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Relax Sauna Testimonials



Written Testimonials




I decided to not wait any longer and submit the testimonial you requested.  Here it is:

"As I have an active and busy lifestyle, I pay particular attention to managing my level of stress.  In this regard, I find the FIR sauna and FIR lamp to be effective tools for two reasons.  The first is that they work quickly in melting away stress.  The second is that using them requires minimal effort on my part – in other words, I can allow the products to guide me to a relaxed state without having to think or try doing anything.  For an individual experiencing a difficult-to-break cycle of stress in their life, I would recommend the FIR products.  They certainly have found a home in my "stress management toolbox."

Steven T.–San Francisco, CA

I hope your time in Santa Clara this weekend was fun and productive.  I'm sure I'll see you once again at a fair or expo.  Until then, take care.

Steven - Jun 7, 2016:



“….one of the smartest purchases I have ever made…I use it everyday when I’m not home…it feels great, I feel very alive when I’m using it…I also use it before I go to bed at night to get a good nights sleep…I just love it, it’s a great product… Dr. K.D.- Naturopathic Doctor- Ca. 2014
“…my muscles were very tight…I did yoga the day before and it (the sauna) feels great…the regular saunas at the gym are too intense and make me uncomfortable…I’ve had chronic issues with my back for 15 years…right now (in the sauna) I feel very loose and all I did was sit in the sauna for five minutes…it’s pretty amazing…I love it!” M.K - Ca. 2014




“…it’s the best money I ever spent…it nips everything in the bud, if I feel a cold coming on I get in (the sauna)…I’m fine the next day…anything hurts…I’m fine the next day…my husband has degenerative nerve damage, he started using (the sauna) daily and he his no longer using his cane or his leg brace…it penetrates so fast…it saves time…I love it…” Dr. J.L- Naturopathic Doctor - Ca. 2013



Hi Phil,   ....   About six weeks ago I purchased the Relax far infrared sauna and began using it almost every day. I only wish I had photographed my elbows and arms covered in psoriasis because now they are almost 100% healed! I'm stunned because I have tried so many paths and nothing knocked it out.
I've also come to enjoy the ritual of the sauna. After my 20 minutes zipped up whatever stresses I feel in me dissolve and I am calm. I follow with a shower beginning with lukewarm water and finishing with a cold blast that makes my skin feels brand new.


See the testimonials below.  Many more are flooding into us.  Rest assured the Relax Sauna is one of the most effective Far Infrared Saunas in the marketplace.
updated October 18th 2014

  Call us at 614 262 7087  or   800 533 4372 if you have questions !

I am spreading the word because I think that so many people might find that a Relax sauna is a far healthier alternative to masking symptoms with meds as I once did. I lead a very healthy lifestyle but the sauna is just what I needed to take me to the next level.

Test# 18  -  rec. May 29, 2011  --   Feeling so much better, large lipoma fatty deposit 2/3 dissolved, burning calories, sleeping better
In mid-April I received my new Far-Infrared Sauna. Thought I would give you an update and observations on its use. It is now the end of May (2011) and I have consistently used the unit for 5 weeks (was out of town for a week during this time).   In my first week, I lost 3 pounds. Was using the unit morning and evening for about 10 minutes each. During my first 3 weeks, I was very tired,,, but you must know that for the last 20 years I have had (a great deal) of trouble sleeping at night; never sleeping for more than 2-2.5 hours at a time.

After about a week's usage, I noticed I was sleeping 4-5 hours at a time and believe that I am still in the 'catching up' stage; as well as I believe I was detoxing.   I now have no trouble falling asleep and wake only once for a bathroom run during the night. A dramatic improvement for me!At the end of 6 weeks, I have lost 6 pounds. I have INCREASED my food intake. After the 3rd week, I had a (psuedo) medical consultation (with my sister -- Masters Degree in Nursing) and complained of weakness and inability to do anything but drag my butt to work and home. She is well aware of my FIR Sauna usage (and has since purchased one herself!), and asked about my food intake. She explained to me that the symptoms I had were from low blood sugar because the sauna was burning so many calories.  I have since (close to) doubled my food intake and am eating small meal/snacks every 2-3 hours. The low blood sugar symptoms totally went away in about 2 days and have not returned. And by the way, am down a clothing size also.

