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Questions and Answers about the Relax Far Infrared Sauna

infrared sauna smiling
The Relax sauna tends to make people happy

The owner of Relax Saunas of Momentum, Phil Wilson, answers questions from customers about the sauna. 

What is the power requirement in Watts?

 The sauna puts out 1500 watts of far infrared energy. We have both American(120 volt) and European (220 volt) models.

Why is there no delivery to Israel?

We do ship the Relax Sauna to Israel all of the time. We however have to ship it from Taiwan, and the cost of shipping it to Israel is about $250 FEDEX EXPRESS. We ship to Israel the Israeli Relax Sauna which has the plug they use in Israel, and also has the correct voltage (i.e. 220), so that it will work with no problems in Israel. We can ship pretty much to any country in the world, and we specially make the Relax Sauna in Taiwan to be exactly the right voltage and right plug for their country . Hopefully this information is relevant today, and you can decide to get a Relax Sauna shipped to you. We have shipped at least 10-20 Relax Saunas to Israel in the last 15 years. The Relax Sauna belongs in every country.

What are the dimensions when opened?

It is 32 inches wide, 33 inches deep, and 46 inches tall. Or in metric units 0.80m by 0.80m and 1.15m tall.

What years model is this sauna?

The current model of the Relax Sauna is the same sauna that came out in 2008. When you find a great product that works, sometimes, there is nothing you can do to make it work better. The Technology discovered in manufacturing the Relax Sauna was a leap in technology similar to the difference between Edison technology and Tesla technology. The Relax sauna generators are able to generate 95-99% pure far infrared Light. Almost all of the other infrared saunas generate only 18 -50% far infrared energy, with perhaps 1 or 2 companies figuring out how to generate as much as 61 or 62%. The 2008 model is the one that we currently sell. It works great. Check out the 500 plus testimonials on Youtube.

Approximately how much does it cost to run, per session, etc?

 If you use the Relax Sauna for 1 hour, using 1500 watts, that would be 1 1/2 kilowatt hours. Most municipalities charge on the average of about 10-11 cents per kilowatt hour, depending upon whether the energy is used in peak or non-peak hours. Columbus Ohio is about 10-11 cents per kilowatt hours. Some states such as California Could be as much as 10-20 cents per kilowatt hours. If you use the Relax Sauna for an hour a day, the average increase in your electric bill should be about $4 - $5 a month. Not too much compared to the incredible benefits you derive. And you never have to replace the parts.

Is it possible to lie down in this model if desired (in case the chair is uncomfortable or I am too tired to sit up)?

If you want to Lie down, simply get the Relax Lie Down Sauna, which works as well as the Relax Sit-up Sauna. Hundreds of happy Relax Lie Down Sauna users find that exactly when they are too tired to sit up, the lie down is great. It fits on top of a massage table. Many use it on top of their bed, and use it when they go to sleep at night. Many have both the Sit-up and the Lie Down Relax Saunas, and when they feel really week, use the Lie Down Sauna. When they feel strong, they use the Sit-up Sauna. The Lie down Sauna, although only 1000 watts, is just as effective as the Relax Sit up Sauna. Do a search on the internet for it. It is a great lie down sauna. And if you are very creative, there really are ways to lie down in the relax sauna. (i.e. Lie on your back, and have your feet stick up in the air. However, you really need to be athletically inclined to be able to do this. So best bet is to get the Relax Lie Down Sauna.

What kind of clothes are recommended for the sauna?

 You can use clothes or not. Anyone can do a 5-10 minute session with their street clothes, and have as an effective session as if they had no clothes. If you are going to sweat, then wear light cotton clothes, or NO clothes. Put a folded bath towel on the sauna chair, and then drape another bath towel over the chair. You can have a profuse sweat in 15-20 minutes. All of your sweat will go on the towel. If desired, you can place a hand towel on the floor to catch additional sweat which could fall from your legs. The Sauna can be cleaned by zipping it up and turning it on for 5 minutes. Any sweat that follows on the nylon bottom can easily be cleaned with a cloth and any kind of good health-food store soap.

Do you get all the parts of the sauna?

