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The Healing Light of Far Infrared

Health Benefits Of The Far Infrared Sauna

Video of a talk given at the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo in Philadelphia, PA in October 2013

A bulleted list of transcribed highlights from the talk

  • We've been marketing the Relax Far Infrared Sauna for 12 years

    We've done many, many expos and shows for health professionals. We have had about 100,000 people try the far infrared sauna.

  • People are switching over from wooden saunas to the far infrared sauna

    People are saying that wooden saunas do not feel as good as the far infrared sauna. They also like how the Relax Far Infrared Sauna heats up almost instantly, while wooden saunas take 20-30 minutes to heat up. People are finding far infrared saunas to be much more effective and convenient.

  • We have found the Relax Far Infrared Sauna to be the most effective

    I started off using another infrared sauna and I liked it a lot but then I was contacted by the makers of the Relax Far Infrared Sauna and they sent us their model. Everyone in our store agreed that the Relax sauna worked much better. It uses a silver lined tent which acts as a mirror and this reflects the light around the inside of the tent. The 2 radiators in the unit bounce the far infrared light off the bottom corners of the back of the tent and this way, your entire body is surrounded in the far infrared rays.

    So for example if you have back pain, the far infrared rays are bouncing off the back of the tent right to your back.

  • Many people report instant pain relief after using the far infrared sauna

    At a show we had a lady who had chronic pain. She used a cane to walk and in her purse she had even brought pain medication to the show just in case the pain got too bad. Well she got into the sauna for 6 minutes and came out and said "The pain is gone! it's all gone!" She said that if she was someone else watching, she would not believe it. She could not believe how fast her pain was gone.

  • It may not be as pretty as the wooden saunas but you can feel the difference

    The nylon tent of the Relax Far Infrared Sauna may not be as pretty as the wooden saunas but is much more effective. People who own wooden saunas tell us that they don't tingle when they get in the wooden sauna like they do when they get in the Relax sauna.

    A man at a conference in Orlando told me that he has an $8000 wooden sauna and he also has a Relax Far Infrared Sauna and that he uses the Relax Sauna every day.

    If you have you have both types of sauna and you get in the wooden sauna and your wife gets in the far infrared sauna, she is done before you're even ready because the wooden saunas take 20-30 minutes just to heat up.

  • We live in a toxic World. The far infrared sauna will help your body detoxify and eliminate toxins

    There are toxins in the water, in the food, in the air, hormones in the meat, and preservatives in the food. Mercury in the fish. Doris Rapp wrote a book called "Our Toxic World". She has recommended to a lot of people to take a look at the Relax Far Infrared Sauna. She did that in 2007 when Karen Russell came to the American College of Natural Medicine show in Phoenix and she talked to Doris Rapp about how she has heavy metal toxicity. Doris Rapp told her to go see me and she got a Relax sauna from us. A month after user the far infrared sauna for 1 hour a day she had a blood test done and her heavy metal levels had been normalized for the first time in 2 and a half years! Also her cellulite levels were down 65%. She also said her skin was looking very pretty. The sauna improves circulation and blood flow to the skin which improves the skin's appearance.

    You can read a report about Karen Russell's miraculous story here.

  • An author writes that far infrared sauna's are the only way to get plastics or phthalates out of the body

    The author Sherry Rogers who wrote "Detoxify or Die" says that the only thing which gets plastics aka phthalates out of the body is the far infrared sauna. 3 chapters of the book are devoted entirely to the benefits of far infrared. She suggests using the far infrared saunas along with a heavy metal detox.

  • Cancer clinics use far infrared saunas

    The cancer clinics in Tijuana Mexico which use alternative medicine all suggest or require the use of far infrared saunas in addition to their treatment protocols

  • How does the infrared sauna get toxins out of the body?

    When you stand in the sun on a sunny day, and you close your eyes and you look up at the sun and you feel all the warmth penetrating through your clothes, that is far infrared energy.

    On the other hand when you are on the beach on a hot day and you feel the sun heating up your skin, that is not far infrared energy but ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet is different from the body's energy and the resistance and friction against this causes the sunburn. This is something I have discovered. I have not heard or read this anywhere else. This is just my conjecture or theory.

    The far infrared energy resonates with the water molecules which causes the water molecules to pulsate. It is like a massage of the cells in the body. This causes the cells to release their waste products and toxins. This pulsating also reduces the size of the water molecules which then because blood cells are comprised mainly of water, it also reduces the size of the blood cells. It also helps to dilate (expand) the blood vessels. So it's like if you expand a 4 lane freeway into an 8 lane freeway and you change the semi-trucks into mini-vans, you speed up the traffic.

    With all this going on, you increase the core temperature of the body. This activates and mobilizes the lymphatic system of the body and this gets all the toxins out of the body. Not just through the sweat but also through the lungs, the colon, and the kidneys.

    When Karen Russell sent us the report about heavy metal toxicity, the manufactures of the Relax sauna in Taiwan decided to do a study. They tested people's urine before and after using the far infrared sauna and they found out that people's levels of heavy metals would be higher after using the sauna. This is because they are eliminating the stored toxins from their fat cells.

  • The story of how the far infrared sauna was invented

    The Japanese government commissioned the company which makes the Relax sauna in Taiwan to find an energy which would approximate what happens when you go to the hot springs in Japan. This goes back to the warrior days of when warriors would go to the hot springs in Japan to heal their wounds. There is a healing energy there.

    Each sauna has 2 radiators and in each radiator there are 20 of these semi-conductor chips. So this company created the semi-conductor chip which is in the far infrared sauna. ceramic semiconductorIt took a team of scientists 10 years to come up with a way to create this same energy that comes from the hot springs.

  • What makes the Relax Sauna different from the other cheap infrared saunas?

    While there are other infrared saunas on the market which look like the Relax Far Infrared Sauna, what separates them is what is inside. No other sauna has the same semi-conductor chips which emit 95-99% far infrared energy.

    The relax sauna is only sauna which passes Taiwan's legal definition of a far infrared sauna, which says that it must emit at least 95% far infrared energy.

    The other infrared saunas on the market which are made in China use corrugated plastic panels which have hot plates glued onto them and use a piece of cloth with embedded carbon to generate the infrared light. These types of saunas take 10 minutes to heat up and the infrared energy emitted is only 10-15% far infrared energy.

    We have sold many of the Relax saunas to people who have already bought one of the cheaper imitation saunas. After trying the Relax Far Infrared Sauna they tell us that it feels so much better. You can really feel the difference in the amount of energy generated in the Relax sauna compared to the other saunas.

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