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The Relax Sauna Reports on Testimonials
The Relax Sauna
Reports on Testimonials

Heavy Metal Toxicity?
Through the Sweat ... 
And Through the Urine ....

The Relax Sauna is getting a reputation for being one of the best ways to get rid of Heavy Metal Toxcity.
We were in Indianapolis for a show, and one lady took the Relax Sauna up to her Hotel Room,
and used it for 25 minutes.
The next morning, she reported that her urine absolutely reeked of Heavy Metals.

Karen Russell purchased a sauna from us in November, 2007, and reported to us
tremendus success with getting rid of her heavy metal toxicity problems.  (see below)
We are also happy to report that after we let the company in Taiwan know of Karen Russell's
experience in
getting lab reports that her heavy metals were normal for the 1st time in 2 1/2 years,
after using the Relax Sauna only
1 month ...

See Karen Russell's letter to us Feb. 2009

That the Taiwan office did some experiments of their own.

They reported to us:

One man provided urine to them Before
 and Again, After using the Relax Sauna.

Urine Before Using the Relax Sauna
Urine After Using the Relax Sauna
Heavy Metal
amount in units

Heavy Metal amount in units
Antimony (Sb)
Antimony (Sb) .23
Arsenic (As)
Arsenic (As) 220
Cadmium (Cd)
Cadmium (Cd)
Lead (Pb)
Lead (Pb) 1.00
Mercury (Hg)
Mercury (Hg) .69
Nickel (Ni)
Nickel (Ni) 9.0

This demonstrates that the Toxins go NOT ONLY into the Sweat,
But also are released through the body through urine, also !

Notice that there was more than twice as much arsenic in the urine
after being in the sauna than before.

We interpret this:  Basking in the FIR Rays produced by the Relax Sauna
helped the body get rid of a lot more arsenic than normally excreted. 
And as you can see, from the other heavy metals for THIS PARTICULAR PERSON,
who probably had arsenic and nickel toxicity, more heavy metals were released
after being in the sauna than is normally released through the urine.

Many years ago, We did a Study in Japan, and measured the sweat
After Someone was in  the Relax Far Infrared Sauna, and after someone was in a Regular (not FIR) Sauna.

sweat produced by the Relax Sauna containing toxins


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Heavy Metal Toxicity?

Karen reports that after 2 1/2 years of struggling with heavy metal toxicity (mercury, lead, etc.), although she had had moderate success with a number of other products, her symptoms still persisted, and her lab reports all showed too much mercury and lead.  After 5 weeks of using the Relax Sauna, Karen felt so much better.  Her lab reports also for the 1st time showed normal levels of mercury and lead.

Note: Karen had already lost some weight before getting the Relax sauna.  However, after using the sauna, she reports to us that in the next 2 months, her skin texture dramatically changed, her cellulite  decreased  65-70% , her skin was no longer dry, & her fat content went from 38% to 20%.

 2007- 2008  Before  picture
 of Karen Russell

 2007- 2008   After picture of Karen Russell

 Massage Therapists are amazed
at the difference 10 minutes 
in the Sauna makes

We have been having amazing reports recently by many  massage therapists and health professionals. After a massage therapist in Detroit got a Relax Sauna from us, she put one of her MS clients in the Sauna, and the relief was so great, this Massage Therapists ordered 3 more saunas to sell to this client, and 2 others.  

It is almost common knowledge among massage therapists that when they put their clients in the RELAX sauna for just 10 minutes, they can generally give a “50 minute massage” in about 25 minutes.   Another health professional doing reconnective tissue work also reported to us even better results.   “Massaging people after they have been in the RELAX sauna for 10 minutes is like butter melting in the microwave,” we have been told.

Mayo Clinic says FIR Saunas are Good for Heart

According to a 2004 article, Scientists at the Mayo Clinic experimented with Heart patients, using FIR Saunas, and found out that these saunas are NOT ONLY SAFE, but turn around the health of the most serious end-stage heart patients.

Cancer Clinics Recommend FIR Saunas

When we exhibit at the Cancer Control Society Conventions every year, we are extremely popular. Most of the doctors speaking explain the protocol they use in their clinics, and most of them recommend that their patients use a FIR Sauna.

Diabetic Ulcers disappear in 2 months,
 in only 2 months


A lady who owns a spa in Philadelphia bought our sauna because she was impressed with our report  showing how the Sky Eye Professional Radiator had helped a huge ulcer heal in only 7 weeks. (see below.)   She  has been using the Relax Sauna in her health spa, charging for 20 minute sessions.  She reported to us that she has had two clients who each had maybe 5-10 small diabetic ulcers on their legs.  Both, after using the sauna just twice a week, had their diabtic ulcers clear up in just 2 months.

No More Hepatitis C / No liver transplant needed

She also reported to us that a man who had hepatitis C no longer has it, and that  a lady told she needed a liver transplant no longer needs one.  Both received a series of sauna treatments.
Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis, & Pain
The Relax Sauna has been used by many with arthritis, fibromyalgia,  & aches & pains.   Those going through Kidney dialysis also  report greatly  reduced  side effects when  using a FIR  sauna before these treatments.

After using your Relax Far Infrared Sauna, You will be Sleeping Better

We are getting many reports from those who have been using the Relax Sauna regularly, that they sleep so much better than before.

One lady would come into our store and use our sauna  for 5-10 minutes 2-3 times a week.  She has reported to us on those days she used the sauna she did not need any sleeping pills, and she slept great. After 3 months of using the sauna for just 5-10 minutes 2-3 times a week, just barely sweating, she has reported to us she no longer needs any sleeping pills period.

We were at a show in Cincinnati, and a lady bought a sauna from us.  We took it up to her hotel room for her.  The next day, she told us that she used the sauna for just 15 minutes before going to bed, and she had the best sleep she has ever had in a hotel before !

Some of the reasons Why Our Customers
And Health Professionals Prefer the Relax Sauna to other FIR Saunas
  1. Medical Device Technology.  Advanced semi-conductor chip - giving 100% FIR 4-14 um.
  2. We are Pro-Choice.  We give you the option to put your head inside or outside the tent.
  3. We are a Green Product.  We recycle the Far Infared Ray Light .  We use silver in our reflecting tent.
  4. Completely Portable with its own carrying case. Weighs just 18 lbs. Tent Folds easily.
  5. Medical Device Quality at an affordable Price. $1050 sugg retail / Internet special:  $950.
  6. No Warm-up Time.  You start feeling good, warm and toasty in about 30 seconds.
  7. Complete Sweat in 15-20 minutes.  Usually takes only 8 minutes to start sweating.
  8. Takes up very little space - Sit Up or Lie Down Models.   Very small “Footprint”
  9. Comes with quality insulated comfortable chair.  Fold towel on seat, drape 2nd towel.
  10. Very Easy to Clean.  Zip up Sauna. Turn Sauna on.  Kills bacteria in 5 minutes.
  11. Scientific Documentation & Research. We have papers validating quality & effectiveness.
  12. We are receiving testimonials every day.  Many are from people who have owned wooden FIR Saunas.
  13. The cost of using the Relax Sauna is about 12 cents an hour.
  14. The nylon tent with silver impregnated in it is not porous like wood, and does not attract bacteria.
  15. The Relax Sauna is very easy to set up  (3-4 minutes), and very easy to tear down  (1 minute).
  16. The RELAX Sauna radiators only generate a FIR very warm healing light.  The skin does NOT get hot.

Professional Far Infrared Sky Eye
800 Watt Radiator
World’s most  powerful medical lamp used for healing purposes.

sky eye

More Testimonies on the Relax Sauna

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