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Relax Sauna & Other Portable Saunas Compared

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The Difference between the Relax Sauna and Other Portable Saunas

The Relax Far Infrared Sauna is the only Portable FIR Sauna that uses Medical Device Technology.

relax far infrared sauna radiator
Relax Sauna Far Infrared Radiators

To the left is an image of the Relax Saunas Far Infrared Radiator assembly. - Click here to see how far infrared energy is supposedly generated by another sauna. The Relax Saunas Double Radiator assembly can be purchased for $895.

the head of the sky eye radiator medical device
Sky Eye Radiator
The sister product of the Relax Sauna, the Sky Eye Radiator, is an FDA certified (510(K):K03376) medical device. It uses single 800 watt radiator for directional treatment to specific areas of the body. There are many incredible reports of what the Sky Eye Radiatorcan do.

The Relax Sauna is used frequently for 5-10 minute therapeutic sessions with clothes on. It takes 30 SECONDS to heat up, and can give a profuse sweat (clothes off) in only 15-20 minutes. (not 60) We have been marketing the Relax Sauna for 12 years in the US. Thousands of Doctors & Health Professionals recommend the Relax Sauna to their patients and clients for hundreds of health conditions.

The Relax Sauna technology is far more advanced than most Infrared Saunas, since we use 40 semi-conductor chips to generate 95-99% Far Infrared Energy. This is unheard of in the Infrared Sauna industry, as energy generated by most sauna companies range from 15 to 60% FIR. The Relax Sauna, hence, is able to produce results more effectively and more quickly. We have demonstrated the Relax Sauna at over 300 conferences. Most are surprised they feel so good so quickly, and tell us that this is by far the best FIR sauna experience they have ever had.

Recently, we have become aware of another Portable Sauna that is a little different than all of the rest of the inexpensive saunas that are made in China. The Saunas made in China are pretty much the same. They have a corrugated plastic interior that is used to hold up a flimsy tent, not sure what the fabric is made out of. Here is a picture of the tent without the Corrugated Plastic Tri-fold, which has sewn upon it very primitive panels with carbon or charcoal impregnated into the piece of cloth which is on top of a hotplate, which warms the cloth, and hence warms the "carbon cloth infrared panel." which when heated emanates a little Far Infrared energy.

We are not exactly sure what percentage of far infrared energy is emitted from these carbon cloths - We estimate between 20-35% probably. I actually had a Sauna for 1 year which used these kinds of carbon/charcoal panels. That particular sauna - I would take out the chair - sit on the floor. Finally after about 18 minutes, I would start sweating. After about 55 minutes, I felt I had a good sweat. I liked it. Many who come to shows and talk about their similarly-made saunas are NOT as nice. Some say they liked it, but there is no comparison between them and the Relax Sauna.

Others are downright not very nice about what they think of these inexpensive saunas. Many see it as a total waste of money. But to be fair, They are great. They have saved people's lives. They do generate enough far infrared energy to do some good. And they certainly are a LOT better than a Space Heater to improve a person's health. Sometimes, the adage, "You get what you pay for." is true. In this case, I would say that it is true. If you want an incredible tool to improve your health, nothing compares to the Relax Sauna, from what we have seen. Here are some pictures that the cheaper saunas DO NOT want to SHOW you. If they proudly showed you what generates the infrared and far infrared energy, you might not make your purchase.

6 carbon panels that they rave about - worth about $50
Folded corrugated plastic in  panels are sewn and glued to
 take the corrugated panels out, and you have flimsy tent
corrugated plastic insides of
                  china sauna
                  corrugated plastic of inexpensive sauna flimsey tent
camping chair
                  from cheap sauna
                  inexpensive infrared sauna
corrugated plastic , in which panel is stitched to
 inexpensive camping chair in most inexpensive saunas
Inexpensive Chinese-made Sauna w/panels & camp chair

Many moons ago, many months ago, i guess you could say, we became aware of another portable sauna. Their literature was quite impressive, and they were not ashamed to show you their interior. They do have a $5 - $10 camping chair that they use as a chair. Most people find these chairs very uncomfortable. They are made of plastic. As in the case of the Carbon cloth paneled saunas, many of them do NOT GET HOT enough, Quickly Enough to produce a good sweat. So, as in the inexpensive saunas made in China - They offer an extra heater. As we said, the literature on the Therasage Sauna, which we do NOT Sell, was quite impressive. Having sold the Relax Sauna for 13 years now, 12 years then, I wondered whether the Therasage could be as good as the Relax Sauna. I just let it be.

