lyme disease and far infrared
Last Updated: 10/11/17
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Naturopath Explains Why Far Infrared Sauna is SO EFFECTIVE for Lyme Disease

Summary and transcription;
In this spontaneous Relax Sauna testimonial, Dr. Catherine recommends far infrared saunas for Lyme disease because bacteria dies at 104 degrees body temperature. By using the Relax sauna to increase your body's core temperature you can fight Lyme disease. Infrared saunas are great for people with Lyme disease.

Dr. Catherine has had her Relax sauna for over eight years. “I love my sauna. It works very well with all of my patients that I have, my clients that I have actually, and especially the ones that have Lyme disease, because bacteria dies at 104 1/2° core body temperature. If used repeatedly and regularly it will open your body temperature enough so that your body temperature can raise to a 104 1/2° and kill off the bacteria and parasites also, and fungus and things in your blood and you will feel better after you kill all of that off and get it all out of your body.

I have many clients who have Lyme. And the extreme cases and an extreme protocol, that actually worked on several of my clients that are now Lyme free, has been this sauna, the Relax sauna. And what we do is, we put them in every four hours. We let them sleep all night, of course. Every four hours to five hours we put them in here for at least a week. And that opens their body up.”

In this video, she lays out the protocol that she uses with her clients and goes on to say, “That’s the easiest protocol I know of to get rid of Lyme, get your Lyme down, get yourself feeling better, get yourself looking better, get the toxins out. Use the sauna. The Relax sauna is great. I have hundreds of clients. I've been doing this since 2000. In eight years, there's a lot of people who go through my office. I love this. I would recommend this to anyone.

I use this every day, morning and night, twice a day, for maintenance. I’m in here for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 to 30 minutes at night and I get a good sweat. I like it. It's good. It gets out all the toxins and all the things that happen to you during the day. It's the easiest thing to do because I love to read so when I can catch up on my day’s work, my reading material and when I come out, using the sauna is great.”

Phil comments that the Lyme Conference they attend every year is the best show they do every year since it has proven itself so successful with Lyme.

Dr. Catherine goes on to say, “ You can do a lot of other things but that is why God gave us fever and heat. It’s the most natural way to get rid of so many things, not only Lyme but just so all the other parasites and fungus. It keeps virus… oh, my God, viruses do not like heat at all! So this will keep the virus down. All of you herpes people out there, and I know there's a ton of you, this keeps the virus down, all the different types of herpes, herpes 6, herpes 8, herpes 12, herpes simplex, all of it.”

Phil comments that Hippocrates said, “Give me a chance to create sweat and I can cure disease.”  Dr. Catherine exclaims. “Absolutely. They knew. They knew.”

She goes on to describe how monitoring people's temperatures when they do the sauna is part of her protocol, as it gives her and her patients a scientific gauge as to how it is working. She also discusses how the program is tailored to people’s individual needs.

At the Lyme Conference every year, people there say that the spirochetes do not like heat. The spirochetes leave. “They die.”

Dr. Catherine: “The healthier the person, the better we are to each other, the more humane we are to each other, the better humanity is.”

Relief after 5 years of Lyme Disease and Heavy Metal Toxicity

A written testimonial

"I bought the Relax Lie Down Sauna by recommendation of a physician.  I have suffered for 5 years from Lyme disease and heavy metal toxicity.   No matter what support I gave my body my health never improved.  Little did I know that sweating was the key to open the door to better health.  My body was so overburdened by toxins and heavy metals that I have not broke a sweat since becoming ill.  I ordered the Relax Sauna one day  and it arrived the very next day.  I was like a child on Christmas morning!  I had it ready to go in 5 minutes, I kid you not.   It took a couple of days for my body to begin sweating and after that, only two weeks later I am feeling and seeing things happen that I find amazing in such  a short time.  I sleep, my mind and body is for the first time in a constant relaxed state.  The Lyme disease had left my nervous system in overdrive and I cannot believe how calm and relaxed I am now.  I never had cellulite, ever, until my body became overburdened with toxins.  It just seemed to come out of nowhere.  Since using the Relax Sauna it is simply disappearing, like melting away!!!   It is all quite amazing  in such a short time!  This by far is the most precious & the smartest investment I have ever made.  I thank you with my whole heart Phillip for such an amazing piece of the puzzle to get my health & life back.  I am so excited for what lies ahead!  Sincerely, K.G. - Ohio"

Relax Sauna is the First Thing that Helped Casey with Lyme Disease and Toxicity

Casey has had Lyme disease and mold toxicity for several years and has has been trying to recover and get healthy.  He had not sweat in over a year.  He tried the Relax sauna for 20 minutes and broke a sweat for the first time.  The next day when he tried it he was just drenched.  He felt that the difference after 2 days of trying it was just amazing.  At expos in the past he had Heart Rate Variability tests done about 6 times.  He had been trying things for over a year and said that the first time he recorded any change or had any success register on the test was after he used the Relax sauna.

He said that 2 days before he had felt low energy and now he feels great.  He said it feels soothing and that he now feels more alive.

We saw Casey 2 years later and He is Feeling Phenomenal

Casey's Lyme disease has been greatly helped by the Relax far infrared sauna.
He says he has been feeling phenomenal. It also helped him with diabetic neuropathy.