My trip out of town was sans sauna. I gained 3 pounds during the week,,,, no access to my Whole Foods Market or my sauna!!! That weight was lost in 5 days the following week after my return to better nutrition and the sauna! My most remarkable reaction to the sauna usage is the effect it has had on my fatty lipoma. Located on the back of my shoulder, it WAS about 3" by 1.5" and had been surgically removed about 18 years ago. It was getting so large that I was facing having to have it removed again! To my great surprise and delight, the sauna has MELTED the fatty lipoma by approximately 2/3 in the 5 weeks I have been using it! I now am happy to report that I expect it will fully melt and save me at least the cost of the sauna, if not more!! I now use the sauna only at night,,,, am doing a 15 minute session when I get home and another 15 minutes before I go to bed.

Your FIR Sauna is an integral part of my health regime. Will update you again in a few months!!!    more from D.S. /  texas

Testimonial # 17  -  rec. April 23, 2011  --  
I love the Relax Sauna - Losing Weight Already ! 
In 7 days, I lost 4 pounds.  I am sleeping better.  I feel I am detoxing, as I am kind of tired, in a good way.  The Pain around by liver that I have had for a while, is almost gone.  I use the Relax Sauna 15 minutes every morning, and 20 minutes before I go to bed.  I really Love the Relax Sauna.  I think I have 2 friends who want them now.   
/    D.S.  / Texas

Testimonial # 16
  Fibromyalgia pain gone, flexibility for Back Pain sufferer, and Feeling Good !
 Bonus conclusion After much research:   Relax Sauna ONLY Quality Sauna.
received 4/23/11

I bought your Fir Relax Sauna at the Universal Light Expo in Oct 2010 and it has been a Godsend for me. I suffer from fibromyalgia and this sauna has helped me beyond measure. I have been a police officer for many years and this sauna has also helped lower my stress level after a day on the road. You have no idea how great I feel after 1/2 hour in this sauna. Since I am so relaxed when I come out of the sauna my sleep at night is better than it has been in years. It amazes me the amount of sweat that pours from the body from a truly "deep" sweat. This sauna just doesn't touch the surface, but goes deep and you can feel it.

I did much research on different saunas and this one is by far the "only" quality sauna I found. I am at the Expo in October every year and last year the only thing I cared about coming home with was this sauna. Nothing else at the show compared !!!!

My nephew has had numerous back surgeries due to injuries he sustained in Iraq and the Gulf war. He could not bend to touch his toes and when he was over one day sat in my sauna. He was amazed on how good he felt after he got out, and teared up when he could actually bend over and touch his toes.
Unfortunately, the VA will not approve a sauna for him (even though it is listed as a medical device) so he and his wife will have to save some to hopefully buy one for him. So he gets over to my house when he can to use mine.

So we BOTH thank you !!!!   Please feel free to use my name, etc. for your website if you need to. And again...me and my body (and my nepphew's body) THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!   /  M.P.  / Ohio



Testimonial # 15 - The Relax Sauna got rid of a pain that hands could not get rid of   -  October, 2010

I am a practitioner of holistic medicine, and in a year, I’ll be an M.D.  I had an excruciating pain in my shoulder.  I went for massages to try and get rid of my shoulder pain.  I also had a lot of other different things  and treatments  done to try and relieve my pain.  But no one could get to the pain because of where it was buried in my body.

        I was in the infrared sauna for 7 to 8 minutes.  And, then my shoulder pain was gone, and it’s still gone. I’m really seriously impressed with this sauna!  I had immediate results!

Because  I am a person who is very open to anyone who can help me, I’m very receptive to a lot of people’s touch therapies.  But where my shoulder pain was located, no human hand could reach it, no human hand could get to it.  My pain was located under the bone, and therapists could not get to this spot.

But the portable infrared sauna got to my painful spot because the infrared penetrates deeply (about 1.5 inches).   And this is why I like the sauna, because it works at the cellular level.  Within each cell, there’s a memory, and this allows the sauna to successfully do its work on each disorder, on each disease.

Again, the sauna was able to do for me what other therapies and therapists had not been able to do.  The sauna caused my pain to immediately be gone.  And, it’s still gone now.  I’m seriously impressed with this sauna!  I had immediate results! -     R.B.  / Pennsylvania

Testimonial # 14 - The Relax Sauna does not overheat.   -  May, 2010
This sauna looks totally silly. But I really really get overheated in a traditional sauna. This one doesn't do that. And your hair stays looking good. Things to consider! / C.N. / US

