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This website is provided for those who 
want to see why the Relax Sauna is special:
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Taking Advantage of the Moment !
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(FIR stands for  Far Infared Ray Light)
page updated June 19, 2011

If you are a health professional and want to be a  Relax Sauna Reseller,
contact Momentum98 - Phil Wilson - at (614) 262-7087 or (800) 533-4372,
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Information for You

We have 2 different 11x17 folded brochures available to see on the Relax Sauna
1 4 page 8.5 x 11" folded blue information sales sheet  --    Go to it - you can then print it
4 page 8.5 x 11" folded - heavy metal detox/diabetic ulcer reports, testimonials & 19 reasons to buy Relax Sauna --  Go

We have a 24 page  (stapled) booklet on the Relax Sauna
24 page 8.5 x 11" booklet on the
 Relax Sauna + question
(24 page Relax Sauna booklet)

We print these as a 24-page
(5.5x8.5") booklets. 
These are available to you.

This booklet also includes 12 pages of
\ questions and answers.
You can print just these 12 pages

cover of Relax Sauna 24 page booklet relax far infrared sauna questions and answers 12 page booklet

These are the  3 - 4 page folded 11x17 booklets (brochures) :


Momentum98 Blue 11x17 brochure that gives you the nitty-gritty on the Relax Sauna.
page 1 of blue brochure page 2 of blue  brochure page 3 of blue brochure page 4 of blue brochure
blue - page 1 - pdf blue - page 2 - pdf blue - page 3 - pdf blue - page 4 - pdf
Relax Sauna 2009 poster   Karen Russell Heavy Metal toxicity letter Nov 25, 2009  testimonial sheet with
added information about other ailments
May 25, 2010 Article on why the Relax Sauna
stands head and shoulders above other saunas

Momentum98 Canary 11x17 brochure that gives a summary of the products we love the most.
pag1 page 2 of  canary brochure page 3 of canary brochure - acu-masseur page 4 of canary brochure
Canary - page 1 - pdf - Relax Sauna
Canary - pg 2 - Stirwand - Olive Gold
Canary - page 3 - pdf - Acu-Masseur Canary - page 4 - pdf - All Products

New Relax (gray) Sauna brochure that suggests you try the Relax Sauna for 5 minutes.
Information on the heavy metal urine report, what the radiator used in the relax sauna can do, and
a list of testimonials on the Relax Sauna, and 19 reasons why FIR users prefer the Relax Sauna.
page 1 of new 4 page brochure page 2 of new 4 page brochure sky eye poster page 4 of  new 4 page brochure
page 1 - 19 reasons why Relax Sauna
page 2 - Heavy metal urine report
sky eye 800 watt radiator page 4 - 5 Relax Sauna Testimonials

We were going to include the back of the next brochure as our page 3 above, but it may be too intense for some people.  So we have decided to create a separate 1-sided or 2-sided brochure below for you.

 sky eye poster
page 3 of new 4 page brochure
front of brochure
back of brochure
See Sky Eye Poster   The Relax Sit up Sauna uses pretty much the
same radiator used in the Sky Eye Radiator, which is a medical device.
7 week report on the healing of a Diabetic Ulcer
using the Sky Eye 800 Watt FIR Radiator


We can email you these
pictures below,
so that you can reprint them.

Just Email us a request !

Phil Wilson
 president of Momentum98
phil feb. 2010

This is the 22 page laminated ringed binder that you can print.
setting up relax sauna
light from the sun Relax sauna sweat vs regular sauna sweat
Relax Sauna 2009 poster   How to Setup the Relax Sauna Poster go to sauna pictures page
go to sauna pictures page
fir light pulsating water molecules
sauna heart article karen russesl before and after
page 2 of ivory brochure
Pulsating water molecules & arthritis go to sauna pictures page Karen Russell Before/After pics
Karen Heavy Metal Toxicity Letter 
page 1 of ivory brochure sky eye
page 2 of new 4 page brochure page 3 of new 4 page brochure
Testimonial Sheet on Sleep, etc.
Relax Sky Eye - Diabetic Ulcer Heavy Metal Detox - Urine Report
Sky Eye Report on Diabetic Ulcer
sauna lie down
sky eye poster lovely panda sauna table lamp
Relax Lie Down Sauna Pictures go to sauna pictures page go to sauna pictures page go to sauna pictures page
page 1 of new 4 page brochure page 4 of  new 4 page brochure page 4 of ivory brochure relax far infrared sauna makes a difference
19 reasons why prefer relax sauna
 5 Testimonial letters
Relax Sauna stands head & shoulders  Semi Conductor Chip Reflecting Tent

reflecting tent bagged sauna

go to sauna pictures page go to sauna pictures page

Dozens of new videos are on Youtube for you to see:
At the end of the Youtube page are links to 2 - 1 hour radio interviews of me in the spring of 2011,  that you can listen to:
Go to our page of all youtube testimonies & interviews of Phil Wilson and others about the Relax Sauna
10 new pictures of people in the Relax Sauna at shows:


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There is educational information available here:

This is an excerpt from one of the first books to extensively talk about the benefits of
 Far Infrared Energy,
and to promote Far Infrared Saunas. - Detox or Die, by Sherry Rogers.


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