Yes, the tent, poles, radiator and timer system (attached), blue cradle holder for timer, chair, and the bag it all goes into with the exception of the chair that folds up within itself.

What kind of warranty does it have?

 Although there is a 1 year warranty, we expect the Relax Sauna radiators to last between 10-40 years. We were running one of the double radiators for 9 years 24/7 until there was a power failure at the place where they were running the relax sauna generator. Like furniture, sometimes you want to re-upholster the furniture. The Relax Sauna tent, if taken care of, also can last 10 or more years. If not taken care of, new tents can be purchased. In 15 years of selling the Relax Saunas in the United States, we have had less than 3 complaints about the chairs going bad. All parts are replaceable if somehow lost.

Can this sauna operate at less than 140 degrees? My doctor said 120-130 degrees and I have trouble even with that high a heat.

 Generally the temperature inside the relax Sauna gets to be 120-140 degrees within a few minutes. Each of the two radiators has its own on/off switch. One can turn one of the radiator switches off. However, this is not necessary. The Relax Sauna uniquely uses the silver coating of the tent to mirror the light so you can get every part of your body in front of the far infrared light. The increase in core temperature is a direct result of the energy medicine light resonating with your water cells, and increasing your core temperature. If you are too hot, simply unzip the middle zipper 1-12 inches, and you will be at a very comfortable temperature, and experience the complete benefit of being in the Relax Sauna. It's not the heat that creates benefit. It is the resonating light, which increases your core temperature, mobilizes the lymph, and increases the micro-circulation. Once you are sweating, and you get too hot, simply unzip the zipper, and you will find yourself still sweating profusely, but very comfortable.

What are the benefits of this sauna as compared to the Sunlighten Solo System?

 The Sunlighten Solo System is a good system. The Relax Sauna gives 95-99% pure far infrared light. They have a lie down version, and a sit up version. The lie Down version, as stated, is 95-99% pure far infrared light. I believe the Sunlighten system only generates about 40-50% far infrared light. The Relax Saunas heat up in 30 seconds, not 20-30 minutes, and only take 20 minutes for a complete sweat. Many who own the Sunlighten system have met us at shows and are amazed at how quickly the Relax Sauna heats up. We find that the greater percentage of far infrared emitted, the more effective the sauna is. Similarly 10 grams of vitamin C is more effective than 1 gram vitamin c. The Relax Sauna has 100's of comparison testimonials on YouTube.

Does the sauna have PVC material? plastic?

 All portable Saunas made in China with Carbon panels are tied to a 20-25 square foot tri-fold Corrugated Plastic Display board which holds the sauna tent upright. The same can be said for any sauna using tourmaline disks. It thus appears that the Relax Sauna is the ONLY portable sauna that has no pvc material or plastic. As stated by the other answer-er, there is no out gassing with the Nylon tent, which is coated with a silver that acts as a mirror, and thus reflects the far infrared light so one gets an even distribution of healing far infrared light throughout the sauna. It turns out that the tent is made in Taiwan by the same company that makes space suits for NASA.

What is the EMF level?

These are 3 videos of me going around my store with a Gauss meter measuring the EMF of the Relax Sauna and other items.
This is a video of a -  very sensitive to EMF -  man from Philly who is a musician, and maintains that the EMF coming out of our radiators cannot get into his body to affect him negatively:
Dr. Roger Billica  is an Environmental Medical Doctor in Colorado.  He used to be medical director of NASA, and was the person physician of John Glenn, Astronaut.   They have a Health Clinic, and have found that the Relax Sauna has been extremely helpful to over 80 of his patients, and probably a lot more.   He has helped us sell at least 80 Relax Saunas to his patients.

How can I buy the 220W model?

We ship the Relax Sauna to any country. We customize the voltage and the plug to work in your country. Generally shipping to Europe, Australia, or Israel, or India, or South Africa, etc would cost $250 for FedEx Priority shipping. Let us know what country you are in, and we can ship directly from Taiwan to your country to give you the exact voltage and plug that all appliances in your country use.

What is the material? is it treated with PFOA or flame retardants?