   Testimonial # 13 - The Relax Sauna helps the pain.   -  August, 2010
Just wanted you to know I am using the sauna and I think it is helping.  Just curious how many times is safely recommended for use?  Just curious if you know/heard of any people who have stories that they have been cured of cancer yet or what others might have experienced whether they broke out in a rash or what to expect as far as to know if it is working and how long it takes to have a recovery if there have been any?  My neighbor told me they saw a story years back on 60 minutes of a fir sauna curing cancer, and you know I think I remember seeing it too, but couldn't find it as yet. 
      Also I am taking the Karma Cleanse.  I actually worked up to a teaspoon a day.  Do you know of anything else I could be doing or you could suggest to me.  I noticed I am losing the bloat.  I am taking the cell power and have used the MMS II a little (not as much as I should - I know that), green tea and ginger tea.  I am trying this alternative method for now and praying hard the cancer just goes away.  Thanks for any information that might help.
      I've told everyone I know about the sauna - neighbors, friends, a few doctors what I'm trying to do to avoid surgery, work buddies, some from Columbus as I work in ...  production and so I told them it is the solution to their aches and pains.    I am sure you will get a couple of sales as many people as I have told about them and raved about how it helps the pain.   I've given out your website and I think I've generated some earnest interest.  Funny, no one around here has ever seen anything like your sauna.   I'm grateful to you to be able to help me get the Sauna.  Thanks again for all your help.  / P.G. / Ohio
Testimonial # 13 - The Relax Sauna is awesome.   Extremely comfortable.   -- July, 2010
The Relax Far Infrared Sauna that I purchased at the show is awesome.  I have been looking for the best sauna for awhile now.  It is the "real deal" and as far as I know this unit is the only one with medical device technology in the states.  I especially love the flexibilty of the sauna.  The most important feature is that this particular sauna has a patented semi-conductor chip (which is the differentiating factor) which allows the absorbable FIR energy - the good 4-14 microns at temps up to 140-170 degrees - good for the body and with no harmful near and medium infrared rays.   Other far infrared devices do not have this semi-conductor chip and hence do not generate far infrared light at high temps.  
Tha amazing thing is that even though one sits in high temperatures, it is extremely comfortable.  It is uniquely compatible with our energy and easily absorbed by the human body.  You can actually feel its healing properties while sitting in the sauna.  I have learned so much since using this sauna. I plan on purchasing another unit soon for a second location I am opening. /  M.A. / Colorado

  Testimonial # 12 - Many other saunas cannot compare to the Relax Sauna -- May, 2010
The Relax Sauna  is the sauna I have been looking for. 
I have been in it several times. I have a group of friends that are interested
 in the relaxed portable sauna.  One friend bought one on ebay.  It is nothing compared to this one.  D.R. / USA
Testimonial # 11  - likes not having the Head inside the Sauna
- - Nov. 2010
I have used the Relax Sauna for 6 years. As you learn about health you learn how unhealthy it is to heat the head. This is productive and safe and you are not re-breathing the toxins your body just released. I leave it set up all the time so it can be used everyday.  /  W.H. / US
Testimonial # 10  -  Feeling Bright and Clear - So Easy to Sweat. received Dec. 2010 -
I'm absolutely loving the sauna.   I've incorporated it into my morning meditation practice, and it helps me feel so bright and clear.   I never would have dreamed it was so easy to just sweat my prayers every morning in my living room.   Thank you for providing this wonderful tool for healing and inner peace.  Blessings, - TB, Az
Testimonial # 9 - The Relax Sauna is the Best Sauna there is !  (Happy Customers said it  --  not me -- )
Recently, 2 individuals have told me, one over the phone, a man who has had ulcerative colitis for a number of years.  He was absolutely
raving about the Relax Sauna which he purchased from us about 3 months ago.   He said that he has done a LOT of research on
 Far Infrared Red, and after this research decided to buy the Relax Sauna from us. He said not only that the Relax Sauna has given
 him back his life, but that the RELAX Sauna is the best Sauna there is, and he is telling everyone in chat rooms that it is. 
He related to me that one man told him that he had saved up $2000 to buy a wooden sauna, and this man told me he told him,
"Do Not Waste your Money, the RELAX Sauna is the Best One threre is."

We are awaiting more details from this man on how the RELAX Sauna has helped him.
Meanwhile, a man who has authored a number of best selling books, bought a sauna from us in June.  He is well versed about
Far Infrared Light Saunas, and has been promoting their use for years.  He has also owned a wooden sauna for years.
 I was talking to him a few weeks ago, after a talk that he gave to a large audience on one of his books, and he was relating to me how
 much he liked the Relax Sauna.  He then told me very enthusiastically that "The Relax Sauna was the Best Sauna."   

