battery.
* Lasts approximately three years.

Combining Modern Technology with Acupuncture Therapy...

The Piezo works like Acupuncture - but without the needles!  The Piezo devices were studied by many  Japanese scientists and physicians  who also studied bio-electricity (the close relationship between the human body and electricity).  Faint but measurable amounts of electricity are produced by the heart, the brain, even by individual cells, as well as by muscular contraction.

Chinese acupuncture treatment is based on stimulating specific areas of the body with needles to generate electric current for relieving pain.  The Piezo devices do the same thing without needles.  Simply place the broad tip of the Piezo LT or the Piezo DX on the sensitive area and press a button (at the top) several times. With each press, your nervous system is stimulated - as with acupuncture - to help relieve aching muscles. No batteries or AC current is needed.  The Piezo devices use electric-pressure sparking (like that used in electronic lighters) to create a low electronic pulse that's painless, yet effective.

It stands to reason that stimulation by weak voltaic current is most fundamental and effective for everyday life activity and Chinese acupuncture treatment is based on this principle.  Upon physical stimulation like piercing with needles, bio-electrical charge can be stimulated areas and electric current will be generated.  Using this method, various problems like low back pain, numbness and stiff shoulders can be relieved.  All those therapeutic electronics are based on the electric current principle.

One can use the Piezo LT or the Piezo DX, or the Piezo Jr.  for stiff shoulders, neuralgia, headaches, stress, insomnia, joint-pain or tennis elbow, as well as any other conditions of disease of the body.

The invention of the Piezo...

For nearly 15 years a Japanese Medical Doctor, Dr. Takeyoshi Yamaguchi, studied the close relationship between electricity and the human body as part of his interest in combining ancient Oriental medical practices with modern Western medical techniques.  The result was the invention of the Piezo.

Within three years of the introduction of this Piezo in Japan, 8,000 units are sold each month. Many users in Japan are chiropractors and medical doctors.

According to Dr. Takeyoshi Yamaguchi, electricity is produced throughout the body from organs such as the heart, the brain and each individual cell. The body also generates voltaic current by muscular contraction and neural stimulation. Such current is utilized for electrocardiogram and brain-wave tests. This phenomenon is called bioelectricity. Bioelectricity is so faint that you can hardly feel it. Nevertheless, it plays a very important role in maintaining human life.

Chinese Acupuncture treatment is based on the principles that diseases are caused by the wrong circulation of energy, and the the stimulation of weak voltaic current is fundamental and effective for everyday life. It is claimed that piercing with needles can generate such current and relieve pain in the lower back, numbness, stiff shoulders, and other problems. These two principles are the mother & father of the Piezo needless acupuncture device.

The thirteen meridians within the human body...

Acupuncture meridians are such that if they are in balance, and they are then triggered - nothing happens. When they are out of balance, (either too hyper or too sluggish), that triggering can then create a change and balance that meridian's energy.

The purpose of the Piezo is to normalize the acupuncture meridians.  If the meridian energy flow is sluggish, the Piezo will be a catalyst to speed it up, and if the energy flow in the meridian is too hyper, the Piezo can slow it down.  The goal is to have  the flow of  'energy' of each meridian in the body be in a state of balance. When this is not the case, according to Chinese Acupuncture theory, then their is "Dis-Ease" in the body.

For certain spots on the body, chiropractors find that piezo massager is  more effective than regular massaging.  Eastern medecine practitioners use it to relieve stiff shoulders, tiredness, sleeping problems.

The Piezo Device  is easy to use and never causes any pain.  All you have to do is place the face of the instrument on an area to be treated and press the push button on the opposite end 6 to 12 times for the area.  Each time you press, they say that your nervous system is stimulated and the aches in your muscles are relieved.

How does the Piezo work?

By simply clicking the Piezo on any part of the body, (i.e. around a painful muscle or area of the body) several times... you are bound to hit some of the Acupuncture Meridians. Often the pain will immediately dissipate.

You can do this on your self, or someone else
can do this on you. A benefit of having someone do it on you is that the other person can ground you by putting their finger on one part of the body, and then clicking the Piezo on another part: you will then feel the electric charge on both parts of the body (where their finger is, or where the Piezo clicked) and feel the pathway between the two spots.

The Piezo can be clicked directly on the skin or over light clothing.
It is advisable to use the Piezo 2-3 times a day on the same areas of the body.

A prickly electric sensation is usually experienced by the body.

Do I need to know Acupuncture for the Piezo to work?

 No, it is not necessary to study acupuncture to use the Piezo. It is helpful look at the Acupuncture Meridian charts simply because it is good information to know about. However, the Piezo was created for use that simply requires locating the spot you want to stimulate and clicking away.

The wonderful benefits and healing powers of the Piezo
reveal themselves with use and time.

Perhaps you have a pain that you find disappears with 20 clicks of your Piezo,
but then the pain returns in an hour, yet with another session of clicks you find the pain disappears for 2-3 hours,
After a few months, you may not need to use it but every 2-4 weeks.

For certain spots of the body, many Health Professionals find the Piezo more effective than regular massaging. 
It can be used on stiff shoulders, tiredness, sleeping problems, and other situations that cannot be defined with names. Pressing 6 to 12 times is a good measure for working out situations. 
They say that your nervous system is stimulated and the aches in your muscles are relieved, 
and that the Piezo works to restore disordered functions to normal. 

