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MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution- PURE DROPS
Inexpensive and Effective

Turn a Sick Body into a Healthy Body

Many people have had great results using MMS with the following conditions

Viruses – HIV/AIDS
Herpes – HPV
Candida albicans - Yeast infections
Molds - fungus
Chronic fatigue symptoms
Bacteria - including MRSA
Lyme’s disease - taken over a long time, can be helpful
Anthrax …. and most other deadly pathogens
even Malaria…... Oxidizes heavy metals as well...

MMS kills off many harmful pathogens without hurting the friendly flora. It goes right into the bloodstream -
bypassing the digestive system.

MMS appears to have a positive affect on diabetes symptoms as well.

Of course, this will reduce the income of the pharmaceutical companies, but that is another article.
The pharmaceutical companies are fully aware of the effectiveness chlorine dioxide has on eliminating disease
quickly from the body, but since it is so cheap and would dramatically reduce the drug sales – well you know
the rest of the story.

MMS is a powerful oxidant.

The MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution helps oxygenate and alkalinize the body. Diseases such as cancer
cannot survive in an oxygenated/alkaline environment. The Miracle Mineral Solution starts working right away.
It may take many months to cleanse most pathogens in the body using MMS and a few other products,
but the greatest effect will be with consistency over time.

According to Jim Humble, most pathogens can be eliminated in a week or two with 15 drops 2x a day IF your body weight is under 150 pounds. If your body weight is above 150 pounds he suggests 15 drops 3x a day
for at least one week. However, start with just a drop or two and and build up slowly.

Some people are able to reach 15 drops 2x a day fairly easily and within weeks have completed their major detoxification of the pathogens MMS is going to deactivate.

However, many people hit a plateau at a lower amount of drops (sometimes as little as 1 to 5 drops)
and need to stay there for awhile until their body has cleansed what it can.

MMS begins working in the body immediately. For those who are not feeling well prior to take the MMS,
you may find you are more tired adding MMS to your regime. Consider staying at a lower dosage for a longer period of time even if that lower dosage is 1 drop 2x a day OR 1 drop every other day.

Be sure to honor your body by not pushing it too hard. If you feel nauseous or worse after taking a dosage,
cut back and build up slowly. Your body is purging toxins and you cannot rush the process. It may take a year
to cleanse the body - and you may need to use other products as well. Remember consistency over time - in the same way you
cannot force a tree to grow twice as fast, it is with consistency over time that the body releases the toxins and comes back into balance.

The purpose of the Miracle Mineral Solution is to simply and effectively purge the body of the very pathogens that cause the immune
system to weaken, and infections to thrive. MMS may be an inexpensive option if you
have regular colds, flu and other ailments.

As the body is free of these pathogens, the immune system strengthens and begins to do its job of eating up
excess cancer cells, yeast, unfriendly bacteria, viruses etc.
The body begins to heal itself, just as nature intended.

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