I never tell people the RELAX Sauna is the BEST SAUNA.  It is NOT MY PLACE.  There are a few good saunas out there
that do a really good job.  I believe the RELAX Sauna is a great sauna, and probably the most effective one, the most efficient one
 (in terms of time), and one of the best buys for your money.   I am careful NOT to say it is the BEST one.

However, it warms my heart when I hear this from satisfied customers who do have a lot of experience with other Far Infrared Light Saunas.
Testimonial # 8  /  Oxygen Saturation Level - no headaches, etc. -  Nov, 2010  - 
My name is C.   I purchased a relax sauna from you about  3 weeks ago.  Prior to using the sauna, I used to suffer from constant
 hick-ups, hours of yawning, fatigue, and headaches.  I used to have to go in frequently to my doctor to measure my oxygen saturation
 levels and do oxygen therapy throughout the week. Three days before I started using the sauna, I had just gotten my latest test -
 only 67% oxygen saturation.  I started to use it 15 minutes daily.  I just went to see my doctor  (3 weeks since my last visit-longest ever)
 and my levels of oxygen saturation read at 100%.   I haven’t had any headaches,  fatigue, yawning, or hick-ups.
 I feel amazing.  I would really like to get this booklet to read.  Thank you for your time     …    C.G.


Testimonial # 7:  You can feel its healing properties & You are Comfortable. 7/2010

The Relax Far Infrared Sauna that I purchased at the show is awesome.  I have been looking for the best sauna for awhile now. 
It is the "real deal" and as far as I know this unit is the only medical device in the states.  I especially love the flexibilty of the sauna.
 The most important feature is that this particular sauna has a patented semi-conductor chip (which is the differentiating factor)
which allows the absorbable FIR energy - the good 4-14 microns at temps up to 140-170 degrees - good for the body
 and with no harmful near and medium infrared rays.   Other far infrared devices do not have this semi-conductor chip
and hence do not generate far infrared light at high temps.  
Tha amazing thing is that even though one sits in high temperatures, it is extremely comfortable.
 It is uniquely compatible with our energy and easily absorbed by the
human body.  You can actually feel its healing properties while sitting in the sauna.
I have learned so much since using this sauna. I plan on purchasing another unit
soon for a second location I am opening.
M. A.


Testimonial # 1)   Heavy  Metals  toxicity no longer there - Hands and Feet Feel Warmer ... Dec. 2009
“I got a handful of information from Phil at Momentum98 regarding the “Relax Sauna” at a local Body, Mind, and Spirit Expo.
  I spent the evening reading all the testimonials and facts regarding the unit.  I was highly impressed!  My personal challenges
 included Heavy Metal Toxicity, Diabetes, and circulatory issues.  I had gained the nickname “Toxic Man” from one
of my healers after many decades of chemical exposure from being in the automotive industry.   After reading the material,
 the “Relax Sauna” seemed to be the answer I was looking for and with many other benefits to boot!”

“I’ve been using it now on a regular basis for over a year.  My heavy metal levels have been dropping and my last test
for mercury came out in a normal range.  Using the Sauna has helped speeding up the wound healing process and improved my circulation as I’ve noticed my hands and feet are warmer in the wintertime.  Plus, getting into the Sauna during the
winter months, it just feels so good, like a day at the beach!  What I most enjoy about the “Relax Sauna” is the convenience
of having it in the house as opposed to traveling to the local club and I know how clean I keep my sauna!   The “Relax Sauna”
 has been the BEST investment I’ve made for my health and I look forward to many years of faithful service from it as
 I improve my health!  I highly recommend it to everyone who is faced with any health challenge!”

Keep it aglow !    -  T.C. , Pennsylvania

Testimonial # 2 /  Chemical Sensitivity  & Muscle Problems being resolved.
The Joy of having your head outside the sauna.  "Very Relaxing Soft" heat felt. Jan. 20, 2010

Dear Phil,
My husband and I are so pleased with the Relax Sauna. We have never sweated so effortlessly before. We have a very nice wooden
FIR sauna, but we would have to get it so hot before we would start sweating -- and, my head would always get too hot.
We both love having our heads outside the sauna (although you can put a towel over your head while in the sauna).
We also like the fact that we can turn on one or both heaters at a time. Sometimes I just want to sit in the sauna for an hour on
one heater and soak up the FIR rays. Then, I'll put both heaters on to finish up the last 10 minutes. Other times I like to start out
with both heaters on, get hot, and then turn it down to one heater to finish up. Also, it is great being able to partially open the zippers
 to control the heat inside the sauna. Sometimes I feel like reading, so being able to put my arms out is great. It is amazing how light
and portable this unit is. If we ever go on a trip, we're taking our Relax Sauna with us! The heaters put out a very relaxing "soft" heat.
We feel so relaxed and warm inside our bodies afterwards. My muscles feel so much better after a session in the sauna.
I have had chemical sensitivities and muscle problems for years, and your sauna is really doing good things for me. 
And I have to tell you, you have been so helpful. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you.
I am telling my friends they need to contact you and get your sauna.
L & K - California