About a month later, a man from Colorado called us. He had just purchased a Therasage Sauna, and then somehow came upon our website. The Relax Sauna really did look better to him. He couldn't stop his purchase of the Therasage sauna, since it was already in route to his place. But that did not stop him from ordering the Relax Sauna, anyway. He told me he might as well try them both out, and see which one works for him the best.

Two months later, I received a phone call from Richard, and he was ranting and raving about the amazing difference between the Relax Sauna and the therasage sauna. He sent the therasage sauna back, and he was not very complementary about it, because, even though it advertised NO EMF (the Relax Sauna has less than .5 mg of EMF everywhere where your body is), He said, what good is a sauna if you can't sweat, No EMF or Some EMF, it doesn't matter. (By the way, the video reviews of this show that this is not even true ... )

Because the Relax Sauna is over 95% far infrared ray at ALL temperatures, it actually Antidotes EMF ! The Relax Sauna is very very effective in actually getting rid of EMF that is "stuck" in your body. The difference is that the Relax Sauna uses a semi-conductor chip, which when invented, WAS a BREAKTHROUGH in Far-Infared Sauna technology, which has not been equaled. The Semi-conductor chip filters OUT the Near Infrared Energy (space heater & hair dryer energy) Again, Feeling is believing. When we demonstrate the Relax Sauna in our store , or at conferences, We hear hundreds, even thousands of comments exclaiming how this is the best sauna they have ever been in.

Watch Hundreds of Video Testimonies on the Relax Sauna

Therasage Testimonial Letter we received April 2014 

Therasage Sauna - looks impressive - But... This is the inside of The Therasage Sauna - Very Heavy. They offer this because people don't sweat

therasage sauna
                  polygraphite insides
extra 100
                  watt infrared heater
This is the Therasage Sauna
These are the polygraphite disks and a $5 -$10 camping chair
This is an extra optional "infrared space heater"

We appreciate you taking the time to read this page on the difference between the Relax Sauna and other portable saunas. We do this as a public service, because so many people are looking for a Far Infrared Sauna that gets Great Results. We have placed about 100,000 people in the Relax Sauna in the last 12 years.

What is the Difference between Far Infrared Energy from the Relax Sauna, compared to the energy from an Infrared Space Heater, or A Hair Dryer or a Toaster ?

The definition of Far Infrared in the United States is NOT WELL-DEFINED. In Taiwan, where the Relax Sauna is manufactured, they HAVE a definition of a FAR INFRARED Sauna. To be called a Far Infrared Sauna in Taiwan, The emitters that emit the Far Infrared Energy must have AT LEAST 95% of the energy coming out of the Sauna be Far Infrared Energy.

With that definition, it appears that the Relax Sauna is the ONLY Far Infrared Sauna sold in Taiwan. All other Saunas sold there are called "INFRARED Saunas." Looking at the space heater below, which they sell for an extra $70, it could NOT possibly be a far infrared sauna. Yet they call it a far infrared sauna.

Many companies advertise that their portable saunas emit 95-99% Far infrared energy. (Some actually have word for word copied our literature, and say they have semi-conductor chips, which they do not.) They do not have any documentation. Maybe they are right at room temperature. However, according to Planck's (Max Planck) law, simplifying it, as you increase the wattage, you lose the accuracy of a frequency. This means that the bellcurve wave of different frequencies emitted by a generator is flattened as you increase the temperature. Here is an example of an infrared lamp, vs the Relax Far Infrared Energy that is emitted from The Relax Sauna radiators:

near vs far infrared energy - comparison on
                    how much is absorbed by human body

Looking at the chart above, the way to tell what percentage of Far Infrared Energy is emitted by the radiator is to measure the PERCENTAGE of AREA underneath the Curve. The Infrared Lamp emits maybe 20% Far Infrared Energy between 4- 14 microns The Life Energy FIR lamp generate NO near infrared energy, and about 95% of the energy falls between 4-14 microns Only Far Infared Energy between 4 -14 microns resonates with human energy, and hence is absorbed by the body.


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Here is the Testimonial letter we received from the customer in Colorado:

PDF of Therasage Testimonial Letter we received April 2014 which is Easier to Read
Email Received by a new Relax Sauna customer  on April  5, 2014  -  8:13 PM

Most  people are not going to order two saunas at once just to compare them due to cost, time, difficulty, return shipping expense etc. but I decided to do it at the time because I was truly desperate to detox and didn’t have a lot of money to spend on wooden or non portable saunas.  I also wanted the most “bang for the buck” so to speak. This is why I’m passing this information on to you so that you can avoid all of the trouble and expense ($100.00 return shipping) that I went thru  having  the same doubts and questions in my  mind then as you do now. 