It was a significant part of my wife’s healing to about 95% recovery

I bought a Relax Sauna from you at at the National Naturopathic Doctor conference in 2012 for my wife. She battled Lyme disease for 4 years. She was treated by a Lyme-literate medical doctor,; And He recommended a sauna half-way through her treatment process. It was a SIGNIFICANT part of her healing in her journey for getting to about 95% recovery. She still uses it to this day.
She was probably at about 75% and she probably went from about 75 to 95% after she was doing 30-60 minute sessions 4-5 times a week.  Now she does 30 minutes maybe 3-4 times a week.  I am super grateful  It’s nice to have (the Relax Sauna) in our home. And it is something I recommend to my patients.   I Absolutely use it myself for vitality, increased blood flow, ...  circulation.  It is so critical.

Lyme Doctor Shares 2 patient’s  Great Experiences with Relax Sauna  / Made HUGE Difference !

I feel very strongly that far infrared has tremendous capability to help people.  These are Both Lyme patients, both close to the end of their treatment.   Kind of stuck a little bit of where they were.  Being in the (Relax) sauna has made a huge difference to them in terms of energy, and pain and their daily capability.  They love it.  
One lady just has gone crazy with it because nothing was really helping her PAST A CERTAIN POINT !    And now being in this for20-30 minutes a day,  And  she can’t believe the DIFFERENCE.   She has had it close to a year.  It has helped her with ...  Energy ... Pain ...  All the way around.   Before that, she was functioning,  but she paid for it -  a lot - on a daily basis.  Three kids that she was raising - very busy lifestyle that was taking a huge toll on her.   Now it doesn’t take a toll.

I lOVE IT! I would highly recommend it to anybody / Took away aches & pains

"I purchased the (Relax) Sauna because I was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  I had done a lot of research reading that infrared saunas will help with detoxing some of the by-products of the treatment of Lyme disease.  So i bought it  (The Relax Sauna) for that purpose.   I used it every day  - at least once or twice a day  - while I was REALLY, REALLY sick.  Then I switched to - i just use it on an occasional basis now. When I was using it regularly, It was a GOD-SEND.  It made me feel so much better.  It took away the aches and the pains.  It allowed me to sweat, get all those toxins out of your body.  I would take it, and would take a shower afterwards and get all the sweat off my body. it also makes you sleep very well at night, if you do it prior to going to bed. I don’t know how  I would have survived my initial Lyme treatment without my (Relax) far infrared sauna.
I did a little internet research trying to find one that had good reviews.  One that I could get locally.  I came down to Momentum98 and purchased my sauna.  Mostly on the Lyme blogs, the Relax Sauna got the best of reviews:  In terms of its use, the chair that came with it was good to sit on.  Something where I could sit upright was better for me at the time.  The Relax Sauna got a lot of reviews about how sturdy it was, the chair was sturdy it would hold people of various weight sizes. It was easy to get up and down, kind of portable, kinda sorta take it with you.  It got better reviews than most of them.
We have had the Relax Sauna for a little over a year, now. I am more than happy.  IT GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK, ABSOLUTELY !  I would recommend it to ANYBODY who needed this kind of treatment, or just for general health and well-being. My husband uses it - and he doesn’t have Lyme disease, or anything else wrong with him.  He just uses it because it makes him feel good.   My brother is in the store NOW -- PURCHASING ONE!"

Relax Sauna Helps with Sleeping Issues

Nancy has had her sauna for about 3 months.  She had been debating about whether to get a wooden sauna or the Relax sauna and decided on the Relax sauna because it heats up faster and takes up less  space. She does it every evening since it is very relaxing and she sleeps so much better.  Her husband has sleep issues and, now that he is using the sauna, he also sleeps well.  Her daughter has Lyme disease and is beginning to notice some improvement since she, too, is now able to sleep.  Nancy notices that with this sauna she releases an oily sweat that she had not experienced with other saunas.  She follows her session with a cold, then warm shower.  She feels better when she does it every day.  She gets a lot of shoulder pain from so much typing and it goes away when she uses it.

Relax Sauna is recommended for Lymes disease - ILADS Conference

Research on the use of Far Infrared Saunas to treat Lyme Disease.

Conventional saunas operate at much higher temperatures, which are restrictive to many people (180-220 degrees Fahrenheit), especially those with respiratory or cardiovascular health concerns.  Conventional saunas heat the air, which then heats the skin superficially.  However, far-infrared emitting saunas heat the body directly, allowing more penetration, at a much lower and comfortable temperature (110-130 degrees Fahrenheit).  Far-infrared energy is also emitted by the sun (though is not to be confused with potentially harmful ultraviolet energy), and is the same energy that hospitals use to warm premature infants.


Many people benefit from the use of the far infrared sauna, but in particular, those who suffer with Lyme Disease. These patients often suffer with muscle and joint pains, cold body temperature, being susceptible to co-infections due to poor immune function, and toxic burdens since their liver and kidney function may be more compromised. When incorporating the use of a far-infrared sauna, people who suffer from Lyme Disease can improve their body’s ability to function, remove toxic chemicals, and support their immune system. It is an excellent adjunctive treatment among other treatments for those with Lyme Disease(by  Rahim B. Habib BSc, ND – Naturopathic Doctor
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