Testimonial # 3 -- A Blessing for relaxing, etc, - even with Titanium Rods in my body.
Sauna purchased - April 2007, testimonial arrived February, 2010.
The Relax Far Infared Sauna has been a real blessing in my life.  I have titanium rods in my back and a missing rib and vertebra
 due to reconstuctive surgery and my body often aches---The infared energy goes deep into my cells and my body can relax.
 My body temperature runs cold- so popping into the sauna also warms me up

R. H.  - California

Testimonial # 4 -- lymes's disease - cellulite reduction - sweating for 1st time, etc.
Relax Sauna Purchased - March, 2010

I bought the Relax Lie Down Sauna by recommendation of a physician.  I have suffered for 5 years from lyme disease and heavy metal toxicity.
  No matter what support I gave my body my health never improved.  Little did I know that sweating was the key to open the door to better health.  My body was so overburdened by toxins and heavy metals that I have not broke a sweat since becoming ill.  I ordered the Relax Sauna one day
 and it arrived the very next day.  I was like a child on christmas morning!  I had it ready to go in 5 minutes, I kid you not.   It took a couple
of days for my body to begin sweating and after that, only two weeks later I am feeling and seeing things happen that I find amazing in such
 a short time.  I sleep, my mind and body is for the first time in a constant relaxed state.  The lyme disease had left my nervous system in
overdrive and I cannot believe how calm and relaxed I am now.  I never had cellulite, ever, until my body became overburdened with toxins.
 It just seemed to come out of nowhere.  Since using the Relax Sauna it is simply disappearing, like melting away!!!   It is all quite amazing
 in such a short time!  This by far is the most precious & the smartest investment I have ever made.  I thank you with my whole heart
Phillip for such an amazing piece of the puzzle to get my health & life back.  I am so excited for what lies ahead! 

Sincerely, K.G. - Ohio

Testimonial # 5 - May, 2010  / Less Expensive Saunas cannot compare to the Relax Sauna

The Relax Sauna  is the sauna I have been looking for.  I have been in it several times. I have a group of friends that
are interested in the relaxed portable sauna. 
One friend bought one on ebay. It is nothing compared to this one.
D. R.
Testimonial # 6 - May, 2010   The Relax Sauna generates Warm Healing Light, not harsh heat

This lady reported to us that she met us at an expo (April, 2010) , tried the Relax Sauna, absolutely loved the energy and healing she felt
 from being in the Relax Sauna.  She then did some research online, and found another sauna that even had "so called"
 Ceramic Radiators.    She bought that one only after she knew she could return it.  She received that sauna, she sweated good,
but told us the heat was very very harsh, and she felt like her adrenals were depleted. 
She returned that Sauna, and then bought a Relax Sauna,  and is very very very happy with the warmth she experiences,
and the results she is getting.   She feels that the other sauna was actually not an FIR sauna, but only an infrared sauna,
 and feels that the information she read on-line was not really honest or true.   - P.W.

A note from Phil Wilson
President  of Momentum98 

phil in 1967 as a youth    phil - dec 2010
Then and Now

See how young the Sauna has made me !
well... ok.   this is a picture of me from about 40 years ago.
I still look sort of young.  People do tell me how pretty my skin is.

I use the relax sauna regularly, and I absolutely love the feeling
of being in the relax sauna for 20 minutes !

It really is amazing how cleansed one feels at the end of a 20 minute sauna. 
And if you really
want a treat ...  do 20 minutes ...  take a shower ...
 then do another 20 minutes.
      What a treat !

See our page on new Relax Sauna literature we now have available

No other portable sauna has the technology that the Relax Sauna has,
and they just do not feel as good.   -  As far as I can tell,
no other portable sauna uses 100% FIR light.  We document this below.

You may look at the FDA Summary of Our listing as a Medical Device documenting that
The range of emission of the Relax Sauna is 4-14 microns, and additonal information.

I have never seen any documentation from any other portable sauna that their
saunas generate more than 20% FIR light.

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