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Relax Sauna Compared to Other FIR Saunas

The Relax Sauna Stands Heads & Shoulders Above Any Other FIR Sauna
The reason is the purity, strength and effectiveness of its far-infrared irradiation, the single most important feature in Far-Infrared Ray (FIR) saunas.

Two PTC controlled far-infrared radiators (750 watts each)

Relax Sauna configuration

The Very well made FIR Radiators of The Relax Sauna emit 95% to 99% FIR Light

How does the Relax Sauna compare to other Portable Saunas?

Ceramic Semi-conductor
The Relax Sauna (made in Taiwan) is the only portable sauna in the world that uses a ceramic semi-conductor. This makes the Relax Sauna not only unique, but also more effective than any other portable (or wooden) sauna. There are 20 of these semi conductors in each of the Relax Sauna radiators. The technology used in the Relax Sauna is the same technology used in the Sky Eye Radiator, an FDA certified (510(k): K053376) medical device. The FDA has verified that the invisible light rays produced by the Relax Sauna radiators are between 4 - 14 microns (at 140 - 170 degrees). This means that our radiators produce pure, absorbable far infrared light with no distracting, inert, or potentially damaging infrared frequencies. We call it healing light. The Relax Sauna semi conductors convert electricity into absorbable FIR energy that has a frequency between 4-14 microns and exclude both near infrared and medium infrared frequencies which can be harmful to the body.

Hundreds of other “FIR” Saunas made in China use a hot plate (or heating element) and a black cloth impregnated with charcoal/carbon, which generates only about 20% FIR energy. From experience, we know the Relax Sauna “feels so much better”, and takes a lot less time to complete a sweating treatment than any of these other less expensive saunas. The technology of the Relax Sauna is light waves (no pun intended) ahead of the “primitive” technology used in other portable saunas. We recognize the role these saunas do play in the promotion of the healing affects of Far Infrared Light. We don’t however believe they have the intensity to heal large diabetic ulcers in 7 weeks, 20 minutes a day, as The Relax Sauna technology has been shown to do.

We have found that the Relax Sauna technology works in about 1/2 the time of other portable sauna technologies. Generally it just takes about 8 minutes to start sweating in the relax sauna, compared to 18 minutes in most other portable saunas. In 20 minutes, you can experience a total sweating treatment, as compared to about 55 minutes in other portable saunas. We have also found that many individuals who have purchased Relax Saunas from us have previously owned other portable saunas that they were very disappointed with, in that they did not sweat and did not get hot enough. The Relax Sauna generates a very pure and intense far infrared light. The Relax Sauna also uses 1500 watts, while most of the other portable saunas only use about 1000 watts, and thus do not generate as strong of a healing light.

The Relax Sauna has a patent on the design of the 40 semi-conductor heater assembly used in their radiators. This is the differentiating factor in creating the far infrared healing light. It took 10 years to invent this design. A recent imitator of the Relax Sauna claims to have 2 ceramic radiators that generates 7-14 microns of energy, and later they say it generates 4-14 microns of energy. Their website displays a graph showing that it does this at 20 degrees C (68 F). From what we can tell, at high temperatures (110 - 170 degrees), their radiators emit very little, if any FIR Healing Light. We believe their advertising to be very misleading, probably untrue, & contradictory. They imply they use ceramic semi conductors, which is definitely not true. We have customers who have bought this sauna, reported to us how harsh the energy was in comparison to the warm energy they experienced in the Relax Sauna, were incredibly disappointed, returned them, and bought ours, and appreciate the Relax Sauna immensely. A good sweat does not mean you are eliminating heavy metals or toxins if it is not FIR healing light.

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  • retail: $1195.00 USD

A note from Phil Wilson
President  of Momentum98 

    phil 2008 skokie illinois   
Phil - Skokie, Illinois - on his 60th Birthday, July 21, 2008

You can use the Relax Sauna to help you with a health problem,
Or you can use it to attain super health.

Using the Relax Sauna in Santa Barbara June 2009 outside at
2 am at the Raw Foods Festival was a trip.
We spent 19 hours demonstrating the Relax Sauna, and finally,
I was alone, and had a chance to use the sauna myself.
It was amazing how good it felt in the cold air --- totally invigorating!

No other portable sauna has the technology that the Relax Sauna has, and they just do not feel as good.   -  As far as I can tell, no other portable sauna uses 95% to 99% FIR light.  We document this below.

You may look at the FDA Summary of our technology as a medical device documenting that The range of emission of the Relax Radiator is 4-14 microns, and additional information.

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