Is the Piezo safe?

Just like Acupuncture, or Acupressure, this product is entirely safe.

Its purpose is to normalize the Acupuncture Meridians.

If the meridian energy flow is sluggish, the Piezo will be a catalyst to speed it up,
and if the energy flow in the meridian is too hyper, the Piezo can slow it down. Basically the Piezo normalizes the flow of 'energy' within the meridians in the body.

According to Chinese Acupuncture theory, "out of balance" meridians can cause
physical difficulties with particular organs of the bodies associated with specific Meridian Lines which flow through the body.

For information on Meridians & Acupressure:
Click here to go to the main Acu-Ki Page

Quartz Crystal?

The Piezo works with a quartz crystal, much in the same way that a watch works.
It needs no batteries, nor electricity. It generates a low electronic pulse.

How long does the Piezo last ?

The Piezo is guaranteed to last three years, although it may last up to 10 years.
Clicking on a body part will let the unit last longer,clicking it into thin air will help dissipate the energy, and it will not last as long. If and when it quits working, throw it away, and give us a call. We will be glad to sell you another unit. We offer a one year warranty under normal usage.

* To facilitate the circulation of the blood
* To power up antiphlogistic as it increases the number of blood corpuscle.
* To resist inflammation - antiphogistic
* To increase life power along with activated adrenal
* To adjust an autonomic nerve system
* To encourage the recovery spontaneously from illness

A note from Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98 

Time and time again, I have demonstrated this product on people in my store or at my booth during my traveling at Expos, and they are amazed when the pain disappears. This doesn't happen all of the time, but many people are so close to being put into a balanced state that the Piezo works instantaneously for them. The Piezo may be able to do this for you.  If used consistently, it can further eliminate pain & other imbalances in the body.

Imitation Piezo promoted on TV...

Recently, a mini device, called an Acu-Stimulator appeared on TV,
as part of an infomercial. I have seen this device before - they are not nearly the quality of the Piezo Acupuncture Devices that we carry.

Introducing The New Piezo Deluxe
New Piezo Deluxe


This is a brand new model of the Piezo Deluxe. This sturdy, well-built pen uses the energy of earth crystals to generate a galvanic signal which releases electrically charged energy into the point or area being treated. The activation button is pressed to produce a mild energy pulse. No batteries required. The Piezo Deluxe may be used with or without the cap. The cap may be removed to expose a deeper stimulating head. Features a gold-plated electrode tip. Japanese quality. 

MAS410 - Piezo Lite Currently Unavailabvle
The Piezo Lite has a portable and durable, easy-to-use 4.8"x 0.6" diameter pencil like shape. Weighs 37 grams (1.3 oz). Features a stylish, plated head, black anodized body, and gold plated electrode tip.

MAS411 - Piezo Deluxe Currently Unavailabvle

This deluxe model stimulator has a chrome ring, which makes it feel heavier and look more attractive and professional. People who like the feel of a healing device which is a little heavier prefer the DX. Weighs 1.5 oz. It's small enough to put into a pocket and purse and can be taken anywhere and used anytime with satisfying results.

Both of these models are exactly the same, except for the Chrome Ring on
the Deluxe model
They have the same output of electrical charge



This unit has a much lighter electrical charge than the originals.
If the charge on the other units is too much for you,
this one offers the same benefits with a mild electrical charge.
See immediately below for Piezo Acu-Point Stimulator (with mild charge).


MAS495 - Includes carry case and extra battery


For a more mild, gentler stimulation...

The Piezo Acu-Point Stimulator is more gentle than the Piezo Lite and the Piezo Deluxe,
with about two-thirds the strength.




The Electro-Puncture Massager is a safe and natural method to control chronic pain and acute discomfort. Not drugs, no needles, no side effects. Just relief... great for stiff and sore joints, headaches, muscle tension and back strain.

How does it work?

Self-activating crystals create a tiny, harmless electrical charge that stimulates your body's natural pain-blocking mechanism. When applied correctly, this amazing device provides quick and effective relief.

The Electro-Puncture Massager is based on fundamentals of traditional Chinese acupuncture. Use it as often as you like to stimulate the acupuncture and acupressure points throughout your body.

Tips for results:

1. Hold in either hand, and use you index finger or thumb to activate the plunger.

2. No need to press down hard. A light touch to the skin is all it takes. If you don't get the desired results, repeat the process.

3. Direct relief to the precise area you want by using the Electro-Puncture Massager's large point for neck, shoulders, back and knees; the smaller point is ideal for earlobes, elbows, hands and feet.

4. When treating a partner, place the index finger of your other hand within 3-12 inches from the device, then activate the plunger.

5. Do not let the hand that is holding the Electro-Puncture Massager touch the skin as this could direct the current to the wrong area. Always try to keep the Massager perpendicular to the body when activating the plunger.



Helps to relieve the pain of:
*Sports Injuries
*Carpal Tunnel
*Muscle Aches
*Stiff Joints

Comes with Acupoint Book and Reach Extender.

Unconditionally guaranteed and safe.
High regarded by Health Care Professionals.

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New Piezo Deluxe
Piezo Lite  Currently Unavailable
Piezo Deluxe  -  Currently Unavailable
Piezo Acu Point Stimulator - Includes carry case & extra battery last 3 available/DISCONTINUED
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