The Relax Sauna tent is NOT in any way treated with PFOA or Flame Retardants. The Relax Sauna has passed all safety inspections. The semi-conductor chips when touched by tissue paper, or sheets, or clothes or paper will absolutely NOT Burn. But I think your concern is about toxic flame retardants. I would not want any of these poisons in my sauna. So your question is very well-warranted. Rest assured that the Relax Sauna tent is made out of Nylon with a silver coating, which acts as a mirror so that every cell in your body can benefit from the far infrared light generated by the Relax Sauna radiators. The purpose of the Relax Sauna is to detoxify you of the overload of chemicals that over the years have made their way into your body.

What is the weight limit for the chair?

 We were able to fit Big Mike into the Sauna. He was 7 ft 1" tall, and weighed 435 lbs. The chair is very sturdy, and very strong.

How many electrical plugs are there that go into a wall outlet?

There is one 3-prong plug that comes from the double-radiator. You can see a picture of this plug on: The "new Model" of the Relax Sauna is the 2008 model. When you have something that works, it works. No need to change it.

What is the process after you get out of the sauna?

 Great Question. I am adding my 2 cents as well. I usually towel dry, and drink as much water as I want, which frankly tastes better than water ever tasted. Filtered water, or spring water, or oxygenated water, or hydrogen added water, or whatever water you deem the healthiest water. Your body will continue to detox for another 20 minutes after a 20 minute sweat. If you have to be somewhere, and you want to take a shower, then do so. However, to add to the benefit you derive from a 20 minute sauna sweat, wait 20 minutes before you shower. Your body is in detox mode. it will continue to detox. So to maximize detoxing benefits, wait 20 minutes. However, if you need to shower, you still got great benefit in sweating. No Room for any guilt. You just had a joyful experience in the Relax Sauna. Continue with your joy. (By the way, I have been known to repeat the process another 1 or 2 times, and call that experience: Spa Day for Phil - as if I were at a spa for 9 hours. It feels so good to repeat.)

Sweating is not the best way to detox. Anyway noticing improvement or increase in bowel movement, which is the main way the body gets rid of toxin?

There is a great book on Sweating, perhaps the best: written by Dr. Bill Akpinar, the book, "No Sweat ! KNOW Sweat ?" gives a history of the use of saunas in the last 3000 years. Hippocrates said, "Find me a way to Create Sweat, and I WILL CURE disease."
I personally on many occasions wake up in the morning, drink 8-12 oz of good water, get into the Relax Sauna, and do a 20 minute sweat. I get out. Then I drink 8-24 oz of water, whatever feels right, and then do another 20 minute sweat. By then I have pretty much released all waste product. And then sometimes, I then drink another 16 - 32 oz of water, and do another 15-20 minute sweat. By that time I have released all waste products, and feel like I am on top of the world. Then I either go to sleep or meditate, and when I come back I am then really ready to handle almost anything in life. Hope this helps. - By the way, many who are NOT methylaters - these people have a very hard time detoxifying their bodies. These people are especially helped by using Far infrared Saunas, because it is Through Sweating that they will get rid of many toxins. By the Way Dr. Bill Akpinar has recommended the Relax Sauna to hundreds of his patients. Dr, Akpinar, voted best cancer doctor in NY City in 2007, is a medical doctor, a Chinese medical doctor, a holistic dentist, and a Chi Gong Master.

Where is this product manufactured?

The Relax Sauna is completely made in Taiwan. The company that makes the Relax Sauna is celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2018. Taiwan makes 94% of the world's semi-conductor chips. It took 10 years to discover the technology (semi-conductor chips) that transform electricity into over 95% pure far infrared light. The Relax Sauna is just now celebrating its 20th anniversary of existing. The Relax Sauna has been available in the United States now for 15 years.

Where is more information about the fir light infrared? is it blowers or panels too? what is the highest temp it gets?

 There is a spot that has a lot of information you might want to know! Here is the link to that location.
To the left hand side of this page there are a bunch of links that will take you to a location of answers that might help you out. It heat gets up to about 120-140 degrees, and you can monitor this temperature by turning off one radiator or by unzipping the front half way.

What is the temperature range for this sauna?

 By opening up the zipper one can adjust the temperature to be as low as 110 degrees. Generally the temperature fluctuates between 130-140 degrees. And it actually can get up to 169 degrees. When that happens, unless you love intense heat, just unzip the zipper 1-10 inches,and the temperature will drop considerably so you will be very comfortable in the Relax Sauna.

