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Last Updated: 1/9/2014
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 Discussion on the health benefits of the Relax Far Infrared Sauna.

From a talk at the New Life Yoga Expo in June of 2014

Here is a transcription of the talk .

Hi, my name is Philip Wilson I'm from Columbus Ohio and I have a health food store called Momentum 98 natural health store. I've had the store since 1980. I got into fasting in 1970. 

At the booth we are putting people in the sauna. What we do is we put people into the sauna at the booth, it's like a trick ,see, you go in there and you experience whatever it is in five minutes, you'll fall in love. If you haven't fallen in love with the first time we encourage you to come back a second or third time and by the that time, you're in love with your beloved and then this is a matter of time before you and your beloved are united.

When you describe what far infrared is,  people have no picture, they have no clue and having taught mathematics for many years and having taught math to future elementary teachers to be. It is much easier for people to know what the far infrared is by seeing the picture.

See there's no there's nothing in the way. So when I described having after having demonstrating the relaxed sauna for 12 years. Before that I had another sauna that looked sort of like that, you know how a Chevy Chevette sort of looks like a Mercedes, you know from a block away they sort of look the same. So it's only another sauna had with panels on the side, it was nice. I would take the chair out. Sit there for 20 minutes and after 45 to 50 minutes I'd have a good sweat. It was nice. I loved it. If you've never had a car and you had one that goes 35 miles an hour you'd be pretty happy. But once you find one that goes 70-80 miles an hour, you would not use the other car that goes 35 miles an hour. And so this is like the Mercedes of all the saunas. The wooden infrared saunas that cost $4000 people say how does that compare to this? I say they're good,  they really are good but they don't have the technology we have because what makes us a sauna great is the quality of the light that is generated. The brightness of the light, the exactness of the light in this particular sauna as a particular energy were 95 to 99% of the light that comes from the generators are actually far infrared light.

How you describe what far infrared light is?

 I'll give you one or two examples.
Out under the sun, like on the beach or a swimming pool you feel the hotness on your skin. That's not far infrared light, that's ultraviolet light. Or you have a hairdryer in your home and you feel the hotness on your hair or in your skin,  that's not far infrared light, it does not penetrate. But when you lying in the sun, you feel the deep penetrating lights that goes to your core, the resonating that you're feeling, that penetration that's far infrared light. You can feel that on a cold day. You can feel that on a cold winter day in a wool winter coat is sure freezing chilly outside. You close your eyes to focus on the light sun you can feel it in the core being warmed. That is far infrared light being absorbed into the body, penetrating deeply, the far infrared resonating with the cells in your body. It massages every single cell of your body and that is why the massage therapist in North Carolina at the world massage Festival said “my gosh this is better than a massage”. Because every single cell of your body's being massaged.

When massage therapists put someone in here for 5 to 10 minutes and they give them a massage,  they can do their work in half the time. Because all the work has been done. This guy came to us yesterday and he had gotten a sauna from us a year ago. He said he puts people in and all the pores are opened, it warms you the far infrared sauna is incredibly relaxing. It warms the pores, opens the pores to do whatever else he does. Other people other therapists such as colon therapists can do much better colonics. One lady in Florida got a relaxed sauna for her office and she had a $4000 wooden poplar sauna in her house, two months later she sold it for $1250 so she could buy another relaxed sauna for house because she liked it so much better. That's strange because they cost $4000,  that's because what makes the Relax far infrared sauna good is the energy that comes out of it and out of those Relax sauna radiators you have a semi conductor chip that takes the energy from the electricity and transforms it into 95 to 99 percent energy that you can feel, like the sun on a cold day.

Now the regular infrared saunas that Sherry Rogers talks about in her book “detoxify or die”. The regular wooden saunas. She says infrared saunas are the only thing that gets plastics out the body. She says it's the best way to get heavy metals out of body. We sell to a lot of naturalpathic doctors, we sell to clinical nutritionists. We go to 24 to 30 natural conferences every year it's taken a while the people are finally starting to understand, that this is the state-of-the-art right now in 2014 for saunas. We have about 12 videos on YouTube of people talking about far infrared saunas. I had a wooden sauna. I've been in 10 different wooden saunas the last 10 to 15 years. None of them makes me tingle like this one does. I feel like dancing in the rain after being in 15 minutes.

