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The Relax Lie-Down Far Infrared Sauna
lie down sauna

The Relax Lie Down Sauna works great when setup on the floor or on top of a bed.

There are other lie down saunas out there with a tent that looks like the Relax Lie Down Saunas', but the source of its' Infrared is DEFINITELY not the same. Only The Relax Lie Down Infrared Sauna uses the patented Semi-conductor chip, that has been tested and certified to generate 100% FIR Light at High Temperatures.

Please watch this very informative short video which explains the benefits and function of the Relax Saunas' patented infrared generating Semi-conductor. This technology is used in both the Relax Sit-up Sauna and the Relax Lie-down Saunas.

Research indicates the Relax FIR Sauna can help:
  • Discharge of toxins from the body
  • Lose weight & beautify the body
  • Prevent illnesses
  • Prevent Aging
  • Energize

RELAX Far Infrared Ray Light


  • msrp: $1300.00 USD
  • retail price: $1195.00 USD

lie down sauna      
lie down sauna open
Mirror-like interior reflects light throughout sauna
  • Relax Lie Down Sauna depicting how energy is reflected from the matt, and the sides of the Relax Saunas' Lie Down Tent
  • Below is the ceramic semi conductor, which is the "magic" behind the working of the Relax Lie Down Sauna.
  • There are 20 of these ceramic conductors in the 1000 watt lie down saunas' infrared radiator
semi conductor chip

● The FIR energy is distributed evenly throughout the sauna so your entire body benefits from the FIR heat.

● Because of the width of the Sauna, you can turn over and lie on your side. You Do not have to do this though since the reflecting matt
reflects the Far infrared Light and sends it into your body from the back side.  This is NOT like a tanning bed. The reflecting matt performs a miracle, so you are actually getting both and all sides at once.

● The energy of the 1000 watt heater will NEVER burn the skin.
However, the FIR heat will open the pores in the skin, and help to sweat out waste from the body.

● Taking a Sauna is very relaxing, improves blood circulation, and detoxifies the body. Many Massage Therapists and beauticians are currently making available sauna treatments for their customers.

It is designed not to touch a person's skin, which provides a clean detoxification environment. The Sauna is easy to maintain and will not absorb any odors.

The Relax Lie-down Sauna is covered by a ONE YEAR WARRANTY

    Additional Benefits & Features of The Relax Lie-down Sauna
  • The RELAX FIR Sauna provides an environment of 70 - 80 degrees C. At this temperature metabolism will be improved, and the blood circulation will be improved.
  • The FIR energy fan and the specially designed cover material allows for the FIR energy to evenly distribute throughout the Sauna. You can breathe air easily while your body is warmed in the Sauna tent. It's better than being in a hot spring!
  • The special designed cover will not absorb any smells. Other units can leave a smell, but the material in which this unit is made absorbs no odors whatsoever, even after months of use. It is easy to clean.
  • The RELAX (FIR) Sauna uses a dry heat, which is mildew free.
  • Even though the temperature is very high, the FIR Sauna is very safe. This unit has CE and GS certificates. In Europe, the CE mark is a standard for safety. The GS certificate further indicates an added level of safety.
  • It takes just about ten minutes to start sweating when using the RELAX FIR Sauna. By the end of 25 minutes, one can have a very good sweat.
  • The Timer Control can be set for any time period from 1 minute to 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes is up, and you can handle more, you can do it again for any time period.
  • It only takes minutes to set up and close down. There is no mess to clean up.
  • The specially designed cover will not absorb "direct heat energy."
  • There is no need to preheat the Sauna or for any kind of warm up procedure. (The old type of wood sauna will absorb "heat energy" and will need a long period of time to warm up.)
  • This unit is light and compact. It easily fits in the back of a car. Can ship regular UPS.

A Note From Phil Wilson
President of Momentum98

The other day, I got into the Relax Sauna.
I then turned on a tape by Hal Huggins, author of the book,
It's All in Your Head  (about Mercury Toxicity from amalgam fillings)

It was the middle of the tape:

And the first words that came out of the tape were:

A Far Infared Sauna is one of the Best ways to get rid of Mercury Toxicity.

As a personal testimony, I started using the RELAX FIR Saunas in August 2003. 

It just takes about 20 -22 minutes to sweat real good, and to feel energized (and cleansed). I
 am amazed at how quickly this Sauna works.
I've always wanted a sauna in my house - and now I have one!
It actually feels much nicer than the "normal" saunas.
I highly recommend this product as an investment in your health.

Buy The Relax Lie-down Sauna
  • msrp: $1300.00 USD
  • retail price: $1195.00 USD


How it looks with x-ray Vision !

How the FIR radiates - control unit

Putting the Lie - Down Sauna together is quick & easy,
and require only a few minutes

laydown open
Inside the Lie - Down Sauna

Travel Friendly:

The Lie - Down Sauna is as easy to carry as a carry-on suitcase. It folds very nicely and is very easy to travel with. It uses an 8 foot foot cord to plug in, and no matter where you are, you are all set to start your sauna (whether it be at a hotel, friend's house, on patio, etc.)

1000 watt FIR heater for the Lie -Down Sauna
laydown heater
An inside view of the FIR heater -
notice the silver floor covering
An outside view of the ventilation system


rs heat2  xray lay down  heater

The Lie - Down Sauna has a FIR heater (automatic controlled ceramic semiconductor chip).
There are 3 components of the FIR heater: FIR materials, Heat Materials & Control Component 

Because of the reflecting nature of the material that the Sauna is made out of, the Far Infrared Rays are able to circulate throughout the Sauna, allowing every part of the body to absorb the Far Infrared Rays.


The Patented Automatic Heat Controlled Ceramic Semiconductor combines heat materials, FIR Materials, and a control component.

    composite    heat1.2   relax heat 1
Pictures of the FIR heating unit (with fan)

The research principle on this is: ceramics do not conduct electricity.

Top scientists in Taiwan discovered that a wavelength between 4 um and 14 um is suitable (and reputed to be very beneficial) for our bodies.
This discovery added with a ceramic semiconductor chip (to lower the electric current when the heat is too high, and to increase the electric current when the heat is too low) is the technology behind the FIR Saunas.

Buy The Relax Lie-down Sauna
  • msrp: $1300.00 USD
  • retail price: $1195.00 USD

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