Can the top part where your head is exposed be closed up with a flap so you can be fully enclosed?

It is the far infrared light that resonates with the water and organic cells in your body, causing an increase in core temperature, lymph flow, and micro-circulation, along with dozens of other benefits. The Relax Sauna is a Pro-Choice Sauna. You have the choice to put your head inside the Sauna (with or without the chair). By taking slouching lessons, you can be very comfortable. It's not the heat that does the healing. So it's OK for the crown of the head to be seen by others when you are in the sauna. You can be fully enclosed and have the fresh air as well. Some take the chair out, and sit on the floor, as well. There is a way to do this where you can be very comfortable and not get to hot. If you can't figure out how to do this, ask us how, and i can elaborate on a way to simply do this. Again, as stated by others, many choose not to duck the head. But it can be done very comfortably. I have been threatening for a long time to write an article on how to be creative using the Relax Sauna. Ask if you want me to do this, and it will be done.

How long does it take to heat up to the maximum temperature?

In about 30 seconds you are pretty toasty, which would take about 20 minutes in a competitive sauna to feel that good. In about 2-5 minutes, you feel pretty warm, and you are pretty much very close to maximum temperature. It appears that the temperature controlled semi-conductor chips keep the temperature pretty steady. Usually after about 22 minutes it gets a little hot. At that time, you can simply unzip the zipper, and let the heat out, and either zip it up, or let it be slightly open, and you can be at a pretty good comfortable temperature. One person suggests that it reaches maximum temperature in 1-2 minutes, and they may very well be right. Many doctors and others love the INSTANT-ON aspect of the Relax Sauna.

Are chair legs made of plastic? Fabric also says polyurethane. Isn't it unhealthy to heat plastic, esp up to 150 degrees inside the sauna?

 The Chair in made of 100% nylon (the fabric) and stainless steel. It is noteworthy to mention that I have never seen another portable sit-up sauna that did NOT have a tri-fold display of 20-25 square feet of corrugated plastic. This is one of the reasons why thousands of holistic doctors recommend the Relax Sauna, and DO NOT recommend any of the other portable saunas. More importantly, the amount of Far Infrared Energy generated by the Relax Sauna semi-conductor chip technology - generates about 10 times more Far infrared energy than any other portable sauna. (i.e. 10 grams of Vitamin C may be effective to remedy a problem, but a gram may not be enough to make an impact.) Hence the Relax Sauna gets results where other saunas, although beneficial, do not get the same results. We were at a show, and one lady, who has had peripheral neuropathy (lack of feelings in her fingers and toes) sat in the relax sauna. In 12 minutes she had feeling in her toes and fingers for the first time in 2 1/2 years. She purchased the Relax Sauna from us. Sadly, she had been using another portable sauna for over a year, and for as much as an hour, and never was able to get any relief of her peripheral neuropathy.

What is the complete fabric content according to the label and product info?

The tent is made of nylon with a coating of real silver that acts as a reflector of the Far infrared Light. The stainless steel inside the tent allows you to pop the tent upright, and allows you to fold the tent so it easily fits in its carrying bag, which can also fit into a regular 28" suitcase. We have tests by an independent laboratory from 10-15 years ago from the manufacturer confirming that there is no off-gassing. There is NO plastic used in the Relax Sauna. All other portable saunas appear to use a tri-fold display comprised of about 20-25 square feet of corrugated plastic, which is questionable to use if you are going to detox. However, we still feel even those portable saunas have far more benefits than detraction. Far infrared energy detoxifies the body of plastics that are in the body. The greater percentage of Far infrared energy emitted, the more effective that sauna is in detoxifying plastics and other toxins from the body. The Relax Sauna generates over 95% Far Infrared. Others are almost all less than 50% pure far infrared energy.

