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Relax Sauna Information Links
Near Infrared, Far Infrared, EMF and the Health Benefits of Far Infrared
Sauna Questions and Answers
● Sauna Questions and Answers:

● Customer Reviews of the Relax Sauna:

Video Testimonials and First Hand Experiences
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Sauna Presentations
● Phil Wilson's Talks and interviews:

● FIR Health Benefits:
Sauna Literature
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Differences Between Near and Far Infrared
● What is far infrared?:

● Research on far and near infrared:

● Relax Sauna differences with other saunas:

Health Condition Related Topics:  Lyme,  Autism,  Heart problems, Cancer,  etc.
● Lyme:

● Cancer:

● Fibromyalgia:

● Diabetes:

● Heart Health:

Electro-Magnetic Field- EMF
● EMF questions:

● Near Infrared Questions, Full spectrum infrared Questions, or comparisons between wooden saunas and the Relax Saunas, or comparisons between other portable saunas and the Relax Sauna.:

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