Sometimes people go in and I say you won't sweat. But all of a sudden they start sweating, and this lady didn't care because she felt so good. That happens a lot. I've had 80,000 people in the relax far infrared sauna, and the last 10 to 12 years at shows. I've experienced probably 5 to 10,000 minor major miracles in only 5 to 10 minutes are getting reports from people when they come back a year or two or 3 to 5 years or even 10 years later and they say I have the sauna this still works great. People say how long will the sauna last? I say there's a one-year warranty but it lasts 10 to 20 years. And pretty soon I'll start telling people it will last 10 to 40 years because I don't see any reason why won't last longer. In Taiwan where these are made, in Taiwan is known for quality merchandise just like Japan, they have one of our radiators running 24 hours a day seven days a week for nine years straight.

So it's a good unit.

Lady from the audience asked ”would you explain the technology”.

I put the relaxed sauna on the map. It just happened that way, it was my lot. Very simply what's happening is the energy, the far infrared energy, resonates, for example, we vibrate at 9.4 nanometers, that's the energy that we shine and we shine 75 W worth of this energy and we go around as light beings were light beings. People said such as Daniel Brinkley said “we' re beings of light” and many others Barbara Brian said we're beings of light. It's an visible light but we glow. Your people say you're glowing today. What we really are but it's a light we can't see with the human eye and Jacob Lieberman wrote the book “Light, Medicine of the Future” and when I read it I wasn't thinking of an visible light as well. This is an visible light generated by the far infrared sauna. There's silver embedded in the nylon tents of the sauna and it acts like a mirror because it's light and bounces back like a mirror. So you are absorbing the light from every nook and cranny in the tent. Have you ever noticed that cats lie in the sun? They don't lie in the shade because they are absorbing the far infrared lights. If you go into old wooden sauna with a window and you sit right in front of the window. Guess what? You're not getting any of the light front of you. Because you have to sit in front of the light in order for it to work.

The light that comes in the same energy because our semi conductor chip is made of a alloy. Infrared emitters in a wooden sauna in it 40-60% of that energy that comes out of when electricity hits its is far infrared ray. They're able to do that and it took them many many years. His main materials like jade, terminally, charcoal, brick but maybe 2 to 5 to 12 to 14% far infrared energy. Every material in the sun hits it will bounce back visibly a reflection.

So this energy resonates with you and that, it's like when you run into someone thinks the same way you think and ask the same way you think. You have a resonating with them and when you see them all the sudden they smile  and your happy, joyful , so when this far infrared for it comes to us we'll recognize as being the same energy and that's why they call it resonance. Like when you're outside on a cold winter day the sunlight penetrates through your close and resonates with you so you feel like oh my gosh I feel alive . And I will ask people at shows how they feel and they say I feel so alive. I feel relaxed and energized same time.

Woman asks what causes the healing effects. How does it heal you? How does the light do that?

The light resonates with you and that you recognize you merge with that energy. It absorbs deeply, it penetrates. What this does, by massaging every cell in your body, the ionic bonds in the water, and your body vibrates. The water molecules could close together and all the vibration causes increase in the core temperature. Socrates said give me a fever I can cure any illness or get me someone to sweat and I can cure any illness. They are keys.

So the resonating that happens. People say how do chicken eggs hatch?  How do turtle eggs hatch?  The turtle eggs hatch because the far infrared energy goes in and pulsates the water molecules in the turtle eggs. The far infrared penetrates 2 inches through the sand and causes the eggs to hatch. The chickens when they sit on the eggs generate far infrared energy, like how we also generate far infrared energy. It's the far infrared energy that gets the eggs to hatch.

Ever heard of a three dog night? It's a saying that when its so cold that you need the three dogs to keep you warm, well its the infrared they emit that keeps you warm. That's what they call a three dog night.