Whats the difference between this one and the others listed for $200

The Relax Sauna generates 1500 watts of 95% pure far infrared energy. They use the tent as a mirror, so you have an even distribution of the healing light. All of the other saunas selling for about $200 on amazon, and even the ones selling for $500 or $800 , use about 1000 watts and generate only about 18% (tourmaline disks) to 36% (carbon panels) of far infrared light. Basically, the Relax Sauna generates about 10 times more Far infrared energy than any of the cheaper saunas. The Relax Sauna Chair is much more comfortable than a $5-$10 camping chair. The Relax Sauna does not have 20-25 square feet of corrugated plastic to hold up the far infrared panels or the cheaper "satin" tents. The Relax Sauna uses medical device technology, not inexpensive cotton panels impregnated with carbon, that can be replaced for about $35 per panel when they break. The Relax Sauna double Radiator sells for $1000 by itself, and lasts about 10-40 years. It took 10 years to discover this technology, and is used in many natural health clinics in the United States, Mexico, and in Canada. --- It takes about 20-30 seconds for the Relax Sauna to warmup, and takes about 8 minutes to start sweating and about 15-20 minutes for a complete sweat. The $200 portable saunas usually take about 10 minutes just to warm up, and about 50-60 minutes to get a good sweat. The model I used to have before getting a relax sauna took me about 18-20 minutes to start sweating, and about 55 minutes for a complete sweat. The other portable saunas are like 22" bicycles with training wheels compared to a 26" professional bikes. Many people love their inexpensive portable saunas. But when these people compare them to the Relax Sauna, there generally is a night and day difference. A Chevy Chevette drives great until you drive a Lexus or a Mercedes.

Can it be placed on carpeting?

You can put the relax sauna on a carpet, or on the floor, on concrete, on grass, on dirt, or pretty much on any surface. The bottom of the tent outside of the tent, or any temperature outside of the tent is pretty much normal temperature. The material that the Relax Sauna tent is made of does NOT get Hot at all. So there can be no heat damage at all on a floor or carpet or a wall. Pretty much the temperature outside the sauna is at room temperature.

Is the setup easy like other portable saunas? And how hot is it?

 The set up of the Relax Sauna is so much easier to set up than any other portable sauna. It takes 2 minutes to set up, and 1 minute to tear down. You can watch YouTube videos on setting up and tearing down the Relax Sauna. The range of temperature is between 110 - 169 degrees. Usually within a few minutes, you can experience a temperature of about 130-140 degrees for 15-20 minutes. If you get too hot, simply unzip the zipper 1 - 12 inches, and you will be cooled down in seconds. You control the temperature this way to make sure you are always comfortable.

How small does this sauna fold up to? shows you what the Relax Sauna looks like in its carrying bag, as well as pictures of how easy it is to tear down. The Carrying case fits the tent and the Radiators and poles. It weighs 18 lbs, and can easily be carried over your shoulder. The Foldable chair weighs 10 pounds and can be carried in the other hand. The dimensions of the folded tent is about 24" x 16 " (I really should measure this) ... It easily , along with the radiator fits into a standard 28" suitcase. It is by far the most "Travel-friendly" sauna out there, as no other sauna can fit into a suitcase. Many use it in hotel rooms when they travel.

How does this compare to Therasage?

 The Therasage is a decent sauna. When I first read their literature I was very impressed. Then a month later I ran into someone in NY City who had a Therasage sauna. They liked the Relax Sauna so much more that they purchased it from us. The Therasage sauna people make nice infrared heating pads. Trying to put that technology into a sauna was perhaps a good idea, but not really workable to get a therapeutic far infrared treatment. Tourmaline generally only reflects about 18% far infrared energy, and initially their sauna did not get you very hot to get a good sweat. This is a letter we got from someone who believe it or not ordered their sauna over the internet, then saw our information, and the next day also ordered the Relax Sauna. We received a very nice email a few months later lauding the Relax Sauna, and not saying a lot of positive stuff about the Therasage sauna. is his letter to us. However, Therasage then added as an option an infrared heater to be in their sauna (generating it appears 0 Far infrared energy), so at least you can sweat. The Therasage is very nice and comfortable, but in no way, does it appear to make an impact on one's health as does the Relax Sauna. It is also very cumbersome to use because of the bar you have to take down in order to get into the sauna. Their chair is not very comfortable when compared to the Relax Sauna. They did change from a $5 camping chair to a more comfortable chair. But the strength of their chair is nothing compared to the Relax Sauna chair. And also, They tie their tourmaline disks on a 3-display board made out of 20-25 feet of corrugated plastic. We suggest getting a sauna that does not contain any corrugated plastic, as no safety tests have been performed on this plastic, to my knowledge when heated. So overall, as Mr Smith from Colorado explains in his review of the Relax Sauna vs the Therasage sauna, there really is no comparison. Hope this helps. Therasage is a decent product, but it is NOT a Relax Sauna, and I don't see it getting anywhere near the results that the Relax Sauna gets. For example there are 13 video testimonials on YouTube where people using the Relax Sauna have had their symptoms of Lyme disease abated.