I had already ordered a “Therasage” sauna and was looking around online when I came across this unpretentious little unit called “Relax Sauna”. I think it must have been on youtube because I couldn’t find one on amazon.  I realized that not finding one on amazon was a good sign because all they sell on there is cheap china-made unpatented knock offs or technology that isn’t  patented because everyone else is using the same carbon fiber and ceramic disc technology or worse yet high emf emitting heating coils. 

Another thing was that it’s easy to overlook the fact  that none of  those “cheap knock-offs” will show you a picture of what  is inside the sauna.  To their credit Therasage does show a picture but I still can’t figure out why, after all the years they have been in business & knowing the competition they would come out with a sauna that is so anemic in producing heat. They could start by giving it 1500 watts of power instead of a measly 1000 watts.  For me anyway, I say the “Relax” is unpretentious because it may look like all the rest on the outside but “wow” what a little dynamo it is on the inside!

Once I found the “Momentum98” website under “RelaxSaunas” there was tons of good information about a sauna that not only has nothing to hide but everything to show because it is a product of “substance” and Momentum98 and Phil Wilson believe so much in their products.   Back to my comparison of Therasage vs Relax.  There WAS no comparison when it came to heat output because after pre-heating 20 minutes and sitting there for about an hour I never even came close to breaking a sweat!  To be fair I will say that maybe I don’t sweat as easily as someone else but for me I couldn’t believe they were even putting this “thing” on the market.  Why bother, I thought when you can’t even sweat in this thing!  It could be an expensive dog house or a giant paper weight but definitely not a sauna.  I have never had such an easy decision to make when comparing two products as I did with these.

I know that the “Relax” sauna costs almost twice as much but it’s worth more than that because it just WORKS.  Like “Apple” likes to say, “it just works”.  What a concept!  The 40lb $550.00 clunky warming tent “just DOESN’T work”.  Therasage makes nice heating pads but I guess that’s what they should stick with for now anyway.  The way I see it the Therasage is a lot more expensive when it doesn’t even give you a hint of what you bought it for.  Five hundred dollars for nothing is way more expensive than a thousand dollars for something that not only works but works a thousand times or more better.  I know most people have probably read a lot of testimonials and gotten a little “jaded” on people exaggerating the pros and cons of certain products but all of my rambling and ranting is no exaggeration. 

If you have the courage after all of this just buy two different ones for yourself and learn the hard way like I did. Just make sure one of them is the “Relax” Sauna.  Also, a thousand dollars is a lot less pricey than two thousand dollars and up for anything else out there that may look nicer but doesn’t perform any better.  This thing is compact, portable, well made, low emf and so simplistically nice in design and execution.  I am really impressed with this little sauna.  The Therasage was much less portable because of the large and cumbersome heating panels and cords attached to the tent itself.  As advertised the emf was very low as measured with a TriField 100xe but what’s the use when it doesn’t do anything.  The dog house or giant paper weight doesn’t have ANY emf  and doesn’t cost near as much.

 For me, all I cay say after all that I’ve just said is a resounding NO THANKS!!!  and a big YES THANKS!!!! to Phil Wilson and Relax Sauna for all that you do.  Your product is a hands down unequivocal slam dunk over anything out there except MAYBE those very expensive, non portable, very possibly high EMF, slow and expensive to heat up and operate larger saunas on the market.  Good luck with whatever you do but with “Relax” there’s no luck involved, it’s all a sure thing and the best buy for the money & the best support for the customer.  I spent a lot of time researching before buying and can tell you the most important thing to look for in any sauna is the method and technology that they are using to actually produce the heat.  “Relax” is proud to tell about theirs and the rest try to hide what they’re doing altogether or mislead you on what their product really does and how it does it.

Because of the patented “Relax” sauna semi-conductor technology the Far Infrared Light that is emitted is 95 to 100 percent whereas in all the others using carbon fiber, ceramic or both from what I learned it is at best anywhere from 25 to maybe 40-60 percent.  I will finally sign off but take it from someone who actually tried the best of the competition in portable tent saunas, I say that the beautiful little ( it is really no smaller than the rest but much more portable especially for what it does) “Rocky Relax” beats the @##$#%**& out of all contenders, larger saunas included.  One more thing, did I mention that the sauna chair is of much better quality than the little “camp” chair that came with the Therasage?  There’s really no comparison in anything but the “looks” so if you’re seriously in the market for a great heat blasting sauna just buy it because you cannot go wrong.           ———   From the heart,  R.S. Colorado

relax far infrared sauna radiator It’s what’s inside that counts.   Other saunas may look similar on the outside, but they do not have the patented technology that the Relax Sauna has, emitting 95-99% Pure Clean Far  Infrared Healing Light.   semi conductor chip
Relax Sauna Double Radiator That’s why you can feel the difference !
Powered by 40 semi-conductor chips

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