Sometimes you go home and you're tired  and you go in the sauna for five or 10 minutes you feel relaxed,  and you are energized. You now have the energy to finish the project you're working on.  Your pain and your inflammation is gone, for example your knee pain is gone.

Once you get relaxed, you get to a certain point just like meditation or spiritual exercises, you get to a certain point of relaxation and all your scattered energy has been brought into a focal point. Now you have energy to do things. See the scattered energy gets in your way. And then by relaxing you gets all the scattered energy all drawn in and now you can put your attention and the energy will come with you so you know you have more energy to do the things you want. 

So what happens when the far infrared lights is absorbed into your body and resonates with the water molecules because the water molecules pulsates and the water molecules get smaller. The blood cells will also get smaller. It's like  instead of semi trucks driving down a 2 Lane highway, you have motorcycles driving on a four-lane highway it's an exaggeration but it gets the point across. The circulation will increase. Now when your core temperature increases what happens? The lymph system gets called in too, because there's a fever, it creates a natural fever by raising the temperature in the body 1 or a little bit more so instead of 98.6 normal temperature, you're 100.

So in a nutshell what does it do? It increases your core temperature, increases microcirculation,  increases your blood flow and your lymph flow and gets your whole lymphatic system mobilized. Your chi starts moving and your whole metabolic function is on another level, so it cleanses and purifies you. It cleanses and purifies you through the kidneys, the urine, through the colon and through the lungs. And when you start sweating, also through the skin.

The Relax far infrared sauna increases the metabolic function.

So we told the manufacturer in Taiwan where the sauna is made, we said this lady Karen Russell bought our sauna on the recommendation of Doris Rapt who wrote “Our Toxic World”. She bought this sauna because she has too much heavy metals toxins in your body and she didn't know which sauna to get. And so basically, she told her to go see Phil and she bought our lie down sauna. And she said that in one month her blood report came back and she'd be getting blood reports every month last 25 months. And for the first time my letter and my Mercury are normal. For the first time in 25 months.

I do please officer from Pittsburgh come to my store on Thursday and said I'm coming back to the store on Friday with his sweats. They did the whole 30 minutes he said the last 10 minutes was rough since that I've learned that if you get too hot just unzip the zipper. The first sweats I put a towel on the chair I draping of the town the back. He said I'd be back on Friday. He had the most profuse sweating of his life. He said I'll be back tomorrow to pick one up,  to buy it.

Many people have said that I've had the most profuse sweats. To Alan Steinfeld in New York? He's been at our show. He got a sauna from us about six or seven years ago. He says he gets the best sweats in the world. He interviewed me two or three months ago for the show. When people hear the talk when you're at the show and you go in the sauna that really is way more than my talk.

Person asks, is a better if I have clothes on in the Relax sauna or naked?

It has the same exact effect the far infrared rays penetrate through the clothes.

It is good to drink water for using sauna is the one contraindication of using the sauna is that you can get dehydrated. So just tune in to your body,maybe drink water before and drink water after if you feel like it. Usually when I come out I want to drink water I don't know why I just want to drink water.

We've had a lot of success with people with Lyme disease. We have many reports and testimonials of people were very very grateful to have had great success.

Man in audience asks “is it good for blood pressure?”

 I would say it's one the best things in the world for blood pressure, absolutely. We've had so many reports on that. The Mayo Clinic says, it is study in 1984 on far infrared energy,  they concluded that far infrared saunas are very therapeutic for heart patients.  At the same time they say that people with heart condition should not use a regular sauna. Remember when I said the far infrared sauna increases core temperature? Because of that the heart does not have to raise to find equilibrium to reach the outside temperature. When it has to do this it causes problems. But with the far infrared sauna you don't have this problem. The far infrared Relax sauna has 95 to 99% far infrared energy unlike the wooden saunas, the good ones are 40 to 50 or 60%.  This means it is heating the core temperature of your body instead of the skin.

Woman asks “should you put your head in?” I like to jokingly say we're pro-choice. You can have your head in for 10 to 15 minutes for the entire time if you like. But some people don't like to put in. So it's nice is you have the option with this sauna.

(Demonstrates how the Relax Far Infrared sauna folds up for storage.)

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