far infrared
                      sauna pain relief

Learn about the incredible healing light of far infrared. This is from a talk at the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo in Philadelphia PA, October 2013. To get more information or to order the Relax far infrared sauna visit

Below is a summary of the highlights of the talk;

We've been marketing the Relax far infrared sauna for 12 years

We've done many, many expos and shows for health professionals. We have had about 100,000 people try the far infrared sauna.

People are switching over from wooden saunas to the far infrared sauna

Many people are saying that wooden saunas do not feel as good as the far infrared sauna. They also like how the Relax far infrared sauna heats up almost instantly, while wooden saunas take 20-30 minutes to heat up. People are finding far infrared saunas to be much more effective and convenient.

We have found the Relax Far Infrared sauna to be the most effective.

I started off using another infrared sauna and I liked it a lot but then I was contacted by the makers of the Relax far infrared sauna and they sent us their model. Everyone in our store agreed that the Relax sauna worked much better. It uses a silver lined tent which acts as a mirror and this reflects the light around the inside of the tent. The 2 radiators in the unit bounce the far infrared light off the bottom corners of the back of the tent and this way, your entire body is surrounded in the far infrared rays.

So for example if you have back pain, the far infrared rays are bouncing off the back of the tent right to your back.

Many people report instant pain relief after using the far infrared sauna.

At a show we had a lady who had chronic pain. She used a cane to walk and in her purse she had even brought pain medication to the show just in case the pain got too bad. Well she got into the sauna for 6 minutes and came out and said "The pain is gone! it's all gone!" She said that if she was someone else watching, she would not believe it. She could not believe how fast her pain was gone.

It may not be as pretty as the wooden saunas but you can feel the difference.

The nylon tent of the Relax far infrared sauna may not be as pretty as the wooden saunas but is much more effective. People who own wooden saunas tell us that they don't tingle when they get in the wooden sauna like they do when they get in the Relax sauna.

A man at a conference in Orlando told me that he has a $8000 wooden sauna and he also has a Relax far infrared sauna and that he uses the Relax sauna everyday.

If you have you have both types of sauna and you get in the wooden sauna and your wife gets in the far infrared sauna, she is done before you're even ready because the wooden saunas take 20-30 minutes just to heat up.

We live in a toxic World. The far infrared sauna will help your body detoxify and eliminate toxins.

There are toxins in the water , in the food, in the air. Hormones in the meat, preservatives in the food. Mercury in the fish. Doris Rapp wrote a book called "Our Toxic World". She has recommended to a lot of people to take a look at the Relax far infrared sauna . She did that in 2007 when Karen Russel came to the American College of Natural Medicine show in Phoenix and she talked to Doris Rapp about how she has heavy metal toxicity. Doris Rapp told her to go see me and she got a Relax sauna from us. A month after user the far infrared sauna for 1 hour a day she had a blood test done and her heavy metal levels had been normalized for the first time in 2 and a half years! Also her cellulite levels were down 65%. She also said her skin was looking very pretty. The sauna improves circulation and blood flow to the skin which improves the skin's appearance.

You can read a report about Karen Russell's miraculous story here.

An author writes that far infrared sauna's are the only way to get plastics or phthalates out of the body.

The author Sherry Rogers who wrote "Detoxify or Die" says that the only thing which gets plastics aka phthalates out of the body is the far infrared sauna. 3 chapters of the book are devoted entirely to the benefits of far infrared.
She suggests using the far infrared saunas along with a heavy metal detox.

Find out more at

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